1st Test, Abu Dhabi, Oct 14 - 17 2013, South Africa tour of United Arab Emirates
249 & 232
(target 40)442 & 45/3
Pakistan won by 7 wickets
Player Of The Match

It's been a well-deserved win for Pakistan as they stayed ahead of SA all through the match. The second Test will be played in Dubai from October 23 and we will be back with the coverage. Lots of post-match analysis to come from Firdose, who is at the ground. In the end, thanks for your comments and feedback, this is Devashish Fuloria signing off. Ciao ciao.


Misbah-ul-Haq: "It's really unbelievable and a much-needed win for us, it was a team effort and everyone contributed, especially the youngsters. Both openers and Zulfiqar Babar, they really did a tremendous job for us. I think everyone chipped in, especially with the bowling. We go the advantage from the first innings. In these conditions, it's difficult to score runs, that's why I was disappointed when i lost the toss. But when we got them under 250, we thought, if we batted well, we could get ourselves into a good position. That was a much-needed 100 for me, the last one came in 2011, and I was looking forward to it. It came at a time when the team needed it. Conditions will remain the same in Dubai, maybe more bounce and spin. So they are likely to suit us. But SA have played there before too, so we need to repeat the performance."

Khurram Manzoor is the Man of the Match for his century in the first innings. He says, "I was a bit tense till the match finished, but i am happy that we won it in the end. I have worked hard with the coach, focused on domestic cricket, and I have been working on my fitness as well. The hard work is now paying off. I and Shan Masood play quite a lot together, so we have good communication. In fact, I was getting more confidence from watching Shan play."

Graeme Smith: "Extremely disappointed, we have set really high standards for ourselves, but credit goes to Misbah and his boys, right from session 1, they have been ahead in the game and played better cricket. Even though we showed good character in parts, our skills were not upto the mark. First morning was a tough time to bat, but we still got into ourselves into good position in the first innings, but then we fell apart a bit. Only posting 250 puts you under pressure. Our bowlers weren't that bad, but we were certainly not up to the standards we set for ourselves. We have to look at our ability to bounce back and have to improve on a few things and see how we can be more effective, and hopefully make the right decisions. Hashim is the best batsman in the world at the moment, the birth of his child is a big moment for him, and I wish him and his wife best of luck."

After some jitters, Pakistan have completed a big win against the No 1 side. Misbah and Younis calmed the nerves and took the team to a well-deserved win. The foundation of the win though was set during that excellent performance by their batsmen in the first innings, which gave the side a huge lead. Nothing to take away from the bowlers though, who kept pegging away at wickets and didn't allow the South African batsmen to settle in both innings.. A great match for Khurram Manzoor and the lone ranger, Misbah, both hitting good centuries.

South Africa were in the danger of losing this match by an innings, but good batting by ABd V and Robbie P saved them the blushes, however, after the position they were in at the end of day 3, it was always going to be a hard job. Their 15-match unbeaten run is finally broken.

Calvin: "Where will Pakistan be without Misbah,Great player,who do not get the respect he rightly deserve.Just keep on making runs,and they may eventually give you the recognition you truly deserved."

Tipu: "Manzoor and Masood have a point to prove in the 2nd match...that their 1st innings scores werent just a fluke...Zulfiqar on the other hand will sleep much easier since he's been more consistent"

Ali: "Everyone will talk about south africa and their under-preparation and the heat they had to face. No will talk about Pakistan, how less they play tests in comparison to other countries and how well they have bounced back, after being shot in SA earlier."

Nico: "SA's biggest problem seems to be their strong middle order ... the top-order bats think "Someone will clean up the mess" and don't take personal responsibility!"

Ahsan: "Pakistan's 4th win vs. South Africa in Tests, and probably my 4th unpublished comment !" ----- Not anymore Ahsan

Kushagra: "112.5% Done. I hope they gain some 12.5% extra confidence into the second test from that."

sahir: "this part...this little part...right here....(misbah hitting the final runs) is called happYness...a proud pakistani fan pulled an all-nighter here in US to see my country prove once again that they can literally do anything...publish my comment or make me some coffee..." ---- Since there is no way to make coffee on the internet, I am publishing this

Alex G: "Zimbabwe beat Pakistan, now Pakistan beat South Africa. Are Zimbabwe currently the best team in the world?"

Peterson to Misbah, SIX runs

fuller length, he launches into that and sends it to the sight screen to bring up the big win for Pakistan

Peterson to Misbah, no run

and again, the batsman presses forward and pushes it to off

Peterson to Misbah, no run

more front foot defence from Misbah

Peterson to Misbah, no run

full delivery on the stumps, the batsman defends it to the leg side

Peterson to Misbah, no run

he comes forward and defends the flatter delivery down the pitch

end of over 133 runs
PAK: 39/3CRR: 3.00 
Younis Khan9 (36)
Misbah-ul-Haq22 (21)
Morne Morkel 2-0-12-0
Robin Peterson 1-0-8-0

So back to Misbah to finish it off now

Morkel to Younis, no run

he goes on the back foot and tucks the length delivery to midwicket

Morkel to Younis, no run

length delivery in the channel outside off, the batsman leaves it alone

Morkel to Younis, no run

back of length delivery on off, the batsman defends it calmly

Morkel to Misbah, 3 runs

fuller delivery on off, Misbah punches it down the ground and the fielder from midwicket chases it down and prevents the win of this delivery, Steyn it was

Morkel to Misbah, no run

angled into the batsman and Misbah tucks it to midwicket off the front foot

Morkel to Misbah, no run

he stays on the back foot and chops the back of length delivery to point

Pak 90% done