2nd Test, Colombo (SSC), Aug 3 - 6 2017, India tour of Sri Lanka
(116.5 ov)(f/o) 183 & 386
India won by an innings and 53 runs
player of the match

2.40pm Eight days - that's all India needed to secure the series with one Test to go. Spare a thought for Dimuth Karunaratne, who made a resolute 141 - the third-highest score by a Sri Lankan when following on. Spare a thought for the sweep-happy Kusal Mendis who made a thrilling hundred on this turner. The end, however, was rather swift for the hosts in the post-lunch session. Jadeja struck thrice in three overs to dismiss Karunaratne, Mathews, and Dilruwan Perera. All three batsmen had been undone by ripping deliveries. Jadeja went onto claim his ninth five-wicket haul, and second away from home. Dickwella and Herath then engaged in sweeps and reverse-sweeps to frustrate India before Pandya and Ashwin provided the coup de grâce. India take their second successive series on the island with this innings-and-53-run victory.

Jadeja, Man of the Match: In the first innings, the ball was not turning that much. When we came onto bowl, we got turn from the middle part of the wicket. Mendis played very well and played some brilliant shots. Yeah, they batted very well. As a spinner, it is always a challenge when a batsman plays a sweep shot on a regular basis. We have to change our field and line and length.

Chandimal: To be honest, you can't control the toss. We were outplayed with bat and the ball in the first innings. But I was happy with the way we played in the second innings. We just want to take positives from this game. Kusal and Dimuth played some really good cricket.You can tell now (In hindsight, could you have played another seamer?). Unfortunately, Angelo can't bowl at the moment. Asela is the one who consistently performs, yes it's a loss. Looking forward to the next game.

Kohli: The way the wicket behaved and how it was getting worse by the day and the lead of more than 440 prompted us to enforce the follow-on. I haven't been a big fan of enforcing it, though. At international level, you expect teams to come and play like that (on Mendis' and Dimuth's innings). They batted really well. You need to have those tough times to improve as cricketers. If you enjoy the hard moments, you enjoy the good moments as well. Never get complacent as a side - that's important. Four byes on that sort of pitch speaks of his (Saha's) quality. He is definitely the best keeper in this format I will say. How agile he is! He is very safe behind the stumps. Our batting was outstanding again. Pujara and Rahane - our two best Test batsmen - Rahul getting runs and Jadeja contributing down the order.

Worry not if you had missed the action. Viewers in the subcontinent except Sri Lanka can watch the highlights here. You can also watch our flagship show Match Day with Deep Dasgupta and Farveez Maharoof on the homepage. Thanks for your company and comments. Do come back for the third Test, starting August 12. Until then, it's goodbye from myself, Deivarayan Muthu, Al Muthu, Varun Shetty, Nikhil Kalro, and Sanjay Murari.

Ravi Thacker: "I am appalled to see Pradeep being sent to bat . Looks like he isn't part of SLCs future plans . I see no other reason for sending an injured player to bat at No.11 when the game is all but lost."

Snehil: "I think Jadeja is in line for a Man of the Match award for his all round performance. His contribution of 70* shall not go unnoticed as seeing how Srilanka have fought in the second innings the runs he scored seem to be more crucial now for that innings win."

Ashwin to Pradeep, OUT

It's all over at the SSC. Tossed up slower and higher outside off. Pradeep - busted hamstring and all - aims a biiiig slog-sweep. He only shoots up a top-edge in the air. Dhawan, who set up the series for India with a breakneck 190, fittingly sews up the series. He settles under this skier at mid-on and slaps the thigh

Nuwan Pradeep c Dhawan b Ashwin 1 (7m 9b 0x4 0x6) SR: 11.11

Bharath Seervi: First time 2 India players have scored 50+ and took 5-wkt haul in the same Test - Ashwin and Jadeja

Sundararajan Go: "If Pradeep has busted a hamstring, what is the rationale behind him coming out to bat? It's not as if the matching is hanging in the balance and he needs save it for SL!"

Ashwin to Pradeep, no run

flighted on off, opens the face and defends to cover

Abhijith: "I think it's time Ra-Ra went in for a lie down on the masseurs table while Shami and Umesh wrapped up the tail"

Ashwin to Pradeep, no run

An appeal for lbw. Not given. India ask for a review Looks like another carrom ball. Pitches outside leg and swerves away to rap the front pad

Ashwin to Pradeep, no run
Ashwin to Pradeep, no run

flicks out the carrom ball, drifts in from outside leg, elicits a leading edge, but does not carry to Ashwin

end of over 1162 runs • 1 wicket
SL: 386/9CRR: 3.32 
Rangana Herath17 (30)
Nuwan Pradeep1 (4)
Hardik Pandya15-2-31-2
Ravichandran Ashwin37-7-132-1
Hardik to Herath, no run

full, middle-stump hunting ball, kept out

Hardik to Pradeep, 1 run

yorker, swerves in on leg stump, Pradeep camps back and bunts it past the right of midwicket

Hardik to Pradeep, 1 wide

lifter outside off, soars through to the keeper as Pradeep sinks under it. Too high, and that's a wide

Hardik to Pradeep, no run

lobs a slower offcutter on off, just 112ks, Pradeep spots the change-up and covers up the line in defence

Hardik to Pradeep, no run

very full and slanted in on off, nearly 140ks, Pandya cranking up to the tail-ender. Pradeep inches forward and defends it back to him

Hardik to Pradeep, no run

very full and wide outside off, fizzes into the gloves of Saha, as Pradeep flirts with his feet stapled to the crease

Pradeep, who has a busted hamstring, will bat at No. 11. Don't see the point of him coming in now. Pandya runs in from over the wicket

Hardik to Dickwella, OUT

Dickwella has jabbed this wide yorker straight into the lap of gully! Pandya ventures wide of the crease and sends it wide outside off. Dickwella angles his bat and hits it straight to Rahane. Dolly catch. He did not even have to budge this time

Niroshan Dickwella c Rahane b Pandya 31 (86m 56b 4x4 0x6) SR: 55.35
end of over 1153 runs
SL: 384/8CRR: 3.33 
Niroshan Dickwella31 (55)
Rangana Herath17 (29)
Ravichandran Ashwin37-7-132-1
Hardik Pandya14-2-29-1
Ashwin to Dickwella, 1 run

flighted outside off, and that's the zillionth reverse-sweep to deep point

Ashwin to Dickwella, no run

Dickwella jumps a long way outside leg even before Ashwin delivers. The spinners follows him and keeps the batsman to a block to cover

Ashwin to Dickwella, no run

Ashwin keeps bowling outside leg, Sri Lanka keep sweeping. This is played to short fine leg

Ashwin to Dickwella, 2 runs

slid outside leg again. Dickwella unleashes a flat, hard reverse-sweep. Drilled through backward point

Ashwin to Dickwella, no run

tossed up outside off, rolls his wrists and sweeps it straight to Kohli at short fine leg

Ashwin to Dickwella, no run

floated a long way outside off, Herath steps down the track and pads up to it