1st Test, Lord's, August 17 - 19, 2022, South Africa tour of England
165 & 149

South Africa won by an innings and 12 runs

Player Of The Match
5/52 & 2/27
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Scores: Binoy George | Comms: Debayan (@debayansen)
Scorecard summary
England 165/10(45 overs)
73 (102)
5/52 (19)
20 (30)
3/63 (13)
South Africa 326/10(89.1 overs)
73 (146)
3/71 (19.1)
48 (79)
3/71 (18)
England 149/10(37.4 overs)
35 (29)
3/47 (7)
35 (83)
2/35 (12)

4.15 pm That's that then. Lord's is behind us, much, much, much quicker than anyone could have anticipated, including the victorious captain! We will see you again in time for the second Test. Lots of analysis and reactions yet to come. Do send in your questions for Polite Enquiries as well for for Firdose and Vish. For the moment, bye from Binoy, Alan and myself. See you around.

Kagiso Rabada gets the Player of the Match award : "Always special to contribute to a team success. For us to get over the line, especaily at Lord's, is really special. I didn't even know about the stats. All I try and do is repeat my processes and get into the contest and do what's best for the team and for myself. (Biggest learnings since 2017) You always pick up skills along the day. The pitches here are different, bowling with the Duke's ball is different. It's about adjusting your lengths, and getting used to the ball. (On the seam attack) I will leave you guys to name that. (On Maharaj) Exactly., Kesh has been an outstanding performer for us down the years. Those two wickets really helped us, and nobody expected that from him. Looking forward to Manchester."

Dean Elgar: "Didn't think, especially waking up this morning. We thought they'd bat hard and get a big lead. When it was our turn to bowl, we had to put the ball in the right areas. The guys did a great job. Very grateful with a young side. I have got a great think-tank behind the scenes. Good coaches who give great advice. As things work out, with Kesh getting a few wickets. And bringing Anrich who bowls at the speed of light. I am just looking to get better as captain. (On his partnership) Having Sarel around helps. He's an experienced cricketer, and a great team-mate. He is a pretty fiesty character. We'll enjoy tonight, it is Friday after all. We won't rush it, because we need to let the young guys take in the moment."

Ben Stokes: "We can't think too much about what was talked about in the pre-match, but we can't think about it and that will affect what happens in the next game. Captains before have also been criticised for the way the teams have played. This is not a wake-up call or anything, but we haven't executed our plans well. South Africa have played better. (On not having played red-ball cricket in the lead-up) I don't want to make excuses. Maybe there was a case for some of the guys to get a first-class game, but I don't want to be talking about it. (Next game) Probably win the toss."

Greg: "I had tickets for tomorrow - haven't been to a test match since 2019. I'm not sure gutless, brainless collapses are the way to keep the public engaged. But credit where it's due - South Africa have an excellent bowling attack and they've ruthlessly outperformed England here."

Peter: "If you add up the total overs the match didn't even last 2 days. Without the rain this would be England's second two-day defeat in as many years (India the other at Ahmedabad). This also came a week after the Lions, which perhaps wasn't even a second string England team given the players that are playing in the hundred, racked up almost 700 and beat South Africa by an innings. Serious questions to be asked!"

3.56 pm The presentation isn't long from us.

Sampath says this is just the fourth time England have lost by an innings at Lord's. The last time around was in 2003, to a familiar opponent!

AP: "To give context to just how much South Africa outplayed England in terms of basic test cricket methodology - taking as many balls as needed to bat your opposition out of the game is the way to win a test match. England, in 2 innings and using 20 wickets, did not even bat out as many overs as South Africa did in 1 inning. Time for the drawing board for ENG, you would have to say. The aggressive ODI type style of attack in a test match only works when the conditions allow for it."

"Test cricket is so beloved because of its intricacies, its changes of pace, the different strategies deployed as conditions and opponents vary. A simplistic and narrow-minded approach - whether singularly defensive or attacking - is going to fail as often as it works. And if the opposition have worked you out as a one-trick pony, it will fail more often than that. And if Test cricket becomes as simplistic as England seem to want it to be, it will cease to be interesting and it will die." --- You do make some valid points, Graham. Though England could look back on the first two days and say they had their moments, but just failed to seize them. Also the batting woes have been around for a while. They were probably just getting papered over by some cases of individual brilliance. But yes, they will need to re-evaluate how they want to play this superb South African unit.

PD: "Well that was embarrassing from England - in Boycott's words, my mum could bat better than that!"

3.49 pm Well, well, well. Quite clearly all the pre-match chatter was not just a case of talking the talk. South Africa have done well to back it up with a professional performance. This game has been done and dusted in about two-and-a-half days, remember, with most of day 1 rained out. Their bowlers have been superb, the captaincy has been consistently good, and when they were required to dig in and get some runs on the board, pretty much everyone chipped in for the visitors. Lots for England to think about ahead of the second Test.

Jansen to Anderson, OUT

full again, and on the stumps this time! No mistake this time. Anderson backs away a touch, and misses out completely. Strikes the base of the stumps, and Jansen lets out a roar as South Africa celebrate

James Anderson b Jansen 1 (7b 0x4 0x6 10m) SR: 14.28
Jansen to Anderson, no run

it is full, it swings away after pitching around middle, and misses both the outside edge and the off stump. Great bowling. No disrespect to the great cricketer, but perhaps wasted a bit on Anderson!

Full one coming, surely...

Jansen to Anderson, no run

full, around off, swings further away, yet again beating Anderson's outside edge

Jansen to Anderson, no run

full, around off, nips further away, and beats a tentative poke from the batter

Jacko: "And don't forget the ENG batters are undercooked thanks to the absurd schedule this summer." --- True, Birmingham came more or less on the back of the New Zealand series

end of over 373 runs • 1 wicket
ENG: 149/9CRR: 4.02 
Jack Leach0 (4b)
James Anderson1 (3b)
Kagiso Rabada 8-2-27-2
Marco Jansen 3-0-13-1
Rabada to Leach, no run

length, punched towards point

Rabada to Leach, no run

quicker, around off, and he looks to defend this. Almost goes through his defence

John: "This is not Bazball - it's just rubbish batting. England gave up on this match at 6 wickets down and are having a happy, laughing slog time. - full of smiles at every mistimed shot landing safely. Entertaining? - maybe. But no respect for the game or their caps"

LenS: "Looks like SA have Planball!"

Rabada to Leach, (no ball)

defends this towards point

Rabada to Leach, no run

short, and he plays a chip square of the wicket. Nortje at point, dives to his left, to keep Leach on strike

Ashish: "Also Deb to Akshat's question - Yes England are not chasing last and this is where the the pitch in this innings has got some juice. Overall as well this pitch was more helfpul to the bowlers than what was offered during NZ and Ind matches." --- Yes. I don't think there's too much of a difference in conditions, to be honest. But yes, there's been a lot more help on day one of this Test

Rabada to Anderson, (no ball) 1 run

taps one towards point and sets off. Loud cheer for Jimmy Anderson as he scores his first run

Rabada to Anderson, no run

overcooked down the leg side. A leg gully watches in wait, but that was out of Jimmy's reach

Rabada to Anderson, no run

length, nips away from Anderson as he shapes to defend

Prinesh: "Slightly disingenuous to say "most importantly first time this summer that England have had to bat first"? Surely most important, is the quality of the bowling?" --- Let's call it a tie, then. And yes, taking no credit away from South Africa, as I have said about 10 times today!

Rabada to Stokes, OUT

sensational catch by Maharaj at deep mid-wicket! Good length from Rabada and Stokes winds up from the crease and rifles in a hoick across the line. Maharaj swiftly moves to his left, sticks his hands out, and holds on to one that would almost definitely have slipped through for four on most days. South Africa are an inspired lot today. Rabada raises his arms in celebration. There's a hush around Lord's

Ben Stokes c Maharaj b Rabada 20 (28b 2x4 0x6 65m) SR: 71.42
end of over 363 runs • 1 wicket
ENG: 146/8CRR: 4.05 
Ben Stokes20 (27b 2x4)
Marco Jansen 3-0-13-1
Kagiso Rabada 7-2-24-1

Akshat: "In your opinion what have the SA bowlers done different to the Indian bowlers to keep bazball on a leash? Or is because of the difference in the 2 pitches?" --- A bit better attack in terms of variety. An experienced captain who has marshalled his resources well. And most importantly, first time this summer that England have had to bat first

Jansen to Potts, OUT

wild swing down the wicket, and he's on target with a full ball! Just a hint of nip back in along the slope, and it spreadeagles Potts' stumps as he misses it completely. Was looking to whack it down the ground, but it was clever bowling from Jansen. At good pace too. South Africa close in on what will be a satisfying win

Matthew Potts b Jansen 1 (5b 0x4 0x6 8m) SR: 20
Jansen to Potts, no run

fullish, around leg. Potts shuffles further across and tries to flick it away, but misses. Good take this time to his left by Verreynne

"Our batting has fallen off a cliff in the last 2-3 years. If two of Root, Bairstow and Stokes fail, we have nothing. Bazball is great when it comes off (NZ and India this summer), but its only covering the mess that is our red ball technique." muses John

Jansen to Stokes, 1 run

fuller, straighter, and he defends after getting completely behind the line

Jansen to Stokes, no run

looking for the leg-cutter to the left-hander, but starts it way down leg side. Good take yet again by the keeper

Jansen to Stokes, 2 runs

slants into him, worked away into the gap between mid-on and deep mid-wicket. Picks up two with some brisk running

Jansen to Stokes, no run

full ball, outside off, and he shuffles across and defends close to his body

end of over 356 runs • 1 wicket
ENG: 143/7CRR: 4.08 
Matthew Potts1 (3b)
Ben Stokes17 (23b 2x4)
Kagiso Rabada 7-2-24-1
Marco Jansen 2-0-10-0
Rabada to Potts, no run

length, around off, shapes back in, and he defends this towards mid-on

Rabada to Stokes, 1 run

length, on the pads, worked away towards deep square leg

Best performances - batters
Spike Graph
Wagon Zone
OJ Pope
73 runs (102)
5 fours0 six
Productive shot
20 runs
0 four0 six
SJ Erwee
73 runs (146)
6 fours0 six
Productive shot
24 runs
2 fours0 six
Best performances - bowlers
K Rabada
SCJ Broad
Match details
Lord's, London
TossSouth Africa, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Series resultSouth Africa led the 3-match series 1-0
Match numberTest no. 2474
Match days17,18,19 August 2022 - day (5-day match)
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
PointsSouth Africa 12, England 0
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