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2nd T20I (D/N), Bristol, August 05, 2022, South Africa tour of England
(18.5/20 ov, T:183) 138

South Africa won by 44 runs

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The trophy is presented to South Africa, who accept it with loud cheers - a number of reasons to be happy about indeed. And that marks the end of our coverage. Thanks for sticking around. That's goodbye from me and Himanshu!

David Miller, South Africa captain: "I had a back spasm, just had to nurture it [in the first T20I]." On competition within the team: "It's a good problem to have with World Cup coming. Guys have stood up and contributed and it's healthy to see it coming through. it's really nice to contribute as captain. Have seen different areas of the game as captain, has been a nice challenge. How we've played in the last 18 months, we're going to be a force at the T20 World Cup."

Andy Balbirnie, Ireland captain: "Probably wasn't close. We didn't show up with the bat. it gets very hard when you lose so many wickets. Spinners bowled well, got through the storm but they caught up." On playing back-to-back series: "This is what we've been looking for. We are looking forward to a lot of things, the Afghanistan series next week."

Reeza Hendricks is Player of the Series: "Short of a half-century but happy to have contributed." Tip for youngsters: "Try to keep it as simple as possible, stick to your strengths and not complicate it. We're not thinking too far, end result will take care of itself."

Wayne Parnell is the Player of the Match for his 5 for 30: "It was just about keeping things simple. batters did really well. it was about doing the basics, doing what's required. great atmosphere in the Proteas side, everyone's success is being celebrated and there's a lot of confidence."

Time for presentation.

9.57pm That's the end of the series, and South Africa have won their fourth T20I in a row. They never really let Ireland into the game, with Parnell finishing as tonight's hero with his career-best T20 figures. It was a clinical performance from South Africa - they were superb on the field today, too. Ireland did frustrate them with the last wicket partnership of 42 runs - the second-highest of the game - but South Africa did find a way in the end. Ireland will be a bit disappointed with this result after coming close in the last game.

Pretorius to McCarthy, OUT

This time it's taken! Full and on leg, it's flicked to the midwicket region and lands in Markram's safe hands. South Africa take the series 2-0

Barry McCarthy c Markram b Pretorius 32 (19b 3x4 2x6) SR: 168.42
Pretorius to Little, 1 run

Angled in on middle and leg, pushed to long-on for a single

Pretorius to McCarthy, 1 run

Slow, short ball, top-edged to long-on... is the match over? No, Maharaj drops it. Has he taken a blow to his body? Looks like Maharaj is in a lot of pain, he is holding his knee. His team-mates gather around him but he seems all okay now

Pretorius to Little, 1 run

Angled in on legstump, flicked to square leg

Pretorius to McCarthy, 1 leg bye

Full on legstump, he tries to slog but is hit on pads

end of over 187 runs
IRE: 134/9CRR: 7.44 RRR: 24.50 • Need 49 runs from 12b
Josh Little5 (5b 1x4)
Barry McCarthy31 (16b 3x4 2x6)
Lungi Ngidi 3-0-14-1
Tabraiz Shamsi 4-0-31-1
Ngidi to Little, no run

Slower ball.. he is beaten

Ngidi to McCarthy, 1 run

Slower ball again, tries to slog it.. mis-times to square leg

Ngidi to McCarthy, SIX runs

he finally connects the slower ball! Slogged to midwicket for a six

Ngidi to McCarthy, no run

And again. it's like an action replay

Ngidi to McCarthy, no run

Ditto, swing and a miss again

Ngidi to McCarthy, no run

Slower ball outside offstump, swing and a miss

end of over 1714 runs
IRE: 127/9CRR: 7.47 RRR: 18.66 • Need 56 runs from 18b
Josh Little5 (4b 1x4)
Barry McCarthy24 (11b 3x4 1x6)
Tabraiz Shamsi 4-0-31-1
Dwaine Pretorius 3-0-30-2

31 off 17 last-wicket partnership. Annoying the South Africans but entertaining the crowd

Shamsi to Little, FOUR runs

Reverse-swept to short third, ball goes fine and beats the fielder to the boundary

Shamsi to McCarthy, 1 run

Much wider from Shamsi. He tries to hit it to the offside, ball lands short of long-off

Shamsi to McCarthy, FOUR runs

Flighted on legstump, pulled through midwicket for a boundary

Shamsi to McCarthy, 2 runs

He tries to heave it to legside, doesn't time it well

Shamsi to Little, 1 run

flighted on offstump, he tries to defend. A big cheer from the crowd as Little gets off the mark

Shamsi to Little, 1 wide

going down leg, wide given

Shamsi to McCarthy, 1 run

Short ball on legstump, hit to square leg

end of over 1617 runs
IRE: 113/9CRR: 7.06 RRR: 17.50 • Need 70 runs from 24b
Barry McCarthy16 (7b 2x4 1x6)
Josh Little0 (2b)
Dwaine Pretorius 3-0-30-2
Wayne Parnell 4-0-30-5

Hey Jude playing at the ground. Great crowd this evening, it seems

Pretorius to McCarthy, 1 run

Short and wide, he takes a swing at it again but this time can only edge it to deep third

Pretorius to McCarthy, SIX runs

in the slot and he goes big! he takes a big swing at it and clears the long-off boundary with ease

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