4th ODI (D/N), Pallekele, Aug 8 2018, South Africa tour of Sri Lanka
(21/21 ov, target 191)187/9
Sri Lanka won by 3 runs (D/L method)
Player Of The Match
65 (34) & 1/20
end of over 214 runs • 1 wicket
SA: 187/9CRR: 8.90 
Junior Dala3 (3)
Lungi Ngidi1 (1)
Suranga Lakmal 5-0-46-3
Thisara Perera 4-0-32-2

12:10am And that concludes our live coverage. Whew, what a game. Thanks for joining us and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. See you for the fifth ODI. Good night!

Angelo Mathews: Very important win to be honest. Proud of the way we fought today. The batsmen put up a decent score. The two allrounders finished off well. But it's never easy. DLS plays into the hands of the chasing team. Fantastic bowling. We weren't clinical in the field but we pulled through. Wee'll have a word about that, but we'll have a drink tonight. Fantastic effort from the bowlers. Credit to the groundstaff as well, the way they worked to get us on the field in time.

Quinton De Kock: Always disappointing losing games like that. It was a good game nonetheless. The crowd enjoyed it, we enjoyed it. Still a good day in the end. Credit has to be given to Sri Lankans. They kept taking the wickets and putting pressure on us. We were still backing ourselves in the last over, Davey's capable of clearing the ropes, but Lakmal bowled two good balls and kept the pressure.

Shanaka: Wicket was very good. Ball was coming on nicely. I wasn't nervous. I batted my normal way and I enjoyed my batting. I'm really happy with the team performance. Everyone was brilliant and talking to each other.

Dasun Shanaka is the Man of the Match.

Prabath: "Its Dasun Shanaka s' date. He took his chance. "

Jai Srivastava: "This is Sri Lanka's 1st win over South Africa after 11 consecutive ODI losses. Am I right?" --- Yes.

MineshR: "No doubt. De Silva has created the momentum for Sri Lanka with his superb 4 overs spell and brilliant fielding. "

Lasan Rashmika: "Is that Malinga who bowled that final over with the mask of Lakmal?"

Osura Vindula: "Well deserved win Sri Lanka. & a great fight & a come back frm Proteans as well. Sri Lankans hv improved a lot since da 3rd ODI. Mostly in fielding. Happy to see they are back in track again :)"

Hassan Mahmood : "Miller can't score in final over while chasing He couldn't get 9 against Pakistan, 7 against Wood and today he failed to get only 8"

11:50pm South Africa will be wondering how. Sri Lanka looked genuinely panicked at the halfway stage of this second innings. After piling up 306 in 39 overs, they might've felt terrible at the start they had conceded. But they made their way back through two brilliant moments in the field, both in the 13th over. Mathews lunged low to get Klaasen and Shanaka took the half-chance that Duminy gave him. It all turned there. And Miller's plan to be the batsman in the last over was foiled by some genius tactics from Sri Lanka's present-day captains across formats. A win by three runs by DLS method. They'll take it.

Lakmal to Dala, 1 run

can't get it away. It's a single at extra cover and it's not enough. Lakmal bangs it in, cramps Dala at chest height and the attempted pull splices harmlessly into the off side

Lakmal to Dala, 2 runs

swings it away and it's a long chase for both deep square and deep midwicket. They've come back for the second. Length ball on the stumps and he hurriedly drags this away. Chance for a third there? Not today

Lakmal to Dala, no run

beats the inside edge and leg stump. Length ball angled into the batsman who's looking to offer the full face as he tries to lift this over midwicket

Point, extra cover, mid-off, midwicket are in

Lakmal to Ngidi, 1 run

length ball into the pads, a laboured push towards long-on

Lakmal to Miller, OUT

gone! Sri Lanka have engineered this wicket to perfection! A slower ball from Lakmal. You can predict the line and length from the field, you can't predict the pace. Miller, forced into swinging across the line, has not picked the offcutter in the corridor. Looks to slog and gets an inside edge onto stumps

David Miller b Lakmal 21 (17b 0x4 1x6) SR: 123.52

Now point moves across to short third man. Third man moves across to deep backward point.

Lakmal to Miller, no run

whacked to sweeper cover and he won't run. It's like bowling in a Test match for Lakmal. Bowls to his off side field. Angle across the corridor. Miller gets a good piece of this but it's straight to the fielder and he won't run

end of over 208 runs • 1 wicket
SA: 183/8CRR: 9.15 RRR: 8.00
David Miller21 (15)
Thisara Perera 4-0-32-2
Suranga Lakmal 4-0-42-2

Eight required. We'll have a result.. South Africa are exactly where they need to be as far as DLS is concerned, but can Miller translate that into a win over the next six balls? Lakmal to bowl. Miller has strike. Fine leg and square lThird man is back. Point and extra cover are the other fielders inside the circle. ...oh in fact square leg has now moved into cover. It's a 6-3 off side field. Brave. Deep midwicket and long-on the only ones back on the leg side. So you can imagine the line.

Perera to Maharaj, OUT

bowled him! Top of off. Predictable line and length because it's an effective line and length. Maharaj, who slapped the previous such ball through cover, looks to pull this time. It's not the right shot. The ball skids through from under and tonks off stumo

Keshav Maharaj b Perera 17 (14b 3x4 0x6) SR: 121.42
Perera to Miller, 1 run

mix-up and dive, no direct hit from extra cover. Miller might have made it anyway. Taps this length ball in front of that fielder and takes off, then for some reason stops, loses half a second and is forced to scramble. All good for him in the end

Perera to Maharaj, 1 run

length ball in at off stump, allows it to come on and gently pokes it into the covers

Perera to Maharaj, FOUR runs

walloped! What a shot that is! Mathews has his head in his palms after that fizzes past him at extra cover. Thisara's line and length has become a tad predictable. Length ball in the corridor, Mahraja makes room and slaps it. Mean hit.

Perera to Miller, 1 run

length ball across off, looks to guide it between short third man and backward point but find the latter

Perera to Maharaj, 1 run

toe-end to mid-off and once again third umpire confirms Maharaj has made his ground. Runs down the pitch and is nicely in position to blaze this length ball through extra cover, but doesn't make good enough connection

end of over 198 runs
SA: 175/7CRR: 9.21 RRR: 8.00
Keshav Maharaj11 (10)
David Miller19 (13)
Suranga Lakmal 4-0-42-2
Thisara Perera 3-0-24-1

Sixteen required. Two overs to go. Thisara will bowl the penultimate over.

Lakmal to Maharaj, 1 run

short and into the body, gets behind the line and drops it into the off side with soft hands

Lakmal to Maharaj, no run

well bowled. As Maharaj lines up for another swing across the line, Lakmal know what's coming. Bowls an offcutter, short and outside off. Maharaj is through the shot too soon

Lakmal to Maharaj, no run

beaten as he looks to slug another one. Short of a length ball rising up at him and he's made room by going down leg again. This sails over the stumps

Lakmal to Maharaj, FOUR runs

inside edge past the keeper. Length ball down leg side, a wild heave as he waltzes down leg side and I suppose he's got the desired result

Mohammad Adnan : "if at 20 overs it rains...whats the score required if 7 or 8 or 9 wickets down" ---176 for 7, 180 for 8, 182 for 9. Those are par scores, so add one for the win.

Lakmal to Miller, 1 run

short ball in the corridor, chopped down to third man

Lakmal to Miller, 2 runs

nicely done. Length ball on the pads, flicked to deep square's right for an easy second

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