1st ODI (D/N), Dhaka, Jul 10 2015, South Africa tour of Bangladesh
(31.1/40 ov, target 161)164/2
South Africa won by 8 wickets (with 53 balls remaining)
player of the match
Kagiso Rabada
South Africa

Time for Presentation:

Mashrafe: We could have scored at least 200, maybe 220 then would have been a different game, we kept losing wickets. If someone from opposition gets a hat-trick you go on the back foot. Wicket was pretty good, we can't give that excuse and we need to come back strongly in the next match. Anyone would bat first here, we can't make an excuse after batting and it was a good wicket to bat on. We just didn't bat well.

Amla: Kagiso was outstanding and to restrict them to 160 was wonderful. We've got wonderful players, we are very fortunate. Obviously we miss AB but we have players to rally around. Maybe we gave an extra few runs in the end but we batted pretty well.

Man of the Match Rabada: It's great to just do well for your team and put them in a good position and we won comfortably in the end. I didn't know what to bowl when I was on hat-trick - maybe bouncer, then yorker but I missed it by a mile. It was a bit of a fluke, but I'll take it. It's important to keep the game simple, keep the batsmen guessing and hit good line and length and guess what the batsmen are trying to do. We have one of the best teams in the world and you'd be stupid to not be part of this team, we have a wonderful environment.

All matches done then, SA beat Bangladesh, India beat Zimbabwe, Djokovic beats Gasquet and Federer just beat Murray. Time to switch off then, thanks for joining us and catch us for the second ODI too. Until then, goodbye and good luck!

Sooryanarayanan: "Game, set and match, Roger Federer."

11.15pm A clinical performance from SA here without AB and many of their leading bowlers. But who needs them when you have Kagiso Rabada - debutant with a hat-trick and 6 for 16. Once that skittled Bangladesh out for 16-, SA's batsmen had to make sure they didn't give it away. The pitch was slow, but du Plessis knows how to bat here and was well supported by Rossouw after QDK laid the platform early on. SA go one up with eight-wicket win.

sami: "Can we talk about Football too?" Why not?

Shzad: "It will be first wicket-less ODI for Mustafizur Rahman, Dont know how he will be feeling right now!"

Sabbir to Rossouw, FOUR runs

poor delivery outside off with room and Rossouw cuts that past point towards the boundary

Sabbir will bowl his first over now

jhansi: "8 dueces"

Ashar: "7 deuces"

How many?

end of over 319 runs
SA: 160/2CRR: 5.16 RRR: 0.11 • Need 1 run from 54b
Faf du Plessis63 (75)
Rilee Rossouw41 (52)
Jubair Hossain5-0-31-0
Mashrafe Mortaza6-0-36-1
Jubair to du Plessis, no run

drives the full delivery straight to cover

Jubair to du Plessis, FOUR runs

levels the scores by sweeping that overpitched googly from middle stump to the wide long on boundary for a four. It went high, but was well in the gap to land safe

Jubair to du Plessis, no run

flights it on middle now with little turn, Faf blocks again

Jubair to du Plessis, no run

googly turns in from length, Faf unleashes a Test-like block with a forward lean

Jubair to Rossouw, 1 run

googly turns away from off, pushed down easily to long off

Jubair to Rossouw, FOUR runs

flighted, juicy, lollipop kind of full toss on leg and Rossouw smashes that to the wide long-on boundary for four

end of over 306 runs
SA: 151/2CRR: 5.03 RRR: 1.00 • Need 10 runs from 60b
Faf du Plessis59 (71)
Rilee Rossouw36 (50)
Mashrafe Mortaza6-0-36-1
Jubair Hossain4-0-22-0

Awais Chakbeli: "Tennis talk should be banned at cricinfo but we can talk about Kohli and Tendulkar sitting together at Centre Court at Wimbledon" Let's not ban things, some things should be left for others

Mortaza to du Plessis, no run

drives the full ball down to mid off now

Mortaza to du Plessis, FOUR runs

122kph, fullish cutter outside off, Faf waits and edges it intentionally at the last moment to steer it fine on off for four

Mortaza to Rossouw, 1 run

touch outside off and RR steers that late to third man for one

Mortaza to Rossouw, no run

touch short of length on the stumps and RR defends it off the back foot

Anirudh Bishnoi: "The set point for the second set took a longer time than this whole SA chase i guess!" How many deuces was that?

Mortaza to Rossouw, no run

pushes the length ball from leg back to the bowler

Mortaza to du Plessis, 1 run

nudges the length delivery from outside of to backward point for one

16 more to go in this match

Rasesh: "Federer all the way with a 2 set will be a battle of roga vs joker...alongside...battle of coaches and former winbledon champs...edberg vs becker...mouthwatering contest on cards!"

Shakil Akhtar: "what is this 'Wimbledon?"

end of over 294 runs
SA: 145/2CRR: 5.00 RRR: 1.45 • Need 16 runs from 11 overs
Rilee Rossouw35 (47)
Faf du Plessis54 (68)
Jubair Hossain4-0-22-0
Mashrafe Mortaza5-0-30-1
Jubair to Rossouw, no run

steers the ball to leg now and says no for the single, Faf runs back

Jubair to Rossouw, no run

full delivery just outside of, he reverse sweeps and gets a bottom edge to short third man

Jubair to du Plessis, 1 run

well outside off and it's driven against the turn into the covers. That was a googly

Jubair to du Plessis, 2 runs

length delivery is turned to the leg side, wide of deep midwicket for two

Andrew Scholtz: "Murray 5-7, 5-7, 1-1 Federer"

Andrew Scholtz: "Murray 5-7, 5-7, 1-1 Federer"

Fans of both players have replied, it seems

Jubair to Rossouw, 1 run

goes back this time and punches it down to log off

Jubair to Rossouw, no run

bit of flight on middle and leg, he defends it to off