5th ODI, Port of Spain, Jun 3 2010, South Africa tour of West Indies
(49.4/50 ov, target 253)255/9
South Africa won by 1 wicket (with 2 balls remaining)
player of the match
Jacques Kallis
South Africa

Another South African white-wash for the Windies. It really is a case of them not knowing how to close out these games. When Boucher got out, they were all over South Africa, primarily because of the visitors' questionable selections for today, but they still let the pressure go with some unimaginative bowling. Barring an inspired final spell from Jerome Taylor, there was nothing worth praising, and him leaving the field with two overs left to bowl, made all the difference. Slower balls and short balls, wide balls and full balls, but no yorkers. Bravo is having a torrid time with the ball, following a really pedestrian IPL. I daresay, despite getting the wicket of Botha with a rank long-hop, Pollard was quite poor in the end overs. Gayle's captaincy was rigid and questionable. Again, the most inspired move of the day was initiated not by him, but by Taylor when he laid a trap for Duminy.

Hang in there for the presentation.

Gayle: "The game came close again, and we fell short again. We don't know how to finish them off. Well played to Smith and his team. Hopefully we get a couple of days to put it behind and start fresh in the Tests. I was frustrated with the death bowling.. I had confidence in Bravo and Pollard. Jerome, unfortunately picked an injury. We need to see what the physio says about it. I think everyone in our side needs to learn from South Africa. Trinidad has passion for the game, great to see the crowd come out and support the game."

Man of the match is Jacques Kallis. "Nice to have the momentum into the Tests, very pleased with the way we played. Our bowling and batting in the last 10 overs can be worked upon. In the Tests, not much grass here, so the spinners may play a bit of a role."

Man of the series, without doubt is Hashim "402 runs" Amla. He has a collection of blackberries now. "It is a lovely gift to get (blackberries). Nice to give the team a good start.. happy that ODI series has come to an end well.. looking forward to Tests. The guys I used to idolise are the ones I saw on tv - Steve Waugh.. Brian Lara.. Jacques Kallis." Ian Bishop does not have much more to ask the guy.

Graeme Smith: "Nice to bounce back and repose the faith in the public after the World T20. We lost wickets at crucial times, and held our nerve.. Winning is a habit and we are getting used to it. Boucher has a bit of a back niggle, and we did not want to strain him ahead of the Tests, (which is why he did not keep). We are going to enjoy tonight, and then start preparing for the Tests."

Scenes of joy for the South African team as they collect their medals. And a sense of what may have been for the hosts. On that note, we shall sign off for the day. It has been great bringing you the ODIs and we hope for more fun with the Tests. Thanks for all the comments. On behalf of Team Cricinfo, this is Nitin Sundar signing off. Cheers!

Pollard to Tsotsobe, FOUR runs

that's that! The Windies are so near but Tsotsobe far! Another inexplicable ball, wide outside off, with the offside fielders inside the circle. Tsotsobe reached out and coolly cross-batted it through the cover cordon and all the way to the ropes. Victory with two balls to spare.

Pollard to Tsotsobe, no run

Pollard has the guts to test the umpire with a ball wide outside off, possibly JUST inside the tram lines.

This is Tsotsobe's first ever innings in ODIs. Welcome to the pressure cooker!

Pollard to Roelof, 1 run

full ball, smashed down the ground to long off. 2 off 4. No. 11 Tsotsobe to face. They will think of scrambling a single somewhere!

If WI lose this, it will be the apt footnote to a disastrous series.

Pollard to Roelof, FOUR runs

nonsense ball! Short and angling into Roelof, who smashes the cover off it, high over square leg, and one bounce over the rope.

Puhhlaaaaahd to bowl!

end of over 4910 runs • 1 wicket
SA: 246/9CRR: 5.02 RRR: 7.00 • Need 7 runs from 6b
Roelof van der Merwe5 (5)
Dwayne Bravo10-0-73-2
Kieron Pollard9-0-33-2

7 off 6. Roelof on strike. 1 wicket in hand.

Bravo to Langeveldt, OUT

stay put folks, the game is not over! Bravo sticks to his guns and delivers another slower ball, very full, Langeveldt is sucked into the shot early, and misses the hoick, gets a faint outside edge, through to Ramdin.

Charl Langeveldt c †Ramdin b Bravo 6 (5b 1x4 0x6) SR: 120
Bravo to Roelof, 1 run

another one wide outside off, Roelof unleashes the full swing of the bat and sends it scurrying towards the sweeper cover

Bravo to Roelof, FOUR runs

Bang!!! Attempted yorker goes awry, how crucial is this! Bravo delivers a dear little full toss on off stump and Roelof smacks it through the covers, all the way for four.

Bravo to Langeveldt, 1 run

again back of a length, cut away without much power into the covers. Single!

Bravo to Langeveldt, no run

shortens the length outside off, Langeveldt bunts it back to the off side, Bravo runs across and cleans up and thinks of throwing down the non-striker's stumps but backs out. No one backing up!

Bravo to Langeveldt, FOUR runs

oh boy... Full and wide outside off, smeared over point a couple of bounces into the ropes. OHhhhh boy!

This ladies and gentlemen, is the tight rope. Bravo will bowl again!