1st Test, Dubai, Nov 12 - 16 2010, South Africa tour of United Arab Emirates
380 & 318/2d
(117 ov, target 451)248 & 343/3
Match drawn
player of the match
Younis Khan
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• The Bulletin by Liam Brickhill

Younis century secures fighting draw

Pakistan battled through the first session, losing Azhar Ali for a characterful 63 but preventing any further setbacks to go to lunch at 187 for 3

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Scorecard summary
South Africa380/10(123 overs)1st INNINGS
Graeme Smith100 (152)
Hashim Amla80 (152)
Abdur Rehman3/101(32)
Umar Gul3/100(30)
Pakistan248/10(95 overs)1st INNINGS
Azhar Ali56 (172)
Morne Morkel5/54(21)
Johan Botha3/61(23)
South Africa318/2(95 overs)2nd INNINGS
Jacques Kallis*135 (218)
Hashim Amla*118 (225)
Abdur Rehman1/105(36)
Saeed Ajmal1/102(27)
Pakistan343/3(117 overs)2nd INNINGS
Younis Khan*131 (230)
Paul Harris1/57(31)
Johan Botha1/138(38)
end of over 1179 runs
PAK: 343/3CRR: 2.93 
Younis Khan131 (230)
Misbah-ul-Haq76 (185)
Johan Botha38-7-138-1
Morne Morkel22-4-46-0

Oh Dear. They've called it off. Handshakes all around and the captains have decided to end it. South Africa didn't expect to cause a miracle in the last few overs, nor did Pakistan want to risk going for the remaining runs. Excellent effort from these two, Younis and Misbah, playing their first Test after a long time, who have helped Pakistan to safety. They were under pressure when Azhar Ali fell and though Younis was lucky, dropped by Boucher early in his innings, and so was Misbah, dropped at short leg by Amla, they batted with determination to defy expectations in this first Test. South Africa will be rueing the missed chances and given the inexperience further down the order, the story could have been different had those chances been snapped. We'll get you the presentation details in a bit.

Zeeshan Ali: ""Aray nahi yaar", this is what I heard in chorus in my office. Good to see people following Test match."

Andrew: "Absolute Shocker!!!"

A letdown for many fans as the feedback indicates.

Doc: "Yesterday everyone was saying Smith declared too late. As a South African supporter all I can say is, good thing he trusted his judgement. Maybe we should leave the playing up to the players on the field..."

Younis Khan is Man of the Match for his match-saving ton:" There wasn't much pressure. We just had to bat positively and play according to the merit of the ball. Azhar Ali played well in both innings, his future looks good. We counterattacked and South Africa went on the back foot a little. Tomorrow is Id in Pakistan and we wanted to just gift the people in Pakistan by drawing this Test if not win it."

Smith: "We knew it would be hard work. The wicket got slower and slower and it was difficult to get people out. Credit to Younis and Misbah. On a wicket like this, you've got to take those chances. After playing a lot of ODI cricket, to come out and play so well in the Test is a great thing. I would like to wish the Pakistanis and everyone a happy Id. Hopefully the wicket in Abu Dhabi will have a little more life in it. It's been a fantastic crowd". I wonder if there was some sarcasm in that last sentence. The attendance may well have been a 1000-1500 for the entire game.

Misbah: "The team did a wonderful job after being under pressure. The guys bowled very well on the second day and brought us back in the game, and Younis and Azhar Ali did well. The Team is on the right path. We just wanted to play normal cricket, everyone just said you just play your normal game. The pressure has relieved a bit."

Thanks for tuning in folks and sending us your feedback. It's been fun bringing you the coverage for this Test and do join us again for the second Test in Abu Dhabi which starts on November 20. Until then, on behalf of Sid R and Nitin Sundar my co-commentators, and Sanjay Murari from the scoring desk, this is Sid Talya signing off. Oh and before I log off, keep an eye out for the final bulletin by Liam Brickhill. He's updating it as I type. Ok then, adios and Id Mubarak.

Botha to Younis, 1 run

fullish outside off, opens the face and plays it behind point for a single

Botha to Younis, SIX runs

big one, tossed up, came down the track was tossed up, got to the pitch and smashed it over long-on

Botha to Younis, no run

goes for the sweep and is rapped on the pads, big appeal but that clearly struck him outside the line

Botha to Misbah, 1 run

shortish outside off, turning in, punched off the back foot past midwicket

Botha to Younis, 1 run

flighted on the off stump, sweeps it hard to deep square leg

Botha to Younis, no run

short outside off, Younis shapes up fro the cut but it doesn't turn in, misses

Marshall: "Very disappointing from Pakistan not to go for it. It is very gettable, batting clearly isn't that difficult and they have wickets in hand! Test wins are a big deal!"

Dustin: "Regarding Harris' bowling, you keep mentioning the ball turned from outside leg. Donâ?Tt you mean it seamed in? Harris has never turned the ball in his life. He must be loving those cracks outside leg!" HAHA, didn't you see the ball that got rid of Azhar Ali?

Time for Botha

end of over 1163 runs
PAK: 334/3CRR: 2.87 
Misbah-ul-Haq75 (184)
Younis Khan123 (225)
Morne Morkel22-4-46-0
Paul Harris31-10-57-1
Morkel to Misbah, no run

time for drinks, gets on the back foot, defended into the off side

Morkel to Misbah, (no ball) 2 runs

oversteps, on middle and leg, clips it past square leg for a brace

Morkel to Misbah, no run

back of a length on middle, gets back and knocks it down into the leg side

Morkel to Misbah, no run

full on middle and off, pushed back to the bowler

Morkel to Misbah, no run

appeal for lbw, desperate plea from Morkel, bowled it on a good length on the off and it nipped back in a hint to catch the batsman on the pads, he was defending with bat close to pad was Misbah and it wasn't clear what struck the ball first, appeared to hit in line though height may have been an issue

Morkel to Misbah, no run

back of a length on the off, rocks back and defends it towards cover

Morkel to Misbah, no run

slowish on middle, a straight delivery, defended solidly back to the bowler

Ibrahim Moiz: "Don't be so sure Sid. I'm sure you'll remember from Younus and Misbah's approach that they block balls on merit and out of the blue launch boundary. They've played very cleverly, if they can take this to about 65-70 needed off ten overs it's anybody's game--Umar Akmal and Abdur Rehman can hit a long ball, and if either one of the incumbents does get out attacking Pakistan can decide to hold out a draw"

end of over 1154 runs
PAK: 331/3CRR: 2.87 
Younis Khan123 (225)
Misbah-ul-Haq73 (177)
Paul Harris31-10-57-1
Morne Morkel21-4-43-0
Harris to Younis, no run

lands full on middle, presents the full face while defending it into the leg side

Harris to Younis, 2 runs

fullish on middle, swept behind square for a couple more

Harris to Younis, no run

bowls it on a length on the off, defended on the pitch

Harris to Younis, no run

lands outside leg and he pads it away

Harris to Younis, 2 runs

trying something innovative there, reverse-paddles it over the point region for a couple of runs

Harris to Younis, no run

fullish on leg stump, dropped it in front of shor tleg

Warren from Spain: "Why hasn't Smith used Kallis more? Only four overs... he is a specialist in breaking partnerships, plus his experience could have helped get another wicket or two on this track which asks the bowlers to change their lengths and swing the ball around more than usual."

end of over 114Maiden
PAK: 327/3CRR: 2.86 
Misbah-ul-Haq73 (177)
Younis Khan119 (219)
Morne Morkel21-4-43-0
Paul Harris30-10-53-1
Morkel to Misbah, no run

and again, solid as ever, gets back and blocks it into the off side

Best performances - batters
Jacques Kallis
JH Kallis
135 runs (218)
8 fours
4 sixes
Productive shot
leg glance
39 runs
0 four
2 sixes
Younis Khan portrait
Younis Khan
131 runs (230)
9 fours
4 sixes
Productive shot
leg glance
50 runs
1 four
4 sixes
Best performances - bowlers
Morne Morkel portrait
M Morkel
Johan Botha
J Botha
Match details
Dubai International Cricket Stadium
TossSouth Africa, elected to bat first
SeriesSouth Africa tour of United Arab Emirates
Player Of The Match
Younis Khan
Younis Khan
Series result2-match series level 0-0
Match numberTest no. 1976
Hours of play (local time)10am start, Lunch 12.00-12.40, Tea 14.40-15.00, Close 17.00
Match days12,13,14,15,16 November 2010 - day(5-day match)
Test debut
Adnan Akmal
Adnan Akmal
Sri Lanka Image
Asoka de Silva
Australia Image
Daryl Harper
TV Umpire
Pakistan Image
Ahsan Raza
Reserve Umpire
Pakistan Image
Nadeem Ghauri
Match Referee
Zimbabwe Image
Andy Pycroft