2nd ODI (D/N), Karachi, Sep 30 2019, Sri Lanka tour of Pakistan
(46.5/50 ov, target 306)238
Pakistan won by 67 runs
player of the match

11:28pm And that is all from us tonight! Thanks for joining us and don't forget to keep an eye out for the post match stuff, starting with Andrew Fidel Fernando's match report. Good night and see you soon.

Sarfraz Ahmed: We have to improve our lines and lengths in the middle overs. The way we batted, the score was good. The ball wasn't coming on, our batsmen did well. We'll try to give everyone a chance through this series, even the guys on our bench are first priority players for us.

Lahiru Thirimanne: It was a great effort by Shehan and Dasun. They showed us how to bat in these conditions. Disappointed how we handled the first ten overs, it was not good enough. They bowled pretty well, but overall we could have kept them to below 300. Our bowlers did well in small phases, but later stages they've given some extra runs. Today, Shehan took the chance and batted really well. It's a great opportunity, the youngsters should make the most of it.

Usman Shinwari: I've come in after 5-6 months. It was a comeback of a sorts. I put in my everything. It was a slow wicket, but I stuck to my plan. [On favouring Sri Lanka, who he's taken two five-wicket hauls against] They hit me all over the park on my debut, I'm just avenging myself!

Usman Shinwari is the Man of the Match

Fahad Nasim: "Win was expected but good fight from Srilanka. Shadab khan's length and flight is a good thing in long term, he's playing first class and bowling a lot of overs hence this change in trajectory. I'll take this bashing of him throughout the series if he can develop his test bowling skills for Australia tour."

Sheikh: "#CricketComesHome in a style! *-* Congratulations Pakistan on this victory. And srilanka too for their fighting spirit "

Khalid: "Shinwari should be MoM. Great Comeback performance."

11:10pm A huge win in the end. Pakistan let the game for a long time in the second half, but they were outdone by the entirety of Sri Lanka's specialist batsmen who played some terribly ordinary shots on a good batting surface. From 28 for 5, they had no business lasting even another hour. But Shehan Jayasuriya and Dasun Shanaka, two of many players on this tour trying to prove a point, took their chances. They were positive despite the damage around them. They kept tucking the ball away, maintaining a rate of five per over until suddenly upping the rate and giving Pakistan a right scare. But Usman Shinwari, the architect of the early collapse, was there in the end to drag the game back for Pakistan. A second five-for, getting Jayasuriya for 96, and stamping his name all over this chase. A good day for him. Also a good day for Babar Azam, celebrating his first Karachi ODI with his 11th ODI ton. Iftikhar at the end with a cameo too, took Pakistan past 300. An overall decent day for the hosts, floodlight frustrations notwithstanding.

Shadab to PWH de Silva, OUT

taken at deep midwicket. And that is the end. Full ball outside off, there for one of his favoured inside-out lofted drives, but he chooses to go slog sweep. He's got no room to execute it after shuffling into the off side. Ends up slicing it for Ifthikar who runs in some ten yards and holds on easily

PWH de Silva c Iftikhar Ahmed b Shadab Khan 30 (23b 1x4 2x6) SR: 130.43
Shadab to PWH de Silva, 2 runs

short ball outside off, shuffles and pulls to deep square's left

Shadab to PWH de Silva, 2 runs

sliced over cover. Dipping length ball outside off, steps out and miscues the inside-out drive this time

Shadab to PWH de Silva, no run

dipping length ball outside off, beaten on the attempted ramp past third man

"Aage kyun kar raha hai?" is Sarfaraz's protest. Why are you bowling full?

Shadab to PWH de Silva, 2 runs

length outside off steps out and drives to deep extra cover's left

end of over 466 runs • 1 wicket
SL: 232/9CRR: 5.04 RRR: 18.50 • Need 74 runs from 24b
PWH de Silva24 (18)
Wahab Riaz9-0-27-1
Shadab Khan9-0-70-1
Wahab Riaz to Lahiru Kumara, OUT

and he's bluffed him comprehensively! Oh Wahab, why'd you do that to the poor No. 10. Bowls it short of a length. Kumara is fending for a bouncer because of that field change. He's trapped right in front of the stumps, on the knee flap, as this slides on from the surface. They don't have any reviews left, but Kumara doesn't look too livid about this so we could assume there's no bat on it

Lahiru Kumara lbw b Wahab Riaz 1 (8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 12.5

A leg gully has come in

Wahab Riaz to Lahiru Kumara, no run

short of a length just outside off and left alone. So they have a plan

Omair Ahmad: "@Atiq I hope you mean a slap on the former selectors, not the current ones that picked him :) " --- A main part of the panel is in that dressing room too!

Wahab Riaz to PWH de Silva, 1 run

length on off stump, backs away and chops it to third man

Wahab Riaz to PWH de Silva, FOUR runs

wow! What is with this guy and hitting over extra cover? Some stunning inside-out hits. This one is a slower ball at a length outside off. He waits on it, plants half a stride out and slaps this over the infielder

Wahab Riaz to PWH de Silva, no run

knee high full toss steered straight to point! A big smile from the batsman. A few feet either side, that would have flown to the point boundary

Wahab Riaz to Lahiru Kumara, 1 run

attempted yorker, tickled into the midwicket region off the toe-end

end of over 4514 runs
SL: 226/8CRR: 5.02 RRR: 16.00 • Need 80 runs from 30b
PWH de Silva19 (15)
Lahiru Kumara0 (5)
Shadab Khan9-0-70-1
Wahab Riaz8-0-21-0

Atiq Butt: "This is not a comeback by shinwari, it's a slap on the face of selectors. his last international outing was 4/49 against AUS that too at Sharjah. "

Shadab to PWH de Silva, no run

and beaten again. Three superb deliveries from Shadab keep him at 9-0-70-1. Length ball, dipping, drifting, ripping away. He had no chance as he looked to drive that

Shadab to PWH de Silva, no run

length and turning away from a length again. Sweeps and is beaten again

Shadab to PWH de Silva, no run

length and dipping outside off, shuffles and looks for the sweep. Beaten

Shadab to PWH de Silva, SIX runs

another stylish hit! Length on off stump, steps out and creams this straight over the bowler to clear the boundary

Shadab to PWH de Silva, 2 runs

sliced up into the vacan extra cover region. Doesn't get to the pitch this time, just swings from the crease. Survives though

Shadab to PWH de Silva, SIX runs

oh boy get out of here! Shot of the day! Length ball pushed up at off stump. He steps out, gets to the pitch, and launches a fellow legspinner handsomely over extra cover for six. Stunning, stunning shot.