(D/N), Kandy, Aug 20 2012, Sri Lanka Premier League
(17.2/20 ov, target 143)100
K Warriors won by 42 runs
player of the match
Kithuruwan Vithanage
Kandurata Warriors


Malinga: Disappointing, not bowling too well, giving too many boundaries. It is hot during the day and it does not swing, at night the pitch affords some swing and makes it difficult for the batsmen too.

Jayasuriya: The batsmen did well despite losing the wickets, we kept up the run-rate. The batsmen should bat longer though, Tanvir troubled all the batsmen, Hastings did well too and that is why we did well. Not too many want to bat against Tanvir with the new ball.

Vithanage is the man of the match: Like keeping to the quicks, easier for me. Yeah enjoyed my catch to dismiss Sri Lanka. The pitch was a tad slow, not too quick and I was accordingly standing up for it.

That is it for this one, hop over to the live commentary of the second match of the day.

One would have thought that that 143 was not too much of a chase, but superb bowling from Tanvir at the start and Ajmal in the middle has scuttled the Ruhuna chase, in the end they have been bowled out for 100. Presentation next.

Tanvir to Malinga, OUT

bowled him, end of the game, comprehensive performance from the Warriors, it was full on the middle and Malinga went for a hoick, misses bat, hits stumps!

Lasith Malinga b Sohail Tanvir 6 (13b 0x4 0x6) SR: 46.15
Tanvir to Malinga, no run

short of length, on the off and pushed to the covers

Tanvir to Malinga, 1 wide

slower and shorter but wider too, he fails to get a bat on it, wide outside the off

end of over 175 runs
RRyls: 99/9CRR: 5.82 • RRR: 14.67 • Need 44 runs from 18b
Lasith Malinga6 (11)
Imran Khan2 (3)
Sanath Jayasuriya3-0-10-1
Saeed Ajmal4-0-23-3
Jayasuriya to Malinga, 1 leg bye

another full-toss, another miss, he has failed to hit many of these full-tosses today, gets something on it to the off side for a single

Jayasuriya to Imran Khan, 1 run

pitched up to the bat and punched down the ground to long-off for a single

Jayasuriya to Malinga, 1 run

goes down the track and he can only pull it away to deep mid-wicket for a single

Jayasuriya to Imran Khan, 1 run

on the leg stump, turning further down, but pushed to the leg side for a single

Jayasuriya to Malinga, 1 run

full-toss, pulled away to deep square-leg for a single

Jayasuriya to Malinga, no run

yorker length, quick too, gets an outside edge of the bat and goes to short third-man

end of over 163 runs • 1 wicket
RRyls: 94/9CRR: 5.87 • RRR: 12.25 • Need 49 runs from 24b
Imran Khan0 (1)
Lasith Malinga4 (7)
Saeed Ajmal4-0-23-3
Sanath Jayasuriya2-0-6-1
Ajmal to Imran Khan, no run

defended away to the leg side by the debutant

Ajmal to Taylor, OUT

goes for a pull, was short enough but he played inside the turn, missed it and the umpire's had no issue giving him out

Jerome Taylor lbw b Saeed Ajmal 1 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50
Ajmal to Malinga, 1 run

tries to drill it away, but an outside edge for a single

Ajmal to Taylor, 1 run
Ajmal to Malinga, 1 run

short outside the off and pulled away to long-on for a single

Ajmal to Malinga, no run

fuller, quicker and beaten outside the off

The required-rate's up to 10 with only two wickets standing.

end of over 153 runs • 2 wickets
RRyls: 91/8CRR: 6.06 • RRR: 10.40 • Need 52 runs from 30b
Lasith Malinga2 (4)
Jerome Taylor0 (0)
Sanath Jayasuriya2-0-6-1
Saeed Ajmal3-0-20-2
Jayasuriya to Malinga, 1 run

another full-toss and driven to long-off for a single

Jayasuriya to Malinga, no run

full-toss on the leg stump, goes down the track and smacks it to extra-cover

Jayasuriya to Silva, 1 run, OUT

down the pitch, extravagant drive through the covers, they take a single and Silva wanted to come back for the second, the non-striker sends him back but he slips and the bails are removed by an ecstatic Jayasuriya before he can recover!

Chamara Silva run out (Lokuarachchi/Jayasuriya) 8 (9b 1x4 0x6) SR: 88.89
Jayasuriya to Malinga, 1 run

on the off stump, punched down the ground for a single

Jayasuriya to Malinga, no run

on the leg stump, fuller as well, dabbed to leg side

Back on his feet now.

Jayasuriya to Perera, OUT

dolly for Jayasuriya and he has done his foot while taking it! Quick arm action, slower one and the batsman tries to work it to the leg side, gets something of a leading edge back to the bowler, who I must admit, needed to stretch to his right to take it, but in the process he looks hurt.

Dilruwan Perera c & b Jayasuriya 2 (3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 66.67

Captain Jayasuriya's back.