3rd Test, Sydney, Jan 2 - 6 2013, Sri Lanka tour of Australia
294 & 278
(42.5 ov, target 141)432/9d & 141/5
Australia won by 5 wickets
player of the match
Jackson Bird

The presentation starts:

Jackson Bird if the Man of the Match: "Busy 18 months. I suppose it feels like a "home" Test match. Been great fun. Good to see Huss off on a good note. I was more nervous getting those first runs out of the way."

Jayawardene: "When we came here it was a great opportunity. We needed to play a Test in these venues. We will learn from this. The quicks were not getting much out of this, we should have posted a much better total. The boys fought well in the end. That's the future for us (Chandimal etc) and there will be more players coming in and it will be tough but they should learn from these defeats."

Michael Clarke is the Man of the Series: "We had to work hard. I thought Lyon did a good job in the first innings, credit to Wade for the way he played. Another man down unfortunately (Hussey). What an amazing player, a great team man. Our plan was to win six out of six so a bit disappointed. We haven't been consistent enough. But we've got a team that's working very hard. So 2013 is the year of the Australian cricket team so that's why we are here."

The Australian team poses for photos. Hussey is carried off by Peter Siddle and Mitchell Johnson. He will run in and sing the team song, one last time.

Just a few words for Sri Lanka. They have now lost four in a row, having conceded the Colombo Test against New Zealand before coming here. Jayawardene leaves the captaincy on a low, but one would hope that Angelo Mathews can raise his game when he takes on his new role. They've got some talented players to take them forward. One just needs to be patient. Things just didn't click on this tour and the lack of runs from seniors like Mahela and Samaraweera didn't help. Here's wishing them a better 2013, though they won't be playing many Tests, sadly. That's a discussion for another day.

That's it from us here. More analysis on the Test and the series coming up from Andrew Fernando, Dan Brettig and Brydon Coverdale. Thanks for joining us. It's been a pleasure covering the last two Tests, despite the graveyard timings. Thanks for the feedback. Cheers!

End of match: All the Sri Lanka players come forward and shake Michael Hussey's hand. The Sri Lankan reserve players come out and Hussey walks across to them as well. He leads the team off the field. The coaching staff are out as well.

Hussey: "Couldn't be happier. It was nice to be out there in the end. Has to be one of my top three favourite grounds in the world. I'd just like to be remembered as a good team man, really. Singing the team song will probably be what I will miss the most."


Who will sing the team song now? Hussey says," I will let it out now, I will hand it over to Nathan Lyon." Yes, Lyon it is.

Warner: "I think he will be embarrassed he didn't hit the winning runs. I think we are going to step up as youngsters. I'm feeling really good at the moment (about my batting). Getting two games off is good for me. Those 15 days against SA hurt us. To win here and see Huss here is fantastic."

Hussey's kids hug him. He poses for photos with them.

Aditya: "Wow. The whole world wants Hussey to take the winning run. He says screw that. I only care about the team winning. Absolute hero."

As Hussey said, he was a team man through and through. His is a lesson for late-bloomers, in all walks of life.

Nathan Lyon speaks: "When Mike told me (about the team song) I was shocked. I hope to learn more from Hussey.

Herath to Johnson, 1 run

Hussey doesn't mind Johnson hitting the winning runs! Gets forward and he pushes it wide of point, Johnson looked at his partner and Hussey was off the blocks already!

Herath to Johnson, no run

gives it more air and Johnson is more than happy to defend

Herath to Hussey, 1 run

Hussey gets across and he defends towards point and well, takes the single!

Herath to Hussey, no run

tossed up and he plonks forward and defends

Herath to Hussey, no run

flatter on the off stump and he comes forward and defends

end of over 423 runs
AUS: 139/5CRR: 3.30 
Mitchell Johnson0 (5)
Michael Hussey26 (39)
Tillakaratne Dilshan18-2-57-1
Rangana Herath16-0-45-3
Dilshan to Johnson, no run

crowd applauds again as Johnson comes forward and defends, Hussey will take strike

Dilshan to Johnson, no run

Johnson's a sport as he quietly defends this one

Dilshan to Hussey, 1 run

tossed up and he stays beside the line and steers it down to point

Dilshan to Hussey, no run

tossed up and he comes forward and drives to cover

Dilshan to Hussey, no run

tucks it towards short leg and he flicks it towards the keeper

Dilshan to Hussey, 2 runs

Hussey gets an inside edge that goes past short leg and they pick up a couple

We're back for the last few moments

end of over 413 runs
AUS: 136/5CRR: 3.31 
Mitchell Johnson0 (3)
Michael Hussey23 (35)
Rangana Herath16-0-45-3
Tillakaratne Dilshan17-2-54-1

3.30pm: They will come back for the remaining five runs. Cricket and its idiosyncrasies. It could be over in the first over after the break. Fitting if Hussey can finish things off with one massive blow. Join us shortly.

Herath to Johnson, no run

comes well forward and smothers the spin and it will be tea after all

Herath to Johnson, no run

hits him on the pad as he tries to defend, outside the line

Herath to Hussey, 1 run

no big hit from Huss, he quietly knocks it to the leg side

Herath to Hussey, no run

spins and lobs off his pads to short leg, looked like an inside edge at normal speed but the bat was far away

Herath to Hussey, no run

tossed up and he comes forward and drills it back to the bowler

Herath to Hussey, 2 runs

stays back at the crease and he punches it wide of cover and they take a couple