3rd ODI, Bulawayo, Aug 21 2014, South Africa tour of Zimbabwe
(27.2/50 ov, target 166)171/3
South Africa won by 7 wickets (with 136 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
84 (75)
Player Of The Series
185 runs

The South African team takes the trophy for winning the series.. the champagne gets splashed. Joy. It's time for us to wrap up the comms too.. Firdose's report will be ready soon. We will be back when the tri-series starts. Thanks for your comments and feedback. Signing off. Ciao ciao.

"We started the series thinking about beating Zim convincingly and to win 3-0, we are very happy,"says Faf du Plessis. "It's good to see someone like Marchant pump up the gas. Shezi also bowled well. It was unfortunate to see Rilee get out early. Today it was nice for me to express myself as there was no Hash. With Hash, you don't need to score boundaries. Australia is coming and they are a really powerful team. It will be a nice challenge for us."

"The bowlers did well throughout the series," says Chigumbura. "Nyumu bowled well thoughout the series. Utseya and Williams did very well. Williams did very well with the bat throughout too. We are looking forward to the World Cup and we wanted to have a look at a few guys. I think our batting has to improve in the next coming days. If I get myself in, it gets easier. I know I can hit boundaries when the time is right."

Quinton de Kock is the Man of the Match and the Man of the Series too. " It's good, I am enjoying every moment of it (the form)," he says. " I don't really plan much. I go to nets and hit a couple of balls, then I see how the game pans out. The pitches have been quite slow, it has turned a lot in the morning. It has been a bit difficult. But batting second was slightly easier. It changes every game. I am ok with it (missing out on 100s)."

This is easily done by South Africa and they take the series 3-0. An ideal start before this tour gets slightly more challenging. Another win set up by a carefee start from Quinton de Kock, who keeps getting better (or worse - he is not getting 100s). He is turning to be quite a superstar. The target of 166 was not going to test SA's batting anyway. Faf du Plessis played an energetic hand of 33-ball 40. Zimbabwe have huge gaps to fill - for one, their batting looks fragile. So you would have to question the decision to keep Brendan Taylor out.

SD: "I would have voted for Chigumbura as Man of the Match for his courageous innings, but his captaincy could have been better. In any case, Quinton is going to be the Man of the Match so it doesn't matter. "

Jacques: "Good now you have to share your house to the hundreds of people following cricinfo!! I'll take a roof tile please" ---- everyone's welcome to tear it down and take bits of it when they are in Mumbai

priyank: "As the Joker from Batman said - : You can't rely on anybody these days, you gotta do everything yourself, don't we?"

Nyumbu to Duminy, SIX runs

comes down the pitch and whips it over midwicket for a sweetly-timed six! Could have done the same in the last over..

Nyumbu to Duminy, no run

stays in the crease and punches it to cover

end of over 277 runs
SA: 165/3CRR: 6.11 RRR: 0.04
Jean-Paul Duminy22 (43)
David Miller13 (11)
Prosper Utseya 6-0-36-0
John Nyumbu 5-0-27-0
Utseya to Duminy, 1 run

can't trust anybody these days..! They score just seven off the over.. JP punches this to long off calmly

Utseya to Miller, 1 run

tossed up, but down the leg side, the batsman paddles it fine again.. but this doesn't go too far

Utseya to Miller, no run

goes on the back foot and punches this flatter delivery straight to midwicket

Utseya to Miller, no run

short and wide, the batsman wants to cream it through the infield but can't beat cover

Utseya to Miller, FOUR runs

down the leg side and all the batsman has to do is to paddle it fine and beat the short fine leg fielder.. very nicely played there..doesn't try to hit it too hard

Utseya to Duminy, 1 run

he rocks back and cuts it hard towards cover, where the fielder makes a half-stop.. allows a single

Eight runs needed.. This is possibly the last over of the game. I can bet my house on this.

end of over 267 runs
SA: 158/3CRR: 6.07 RRR: 0.33
Jean-Paul Duminy20 (41)
David Miller8 (7)
John Nyumbu 5-0-27-0
Prosper Utseya 5-0-29-0
Nyumbu to Duminy, 1 run

another one nudges through midwicket for a single

Nyumbu to Miller, 1 run

goes deep in the crease and punches this to deep midwicket for a single

Nyumbu to Miller, no run

fuller and quicker on the pads, the batsman nudges it straight to square leg

Nyumbu to Miller, 2 runs

flatter this time, Miller goes back and works it away to that gap at wide long on to pick up another couple

Nyumbu to Duminy, 1 run

he comes forward and eases it to long off for a single

Nyumbu to Duminy, 2 runs

tossed up really high and full, the batsman pushes it to wide long on for a couple

Nyumbu bowls

end of over 257 runs
SA: 151/3CRR: 6.04 RRR: 0.60
David Miller5 (4)
Jean-Paul Duminy16 (38)
Prosper Utseya 5-0-29-0
Tinashe Panyangara 6-0-39-1
Utseya to Miller, FOUR runs

superb shot! he rocks back and cuts it very hard past the point fielder. Given all his reputation as a six-hitter, I find Miller one of the better all-round new left-handed batsmen around

Utseya to Duminy, 1 run

goes deep in the crease and nudges the flatter delivery to deep midwicket

Utseya to Miller, 1 run

slightly strays to the leg side, the batsman sweeps it to deep square leg to get off the mark

Utseya to Miller, no run

comes forward and pushes the flighted delivery to cover

Utseya to Duminy, 1 run

he goes deep in the crease and punches the length ball down to long off

Utseya to Duminy, no run

tossed up on the stumps, JP comes forward and defends

South Africa take their Powerplay. Prosper Utseya comes back to bowl. Didn't realise how close SA were.. this will be over within the powerplay