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Zalmi vs United, Final at Karachi, RetroLive, Jun 07 2021 - Ball by Ball Commentary

Final (N), Karachi, June 07, 2021, RetroLive
(16.5/20 ov, T:149) 154/7

United won by 3 wickets (with 19 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
52 (26)
Player Of The Series
52 runs
Full commentary

That's it from us for the Retrolive PSL 2018 final, as United lift the trophy. Many thanks for your company, we hope you enjoyed with Ranjith and me, Himanshu Agrawal. Stay safe and take care.

Here's Ramiz Raja for the final presentation of the season.

Luke Ronchi is the the season's Player of the Tournament, while Rashid Riaz is the PSL 2018's best umpire and Kamran Akmal is given the "best batsman" award.

Kumar Sangakkara wins the award for most catches this season. Akmal (ah!) collects that on his behalf, as Faheem Ashraf is the "best bowler" for his 18 wickets.

Ronchi is also the Player of the Match. "Been a brilliant tournament. Guys played brilliant cricket. PSL is rated highly for local talent - even the senior guys do amazing things. You certainly need some luck, but I just need to be clear in my head."

Luke Ronchi, the hero for United this season: "I've just batted with a clear mind. The order is to just go out and bat the way I bat. If it comes off, brilliant. Otherwise, we've got a brilliant batting order. The quality of the local players, particularly the fast bowlers, has been phenomenal in the PSL. They've got a good depth of talent coming through, they should be happy with where they are at the moment. This is my first win for a franchise - a great end to a great tournament."

Both Duminy and Misbah are there for the presentation. "The way the guys performed under pressure was exciting," Duminy says. "Misbah needs to take a lot of credit for leading the team up to the playoffs."

"Pleasing for me the way youngsters have performed," Misbah says. "You only want to give the youngsters the exposure. It's not about personal achievements, all about team winning."

Daren Sammy, Zalmi captain: "Feeling disappointed. We didn't score enough runs. Ronchi made the difference. I said to the guys after the match: 'keep working with your heads held high.' They wrote us off midway through the tournament. We won four knockout games to get to the final. All of them put their heart and soul. Disappointed to have not won today, but I'm proud of the boys."

United players now having a lap of honour around the ground to honour the crowd.

Asif Ali, the man who changed the course of the game in three balls: "Six-hitting comes naturally to me. The coaches have also encouraged me to play that way.. I've also won a number of games for Faisalabad playing this way, and playing under pressure gives me enjoyment."

Here's Samit Patel, who applied the brakes on the Zalmi innings tonight: "Feels great, what a great crowd tonight. Challenge to bowl up top, and we've won... Asif did a great job there with three sixes"

7.05pm United had a week off in the lead-up to this game, but they didn't let that to their disadvantage. Massive celebrations in the United dugout, who've had heroic performances throughout from the likes of Luke Ronchi and Faheem Ashraf. Ronchi gave them a flying start, and despite those jitters, they were home with three overs to spare without both Misbah and Hales.

What a treat to this crowd, which has seen some high-profile cricket at the ground after ages. A memorable return of the game to a great city. Massive kudos to everyone who's turned up at the National Stadium and supported the players and the teams.

Wahab Riaz to Faheem, SIX runs

hooked for six over deep square leg, and that is it! United have won the PSL 2018, their second PSL triumph. Short ball on middle and off, launched for the maximum. What a cracker of a match with its share of action and drama

Wahab Riaz to Faheem, no run

full-toss on off, but driven to mid-off. That one too seemed to be reversing, as Wahab keeps everyone waiting

And the wait continues...

Wahab Riaz to Faheem, no run

full on middle, moving away this time. Driven to midwicket

Wahab Riaz to Faheem, no run

searching for the yorker again, the bail tails in to the left-hander. Inside-edges this full ball on middle to square leg

Faheem is in

Wahab Riaz to Talat, OUT

middle stump crashed. Oh, what else is left to be seen today? Reverse-swining yorker on middle, and his attempted flick fails to find the bat. More drama now as Wahab does what he does best

Hussain Talat b Wahab Riaz 7 (11b 0x4 0x6) SR: 63.63
end of over 1621 runs
IU: 148/6CRR: 9.25 RRR: 0.25
Hussain Talat7 (10b)
Asif Ali26 (6b 3x6)
Hasan Ali 4-0-53-2
Umaid Asif 4-0-26-1
Hasan Ali to Talat, 1 run

single taken to deep square leg, and scores level. Hasan pitched it full on middle and leg, and he flicked that away, almost in search of the winning run too

Hasan Ali to Asif Ali, 1 run

bowls full on off, Asif was in full mood to launch this one too. But gets it off the bottom of the bat to deep square leg

Hasan Ali to Asif Ali, SIX runs

and that's the hat-trick of sixes. Those two were pulls, while this one is a flick off a full ball on middle and off. Too easy for Asif at the moment, swinging it full strength over deep midwicket. Can he do a Brathwaite here (remember the name)? Just 3 required off 26 balls now.

Hasan Ali to Asif Ali, SIX runs

short again, pulled again and six again. Almost a replica of the previous ball, as Hasan went short on off yet again. Asif didn't mind that, as he deposited that for another blow

Hasan Ali to Asif Ali, SIX runs

slapped for six over deep square leg. Is that the game for United? Short ball on off, and cracked for a much-needed boundary to release pressure. This could be well be the hit that would end Zalmi's hopes now

Hasan Ali to Talat, 1 run

full on off, driven to deep point. Asif wanted a single, but denied by his partner after having run halfway

end of over 1511 runs
IU: 127/6CRR: 8.46 RRR: 4.40
Hussain Talat5 (8b)
Asif Ali7 (2b)
Umaid Asif 4-0-26-1
Hasan Ali 3-0-32-2

Just 22 needed from 30 balls now.

Umaid Asif to Talat, 1 run

short of a length on middle and off, taps it late to third man

Asif Ali having some problem, but not sure what's going on there. But we're back now

Umaid Asif to Asif Ali, 1 run

flicks this good length ball on off to deep fine leg

Umaid Asif to Asif Ali, 6 runs

pulls, gets a top edge and dropped. Akmal ran all the way back to his left, after the short ball on off wasn't timed well. And then comes overthrows. Deep fine leg threw at the striker's end to try and stop the second while the batter was diving for his life, but instead that goes to the point boundary. Sammy can't believe what's happening

Conference between Umaid, Wahab and Sammy now. They feel they are in the game

Umaid Asif to Talat, 1 run

flicks this full ball on leg off the pads to fine leg

Umaid Asif to Talat, no run

short of a length on middle, defended back off the back foot

Umaid Asif to Talat, 2 runs

has a swish from what seemed like he was going over mid-off, but the ball landed between third man and deep point. Lucky amidst all the nerves here

end of over 141 run • 2 wickets
IU: 116/6CRR: 8.28 RRR: 5.50
Hussain Talat1 (4b)
Hasan Ali 3-0-32-2
Chris Jordan 3-0-22-2
Hasan Ali to Shadab, OUT

stunning catch at mid-on. Short ball on off, and the pull came off the top of the bat. Jordan moved to his right, and dived to claim what could be a match-turning catch. Oh United, where have you landed? Six down all of a sudden after a big opening stand

Shadab Khan c Jordan b Hasan Ali 1 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50
Hasan Ali to Talat, 1 run

this time gets the single by opening the face and guiding the full ball on off to third man

Hasan Ali to Talat, no run

short of a length on off this time, opens the face to play to point and sets off for a single again. The point fielder tries to rush in, but slips and instead gets the throw on the bounce to the batter's right shoulder. A lot happening suddenly

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