2nd ODI (D/N), The Oval, Jul 1 2021, Sri Lanka tour of England
(43/50 ov, target 242)244/2
England won by 8 wickets (with 42 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
end of over 439 runs
ENG: 244/2CRR: 5.67 
Eoin Morgan75 (83)
Joe Root68 (87)
Binura Fernando 9-0-53-0
Chamika Karunaratne 6-0-34-1

8.50pm: Sri Lanka lost their way south of the river, and look far from shipshape heading to Bristol. England are cruising in white-ball cricket, as we've come to expect. Valkerie Baynes' report should be your next port of call, while Andrew Miller is unbuckling his cutlass for another sortie from the ground. Thanks as ever for keeping us company - myself, Matt and Chandan are off to climb the rigging. See you again for the third and final match on Sunday. Ta ra!

8.40pm: Time for the presentations, starting with Kusal Perera: [Tough day?] "Top order, 21 for 4, it's hard to get back but Dhananjaya and Wanindu gave us a start, followed by Shanaka and at least 240 is something for our bowlers. [Dhananjaya] He played tremendously, but can't get a hundred unfortunately, we're inconsistent but there are positives. [Final match?] Series is lost but we have to try to finish with a win."

England captain Eoin Morgan: "Nice to score some runs and make a contribution to a series win. Game was set up by the bowling unit, two left-armers swinging it early, and then the wicket became a bit flatter and slower and we had to sit in and build pressure to create chances. Chasing down a target like that on a wicket like this should be reasonable. [Form?] It's worked in my favour, distractions as a captain, to not think about your batting for some time. Still don't think I'm striking it that well but nice to get some time in the middle. [Bristol] Think we'll see more changes, only three days but also an eye on the Pakistan series, 50-over cricket is a chance to bring guys in. Always looking to grow and get better."

Sam Curran is Player of the Match: "Really special, to be playing in front of the fans, you can hear them now. Awesome atmosphere, to do it on home ground really special, and to get the win. T20s the ball swung quite consistently which was nice. Don't know why but not going to complain. [Still learning?] Definitely, feel I've played a lot of cricket, feel like I'm learning, picking the brains of other guys. The more I play and fail I learn from those experiences. [Tom?] Thought he was a bit unlucky, I got the wickets but the team played well. To be playing with Jase and Tom, two Surrey players, and to get the result was very cool."

8.30pm: Comprehensive again. It didn't look like being a good day for Sri Lanka when they lost three wickets in the first four overs, and although they managed to stretch it out - and give a good crowd at the Oval 90-odd overs of entertainment - England were always in control. They are 2-0 up with one to play, and will be aiming for another sweep at Bristol on Sunday. Sri Lanka have been weakened by injuries and player misdemeanours, but have now been flattened in five consecutive limited-overs matches on this tour; Dhananjaya de Silva's 91 gave them a lift, and some respectability, here but they are struggling for good news at the moment.

Fernando to Morgan, FOUR runs

short ball swung away on the pull, and the misfield at deep backward square ensures this will be the winning hit! England home by eight wickets, a stroll in Sarf Lahndan wraps up some more WC Super League points

"Yes we do. Rubbish limited-overs cricket looks like this. After being 21 for 4, SL should have been all out for 100 so England could've knocked off the runs in around 15 overs and we could have all gone to the pub." Well, Ben, still plenty of time before last orders...

Fernando to Morgan, no run

Ouch! Hit on the hand, and then the ball spins back past the stumps! Good bumper from Binura, gives Morgan the hurry-up, and nearly gets him playing on, too!

Fernando to Root, 1 run

length on the stumps, shuffles back and clips through square leg

Fernando to Root, FOUR runs

drilled through the covers! The chase has been pootling towards its conclusion, and that shot sees them almost there

Fernando to Root, no run

short ball on the hip, worked to the on side but fielded in the ring

Fernando to Root, no run

back of a length, tapped down towards point

England's requirement in single-figures now

end of over 424 runs
ENG: 235/2CRR: 5.59 RRR: 0.87
Joe Root63 (83)
Eoin Morgan71 (81)
Chamika Karunaratne 6-0-34-1
Binura Fernando 8-0-44-0
C Karunaratne to Root, 1 run

pitched up on the pads and Root whips one more through square leg

C Karunaratne to Root, no run

length ball, Root is across and drives, extra covers misses it... but mid-off comes across as Morgan yells "No!"

C Karunaratne to Morgan, 1 run

tucked for a single in front of mid-on

"Alan, please give some respect to the hard fighting younger recovering team. In 2006, the same team beat the then days uncooked samosa 5-0 in their backyard fyi." Yep, remember it well, Rifdhy Faizer. And it should encourage Sri Lanka that from the depths of Saj Mahmood, Alex Loudon and Jamie Dalrymple, England would go on to the force they are today...

C Karunaratne to Morgan, 1 wide

banged in, but Karunaratne's bouncer gets up too high

C Karunaratne to Morgan, no run

angled across from over the wicket, Morgan has a little dabble at it and misses

C Karunaratne to Root, 1 run

pitched up and eased through the covers, as if on rails

C Karunaratne to Root, no run

short and wide and Root slams a cut, only for Avishka Fernando to pluck it backward point again

Chamika Karunaratne back

end of over 417 runs
ENG: 231/2CRR: 5.63 RRR: 1.22
Joe Root61 (79)
Eoin Morgan70 (79)
Binura Fernando 8-0-44-0
Asitha Fernando 10-0-54-0
Fernando to Root, 1 run

another cutter, good length on fourth stump and Root opens the face on another single through backward point

Fernando to Root, no run

slower ball, cutting across him, poked calmly into the covers

Fernando to Root, FOUR runs

Boshed! Short ball, but it doesn't get up enough to trouble Root, who swings it in front of deep square

"222-2! Stop the score now!!" Blink and you miss, Conner. But Richie wouldn't have

Fernando to Root, no run

pitched up in the channel, driven smoothly towards mid-off coming forwards

Fernando to Morgan, 1 run

over the wicket and dug in short, Morgan paddles a pull around the corner

Fernando to Root, 1 run

works this away through backward square leg

Into the last ten... England need 1.8 an over from here. Binura Fernando is back