PAK Women vs AUS Women, 1st ODI at Brisbane, PAK-W in AUS, Jan 16 2023 - Match Result

1st ODI, Brisbane, January 16, 2023, Pakistan Women tour of Australia
(40/40 ov) 160/8
(28.5/40 ov, T:158) 158/2

AUS Women won by 8 wickets (with 67 balls remaining) (DLS method)

Player Of The Match
78* (92)
Match centre 
Scores: Harshith Gowda | Comms: Alex Malcolm
Scorecard summary
Pakistan Women 160/8(40 overs)
59 (88)
2/23 (8)
2/21 (4)
Australia Women 158/2(28.5 overs)
1/21 (6)
67 (76)
1/29 (2)

Wonderful performance by Litchfield on debut. Australia have unearthed another talent although she has been in the pipeline for awhile despite still being a teenager. Meg Lanning returning to form was an added bonus. The bowlers did a good job without being at their best. The spinners were especially impressive. Pakistan have some work to do but will be better for the run after being sent in on a tricky surface under heavy cloud. Thanks for your company today. On behalf of the team, it's goodbye from AB Field. Join us again on Wednesday for the second ODI.

Meg Lanning: "It was good fun out there. I was a bit nervous heading into the game today not knowing what to expect, but once I got out on the ground it all came back to me pretty quick. It's great to be back. [Phoebe] seemed to have it all under control right from the beginning. It was tricky out there early particularly with the new ball. It felt like that was going to be the hardest tie to bat. I thought she was really watchful early but at the same time she had that intent to score. I really enjoy batting with some like that. She showed she was very calm. She comes in, she knows her game, to be able to perform like that on your debut is very impressive."

Player of the Match Phoebe Litchfield on Fox: "I was pretty nervous. It was nice to get bat on ball for that first run. Meg was great. it was the first time I've ever batted with her or played with her. She just knew what to say at the right times. Whenever we felt under pressure she just banged a four or came down the other end and helped me. She was great to bat with and showed her class. Straight back at it. It doesn't look like she's missed any cricket. I might go grab a chocolate ice cream with mum to celebrate."

Hypocaust: "Phoebe Litchfield's 78* is the third highest score by a teenager on women's ODI debut, beaten only by Mithail Raj's 114* for India v Ireland in 1999, and Anju Jain's 84* for India v West Indies in 1993."

5.20pm Australia win by 8 wickets under DLS with 73 balls to spare.

Outstanding performance by Phoebe Litchfield to finish 78 not out on debut at just 19 to see her team home. Meg Lanning made a classy 67 on return from her break. Australia were far too good. Diana Baig bowled well but Pakistan were pretty loose otherwise. They also dropped two catches in the field and there were a number of misfields as well. Omaima Sohail picked up Lanning for the second time in ODIs but she also had a tough day in the field.

Mediocre: "Out of curiosity, who has the record for highest score on WODI debut? And if it isn't an Australian, who was the highest Aussie?" Derryth Thomas has the highest women's ODI score on debut for England. Nicole Bolton is the only Australian with a century on debut making 124 against England in 2014.

Aliya Riaz to Litchfield, 1 run

full and driven, not with great timing but into the gap straight of mid on and brings up the winning run

PeterWarrington: "Andrew Smith, ask Khawaja. Villani was on fire in 20-21 when she was only 31. She was only 31. Her T20I record is actually pretty good (28 average, 118 SR) - superior to Rachael Haynes etc. Not pushing for Villani now and usually support selecting youth, but just be transparent about it. Same as Redmayne, a million runs, couldn't get a single game. Erin Burns. Others picked for way less. It's the vibe..."

Aliya Riaz to Litchfield, no run

97kph, back of a length outside off, she's back to force to cover

Tautoru: "Litchfield is surely the player of the match - and on debut too! "

Aliya Riaz to Litchfield, no run

97kph, good length, shaping into middle, she's back to work to midwicket

One run to win

Aliya Riaz to Litchfield, 2 leg byes

full and tailing down leg, it comes off pad and runs fine for two leg byes

Aliya Riaz to Perry, 1 run

96kph, short and wide, she cuts behind point and a misfield allows one

end of over 2822 runs • 1 wicket
AUS-W: 154/2CRR: 5.50 RRR: 0.33
Phoebe Litchfield77 (88b 9x4 1x6)
Ellyse Perry1 (1b)
Omaima Sohail 2-0-29-1
Aliya Riaz 2-0-10-0
Omaima Sohail to Litchfield, SIX runs

launched over wide long off! How good is this kid! Skips down the track and launches with the turn over wide long off! Not many 19-year-old's on international debut can play that shot

Omaima Sohail to Litchfield, FOUR runs

pulled past short fine! The overcorrection is a long hop on leg, she gets low and pulls with ease past short fine

Omaima Sohail to Litchfield, FOUR runs

lofted over cover! What a shot! Skips out and goes with the turn to loft a cover drive over the ring with ease

Omaima Sohail to Perry, 1 run

tossed up, she leans out to drive with the turn to long on

Ellyse Perry in

Omaima Sohail to Lanning, OUT

caught down leg side! Lanning can't believe it. It was a a bad ball pitching way outside leg, she could have let it go for a wide, she tried to sweep and it bounced a touch more than expected and caught the top edge and Sidra Nawaz took an outstanding catch!

Meg Lanning c †Sidra Nawaz b Omaima Sohail 67 (76b 9x4 0x6 111m) SR: 88.15
Omaima Sohail to Lanning, 2 runs

Has Lanning run herself out?! She can be run out off the free hit. It was a ball that nearly pitched off the cut strip, she jumped out and punched it on the up through point and took on the fielder for two, she needed a full length dive and just beat the throw by a centimetre

Free hit

A no-ball for overstepping as well!

Omaima Sohail to Lanning, (no ball) FOUR runs

beaten in flight and still launched over square leg! She skipped out and it dropped on her but she went with the spin and whipped it over square leg into the gap

end of over 274 runs
AUS-W: 132/1CRR: 4.88 RRR: 2.00
Phoebe Litchfield63 (85b 7x4)
Meg Lanning61 (73b 8x4)
Aliya Riaz 2-0-10-0
Omaima Sohail 1-0-7-0
Aliya Riaz to Litchfield, no run

she walks out of the crease with the keeper up and drives to midwicket but can't beat the fielder

Aliya Riaz to Litchfield, no run

92kph, good length, shaping into off, she defends from the crease to midwicket

Aliya Riaz to Lanning, 1 run

96kph, good length, fifth stump, she forces powerfully off the back foot to deep point

Andrew Smith: "Peter Warrington: regarding Ellyse Villani, she had a pewvious opportunity in the AUS team and did nothing spectacular. She is now 33. Why would AUS go back to an older player when such strong young players are coming through, even if she has performed brilliantly in the WBBL recently?"

Aliya Riaz to Litchfield, 1 run

94kph, swinging down leg, she pulls nicely to deep fine leg

Aliya Riaz to Lanning, 1 run

97kph, full and wide, swinging away, she drives and gets a thick edge that runs to deep third

Aliya Riaz to Litchfield, 1 leg bye

95kph, shaping down leg, it comes off the pad. There's an ambitious appeal for lbw turned down and Pakistan review. They got a leg bye as it rolled behind square. There is no bat. This looked to be swinging down leg. Ball tracking confirms it was missing leg by some margin. Pakistan lose the review

Around the wicket

end of over 267 runs
AUS-W: 128/1CRR: 4.92 RRR: 2.14
Phoebe Litchfield62 (81b 7x4)
Meg Lanning59 (71b 8x4)
Omaima Sohail 1-0-7-0
Aliya Riaz 1-0-7-0
Omaima Sohail to Litchfield, 1 run

70kph, flighted nicely, she skips down and drives to long on

Omaima Sohail to Litchfield, no run

72kph, tossed up on off, she skips out but is forced to defend

Match details
Allan Border Field, Brisbane
TossAustralia Women, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Series resultAustralia Women led the 3-match series 1-0
Match numberWODI no. 1309
Match days16 January 2023 - day (50-over match)
WODI debut
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
PointsAustralia Women 2, Pakistan Women 0
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