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New Zealand vs South Africa, 1st Test at Mount Maunganui, NZ v SA, Feb 04 2024 - Ball by Ball Commentary

1st Test, Mount Maunganui, February 04 - 07, 2024, South Africa tour of New Zealand
511 & 179/4d
(T:529) 162 & 247

New Zealand won by 281 runs

Player Of The Match
240 & 2/16
SA 2nd Innings
Full commentary
end of over 807 runs • 1 wicket
SA: 247/10CRR: 3.08 
Ruan de Swardt34 (56b 4x4)
Mitchell Santner 26-9-59-3
Kyle Jamieson 17-3-58-4

6.10pm That's all we have from the Mount for the Test. Two stats before I go: the last time so many wickets (17 fell this game) fell to spin in a Test in New Zealand was back in December 2006 against Sri Lanka. And apart from innings wins, this is the second-biggest Test win for New Zealand in terms of runs. It's now a goodbye and good luck from me, Vishal Dikshit, and Ashish Pant, who is bashing out today's report here. Do join us for the second Test from February 13.


Tim Southee: Pretty good surface for the batters to set it up for the bowlers to take 20 wickets. The guys had great preparation three days before the Test, lot of focus on what we were trying to do. We knew they were going to come out fighting. When you come to the Mount you expect something different and some spin later on rather than early. Pleasing to see Santner come back to his rhythm, and Ravindra and Phillips contribute too. We got better as the Test went on, we were better in the second innings. We enjoyed this one, we have a few days before the next and we haven't played at that ground (Hamilton) for a while.

Neil Brand: It's very deflating. We gave them chances and who knows what would have been. Our patience was tested on this wicket, the guys got in and got themselves out. Back to the drawing board now and hopefully we can do better in the next Test. It's opbviosuly disappointing to lose wickets after breaks. We're raring to get back for the second Test. Six wickets was a massive honour for me but my currency is runs, so disappointed to not contribute there.

Rachin Ravindra is the Player of the Match: Feels good…in any capacity to contribute to team victory, how difficult it is to be out there for four-five days and get the job done. It'll (this knock) rate pretty high because of the time we spent out there and the partnerships we put out there for this win. (Was the subdued century celebration influcned by Williamson?) He's the influence so I guess that's how it turned out. (Will he share the award with Willimson?) Nah, not at all. He's got 31 Test hundreds for my one so I'm not giving that one. Any time you contribute to the win it makes you feel special. As long as you're giving your best you're made to feel you belong and it's driven well by the coaching staff.

Davind Bedingham: Quite upset I didn't score a hundred. We practised that kind of tactic (against the short balls) because the Kiwis do that quite a bit. I'm glad I stuck to it till the end. The first over Henry was bowling I was blocking and I thought one might pop and I might get caught so better to go after it. Also I like to play on my terms. I think this wicket is a lot different to the ones I played in India. If we get an extended run we can all be successful. From a batting point of view we can all take a lot out of Kane's innings. We don't bat like him but in terms of the application, even from Rav. If we can learn 10% from Kane, we'll all be better players.

5.45pm Santner takes three after bowling a long spell with the old pal and the hosts win by 281 runs. Handhsakes all around as the NZ players go off with a smile on their faces. They've taken the 1-0 lead in the two-Test series with a day to spare. South Africa might be slightly happy that they nearly took it to the last day but they will have to do a lot more to put up a fight against this full-strength NZ side.

The story of day four is that New Zealand declared overnight to set South Africa 529. Southee and Henry gave them the early breaks before Jamieson picked up two after lunch and then got rid of an attacking David Bedingham who was dispatching the short balls to both sides of the pitch with absolute disdain. As many as 17 wickets fell to spin in the Test, which must be very very rare for a Test match in New Zealand.

Santner to Paterson, OUT

holed out to long-on the last ball before the new ball and NZ wrap up the massive win! He swung big again across the line and Williamson took the catch with a tumble in the deep

Dane Paterson c Williamson b Santner 15 (17b 3x4 0x6 16m) SR: 88.23
Santner to de Swardt, 1 run

70.2kmh, shortish outside off and de Swardt cuts it away for one

Santner to Paterson, 1 run

goes across for the tossed up delivery around 79kmh and drives it inside out towards mid-off for one

Santner to Paterson, no run

tossed up around off and he defends gently

Two slips and a short cover

Santner to de Swardt, 1 run

better length to make de Swardt wait for the ball and he prods with an inside edge to leg

Santner to de Swardt, FOUR runs

too short turning in from outside off and de Swardt pulls that away to the square leg boundary with nobody in the deep

Last over before the new ball for Santner

end of over 793 runs
SA: 240/9CRR: 3.03 
Dane Paterson14 (14b 3x4)
Ruan de Swardt28 (53b 3x4)
Kyle Jamieson 17-3-58-4
Mitchell Santner 25-9-52-2
Jamieson to Paterson, no run

129.3kmh, slow and wide yorker, Paterson gets some bat as the inside edge goes to the keeper on the leg side

Jamieson to Paterson, no run

backs away but not as much as earlier and the short ball goes over the ducking Paterson

Jamieson to de Swardt, 1 run

full on leg and de Swardt easily clips it behind square for one more

Jamieson to Paterson, 1 run

dropped at mid-on! Paterson slaps the short ball straight to mid-on where Henry goes for the catch with both hands above his head and the ball goes through

Jamieson to Paterson, no run

backs away easy, Jamieson expects that and pitches it short with the angle which goes over the batter

Jamieson to de Swardt, 1 run

angled into the pads and de Swardt works it square for one

end of over 784 runs
SA: 237/9CRR: 3.03 
Dane Paterson13 (10b 3x4)
Ruan de Swardt26 (51b 3x4)
Mitchell Santner 25-9-52-2
Kyle Jamieson 16-3-55-4
Santner to Paterson, no run

ends the over the way he started it. Swing and a miss outside off because of thee turn

Santner to Paterson, FOUR runs

Paterson finally connects with the swing for the hills and dispatches that from outside off to the long-on boundary for his third four

Santner to Paterson, no run

flatter outside off and he pushes it to cover

Santner to Paterson, no run

another one on length on off, another big swing and another miss

Santner to Paterson, no run

touch fuller and he prods to be beaten this time

Santner to Paterson, no run

flighted on off and he swings big to be beaten by the sharp turn

One wicket to win, three overs for the new ball. Two slips and a short leg for Santner to Paterson

end of over 7710 runs
SA: 233/9CRR: 3.02 
Ruan de Swardt26 (51b 3x4)
Dane Paterson9 (4b 2x4)
Kyle Jamieson 16-3-55-4
Mitchell Santner 24-9-48-2
Jamieson to de Swardt, no run

ends the over with a bouncer angling in and de Swardt ducks under it

Jamieson to Paterson, 1 run

backs away for the ball angling in and pushes to cover for one more

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