Gloucs vs Surrey, Final at London, Sep 19 2015, Royal London One-Day Cup

Final, Lord's, September 19, 2015, Royal London One-Day Cup
(49.3/50 ov, T:221) 214

Gloucs won by 6 runs

Player Of The Match
35 (26) & 3/43
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Scores: M Venkat Raghav | Comms: Alagappan Muthu
Scorecard summary
Gloucestershire 220/10(47.4 overs)
6/35 (8.4)
Surrey 214/10(49.3 overs)
3/43 (10)
56 (72)
2/34 (10)

Trophy pocketed, champagnes popped, celebration time and it is celebration time for all of us too for having witnessed such a gripping tale. Thank you for your company, this is Al Muthu and Nikhil Kalro fading to black

Gloucestershire come up for their medals now. Geraint Jones walks up with his kids as well to take his mementos. And then Michael Klinger, captain fantastic today: Couldnt be prouder. Been a progression over three years, possibly longer and for the boys to come out believing in themselves no matter the situation. Unfortunately I missed out, but the boys chipped in really well and we got to competitive total. To be honest, coming here today you would take a win no matther what. Obviously I would have loved some runs, but we have had contributors throughout the season. We have some really good young bowlers, couple missed out with injury. So onwards and upwards. Not using up the last couple of overs did come into the mind. We have won from any position on a number of occasions and it will be great for this ground moving forward by winning such tight games in finals. We hope to keep this up in all formats. Since the start of this year, we did not priorities a single format. We just went out there to play at our best for every game. Congratulations to Surrey as well, we learned from them along the tournament. Great game today.

Surrey come up to collect their runners-up medals now. And now over to Surrey captain Gareth Batty: Disappointment, a little shock too. But credit to Gloucs. They fought like heck and a great send-off to Geraint and good for their new coach as well. [Chasing today] Ultimately turned out I was wrong and I take that on the chin. Thats the sad part of winning and losing. Dernbach proved he was the best in the country today, very sad for him. Felt nervous when it was 13, 14 to win and it was getting close. But credit to Glous. It was a great game of cricket, a great game of old school cricket. Today makes a great driving force because we dont want to finish off without silverware. We are a good team, a developing team. Just a sad day today

6.20 pm Jack Taylor is the Man of the Match in the final: Didn;t have too much time to think [about the final catch] which was good, really. 220 was somewhere less than where we wanted to be, but the bowlers squeezed it well. We had to rev ourselves up in the halfway stage. We were down then. Wasnt exactly the plan [getting Sanga out with the full toss] but I shall take it. Our fans have been awesome and the boys have appreciated that

6.10 pm Geraint Jones ends his professional career with a trophy and he runs away to the crowd to get a hug from his son. Now he is carried off on the shoulders of his team-mates. Falls over as well! Struck a gritty fifty that took Gloucs to this total. But the legwork for this victory was done by the bowlers. James Fuller started it off with some hit-the-deck bowling. There cannot be enough praise for the spinners Tom Smith and Jack Taylor. Surrey had Sanga and Burns batting like a dream on 143 for 2, but those two found the breakthroughs that Gloucs needed so badly. And thereafter, Michael Klinger the captain took over. Excellent bowling changes, excellent field placings. Keeping men inside the circle to stop the singles and slips too.

Emotional scenes at Lords, with the players going into the crowd to celebrate with their family and friends. Hamish Marshall has his kid in cradled in his arms. Howell goes to hug his dear ones, how tight did he bowl, with reverse swing and all. Payne, who bowled that last over, is being mobbed a bit out there too.

Spare a thought for Surrey too. They bowled with great discipline, Jade Dernbach got a hat-trick to hand over a target of 221. And then Sanga and Burns were churning the runs out like they were on cheat-code mode on Brian Lara cricket. Very well controlled fifties from both men, but once Sanga fell to a full toss (one more would follow him into the pavilion off full tosses) the tide turned. Sam Curran, the 17-year old, fought hard for his 37 off 39 but the fairy tale ending was not to be

Mark: "Told you so! Gloucs looked to be out of both the QF & SF and both times came through. Maxi Klinger is just superb in a crisis at getting the best out of these youngsters." ---- Opta says Gloucs have won nine of their 10 List A finals!

Unbelievable, nervous at the halfway stage. Not sure we had the total. But this side has a lot of belief. We thought it was ours and it was for the taking. Surrey were playing well, but once we got Sanga out, we knew we had a chance. The wicket was stopping, it was always going to be diffcult for the new batsman. At some point every game, people have put their hands up and Payne did so well. The reason I came to Gloucester was for the boys and they have been stunning, says Geraint Jones, To go out this way, to score some runs and contribute, but in the field I was a passenger a bit. Just sat back and watched. Brilliant way to go out

Srihari: "Last year it was Breese who won his final professional game for Durham, this year it is Jones for Gloucestershire, who will it be next year? In any case, that was a fantastic performance from Glos, who showed they aren't a one-man team."

Payne to Batty, OUT

taken at deep midwicket! Gloucs have ended an 11-year trophy drought! This is a short ball, Batty thinks this is it and he swings away to the deep. Midwicket is on the boundary and takes a lovely pressure catch and that is it.

Gareth Batty c Taylor b Payne 0 (2b 0x4 0x6 5m) SR: 0

Mid-off is on the edge of the circle. Klinger is at extra cover. Point is inside the circle too

Payne to Batty, no run

around the wicket, looks for the yorker and gets a dot ball as Batty taps it to short cover

Dernbach comes out, but before he takes the crease he takes the time to give some support to the departing Curran. Batty chats with Dernbach, Gloucs have a mini-conference

Rubesh Murugan: "Is there a super over if it is a tie?" --- No super over in 50-over cricket

Payne to Sam Curran, OUT

taken at long-on. Payne, you beauty! Curran cannot believe it, he has held his nerve for so long. This ends up being a bit of length ball (Payne was looking for the yorker), but it was quick and cramping him for room. Curran goes for the lash over long-on. Mistimes it and gives the catch to a pumped up Howell

Sam Curran c Howell b Payne 37 (39b 5x4 0x6 67m) SR: 94.87

Seven to win off six balls, and out walks Gareth Batty the Surrey captain. Payne with the pressure on him. Good yorker bowler. Lords is abuzz. Clapping, roaring. Fun!

Jose P: "Surreyalistic ! Thought it was going to be one-sided after the first innings ! What a finish."

end of over 494 runs • 1 wicket
SURR: 214/8CRR: 4.36 RRR: 7.00
Sam Curran37 (38b 5x4)
Benny Howell 8-0-29-0
David Payne 8-0-36-0
Howell to Sam Curran, OUT

this is a run-out, Gloucs are certain of it. Burke does not dive, just stretches and he is found short by inches. This was a full and straight delivery, Curran hoicks it away towards midwicket. Dent is the man there, fumbles it a bit, but the throw is brilliant. Roderick runs forward, in front of the stumps, takes it and flips the stumps over. Excellent presence of mind from the wicketkeeper

James Burke run out (Dent/†Roderick) 11 (13b 1x4 0x6 18m) SR: 84.61
Howell to Burke, 1 run

short cover drives across to try and save the single as Burke drives towards long-off. No such luck despite the goof work

Howell to Burke, no run

good length ball, slower ball as well, Burke looks to force it away. But ends up with an inside edge. Lovely bowling

Howell to Burke, no run

full on middle, driven to long-on

Howell to Burke, 2 leg byes

huge appeal for a leg before, but the reverse swing has taken the ball a bit too far down leg. Brilliant bowling from Howell, bowling it full and keeping it on middle and leg. Burke was on the drive, misses it because of the late curl in

Third man back, long-on back, midwicket back

Howell to Sam Curran, 1 run

finds the yorker on middle, Curran squeeze it out to third man

11 off 12, with Curran on strike. Who will bowl the 49th? It will be Howell. Wicketkeeper stays up. Klinger discusses his field with his bowler. Some time taken here. Some nervous times for everyone. Fine leg and third man up again

veetal: "What an tense final! Cricket all summer and now a nail biting finish. Gotta love English Cricket."

end of over 487 runs
SURR: 210/7CRR: 4.37 RRR: 5.50
James Burke10 (9b 1x4)
Sam Curran36 (36b 5x4)
David Payne 8-0-36-0
Tom Smith 10-0-42-2

Rubesh Murugan: "England is gifted with Curran bros. With years to go, these guys are real future. What a memorable season for them!!"

Payne to Burke, FOUR runs

short ball, slower ball and Burke guides it away between point and short third man! Brilliant shot, knew where the gaps were at the field and he has put Surrey in the lead again

Curran goes up to talk to Burke again. Mid-off goes to the boundary, third man comes up

Payne to Burke, no run

mild misfield at point from Smith, but no damage down. Burke meets a length ball and plays with an angled face

Payne to Sam Curran, 1 run

full and curls in late. Its the yorker as well. Curran does well to play late, squeezes it out through the covers

Payne to Burke, 1 run

direct hit needed, but point misses. Smith, was that? Yes. Burke dabs it and sets off,m Curran responded and would have been gone comfortably had that hit

Payne to Burke, no run

ripper! He has made the good length ball hold its line and beat the batsman outside off. Burke was playing the angle of the ball, and ends up soundly beaten because it moved off the pitch

A little glove love between the two batsmen. Trying to keep pressure at bay. Three inside the circle on the off side, only one on leg. Around the wicket

Payne to Sam Curran, 1 run

nicely bowled. Sends down the yorker on leg stump, Curran can only push it as far as mid-on for a single

Payne, the left-arm quick, is back now. He has three left

end of over 478 runs
SURR: 203/7CRR: 4.31 RRR: 6.00
Sam Curran34 (34b 5x4)
James Burke5 (5b)
Tom Smith 10-0-42-2
Jack Taylor 10-0-43-3
Smith to Sam Curran, 1 run

picked away off his toes, behind square leg to retain strike. Smith finishes his spell with an over full of darts. Odd, since he got his wickets by flighting the ball and teasing the batsmen into mistakes

Smith to Sam Curran, no run

stays back to a length ball and blocks

Smith to Sam Curran, FOUR runs

edged, no slip, four runs. Surrey nose ahead again. They have 200 up. This was a quicker, fuller delivery on off stump. Sam waits deep in his crease instead of coming forward. Gets lucky as his push gets better than the one or two he might have hoped for

Smith to Burke, 1 run

stays back to slap a short of a length delivery through point. Burke looking quite the accomplished batsman, which he is

Smith to Sam Curran, 1 run

goes back and flicks a flatter delivery off middle stump to deep midwicket. Singles will do it for Surrey. Gloucs need to pull another mistake from Surrey

Match details
Lord's, London
TossSurrey, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Series resultGloucestershire won the 2015 Royal London One-Day Cup
Hours of play (local time)10.30 start, First Session 10.30-14.00, Interval 14.00-14.45, Second Session 14.45-18.15
Match days19 September 2015 - day (50-over match)
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