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2nd Investec Test, Leeds, June 20 - 24, 2014, Sri Lanka tour of England and Ireland
257 & 457
(T:350) 365 & 249

Sri Lanka won by 100 runs

ENG 2nd Innings
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The Sri Lankans spray the champagne and you would imagine the celebrations will go on for a long time. What a fantastic result for them. They now head home to prepare to host South Africa for an ODI series starting a week on Sunday, July 6 with Tests to follow too and a series against Pakistan to come later in the summer. What confidence they will take from this. For England, they have a week off before India arrive for a marquee five-match series beginning on July 9. That's when the team here will be back, so see you then...

The winning captain Angelo Mathews: "We play a lot of cricket in the subcontinent and people don't expect us to do it in England but we've played some great cricket. We kept trying, I threw the ball to Eranga saying you've got tot do it and I had faith in him, England also played some great cricket, batting like that on a final day wicket. I had to keep changing the bowlers. We played some great cricket, a lot of hard work and dedication, our bowlers are quite inexperienced but they played so well. Mahela and Kumar contributed a hell of a lot in this series and the ODI series and this is a fitting send off. I've had a good six months with bat and ball and hopefully I can continue that into the future. I think this has cemented my captaincy but you have to keep performing."

Up come the England players to receive their medals and here's Alastair Cook: "Moeen played an outstanding innings, to get a hundred like that is amazing and bodes well for the future. He's a brave cricketer and the way he constructed that innings today, he didn't deserve to be on the losing side. For Jimmy to survive 80 minutes was a great effort but credit to Sri Lanka, they've just won the crucial moments. For eight days of this series we've probably had the better of it but we've lost the crucial moments and you can't let opportunities slip. Here, were didn't bowl as we would have liked to in the second innings. I thought Mahela's comments were harsh, we've won big series in the past and I think after today he would change his words. My own form is tough, I have to go back to basics, work hard and I've got 10 days to get prepared for India. If I keep losing form and matches I won't be asked to captain for much longer but I'm determined to make it right."

Presentation time. Dickie Bird is handing out the medals to the umpires first of all. Man of the Match for his outstanding second-innings hundred, and wickets, goes to Angelo Mathews. Player of the Series for England is Jimmy Anderson, perhaps a surprising choice. Anderson is very upset in the interview and can't finish his answer to Michael Atherton's first question. Very emotional indeed. Sri Lanka's Player of the series is also Mathews for his runs and leadership and handy work with the ball too.

For England, this is a complete disaster. Their new era under coach Peter Moores has began with an embarrassing defeat to a side they were widely tipped to beat comfortably. They looked set to do that in this match after five sessions but an awful second half has seen them lose the series. Today it was despite Moeen Ali's maiden Test match century, what an effort from him. Calm, cool and comfortable today, almost leading England to a battling draw. Plenty for Moeen to take from this match considering his wickets too earlier in the match suggesting what he could be capable of in the future. But little consolation really for England, whose captain Alastair Cook will now face a world of questions over his captaincy.

What a comeback in this match from Sri Lanka, they were staring down a huge first-innings deficit on Saturday before staging a fine comeback to limit England's lead to little over 100. But then, their batting in third innings, particularly that of their captain Angelo Mathews, was an outstanding effort to eventually set England 350 to win. The turnaround was complete with five wickets yesterday evening but then the game took another twist today, going right down to the wire.

So with the penultimate ball of the Test, Sri Lanka have won by 100 runs and pull off the most dramatic of victories to give them a 1-0 series victory which is their first multi-Test series win in England. Their players are ecstatic. For so long it looked as if Sri Lanka were going to win comfortably with just five wickets needed on the final day but they were made to fight tooth and nail but just in the nick of time they have pulled it off.

Eranga to Anderson, OUT

short ball, Anderson fends it off and loops a catch to backward square!!! Can you believe it! Eranga has pulled it off, a snorter that Anderson couldn't keep down for once and popped up a simple catch, what a disaster for Anderson after all that effort and what jubilation for Sri Lanka

James Anderson c Herath b Eranga 0 (55b 0x4 0x6 81m) SR: 0

Huge cheers from the England fans with every block. Radeep: "Anderson must have created a record of sorts for having faced maximum balls without scoring." He has!

Eranga to Anderson, no run

fuller length around leg stump, Anderson forward and defends up the wicket

Eranga to Anderson, no run

back of a length, Anderson across to guide out on the off side again

Goes over the wicket...

Four ball for Sri Lanka...

Eranga to Anderson, no run

back of a length, angled out from just outside off to gully

Eranga to Anderson, no run

short right at the throat, Anderson right back knocking it down in front of short leg

So it comes down to James Anderson with six to face from Shaminda Eranga. A whole host of catchers around the bat...

end of over 1161 run
ENG: 249/9CRR: 2.14 
Moeen Ali108 (281b 17x4)
James Anderson0 (50b)
Dhammika Prasad 22-5-50-5
Rangana Herath 42-16-59-3

Great effort from Prasad, will it be a match-winning performance?

Prasad to Moeen Ali, no run

full at the stumps, Moeen knocks it up the wicket

Prasad to Moeen Ali, no run

back of a length just outside off, Moeen nudges it into the covers, calmly, very calm is Moeen

Prasad to Moeen Ali, no run

right up there around off stump, Moeen digs it out up the wicket

Two slips a gully, a leg slip, a short leg...

Single figure the number of balls left now...

Prasad to Moeen Ali, no run

full angled right in at the pads, Moeen pushes up the wicket

Prasad to Moeen Ali, no run

short again, Moeen drops his hands outside off and allows it pass by

Prasad pulls out of his run up and now tries around the wicket...

Prasad to Moeen Ali, 1 wide

better bumper, tighter line but too big! That's good for Sri Lanka actually

Prasad to Moeen Ali, no run

bumper outside off, easily ignored

Another change, Dhammika Prasad at the Kirkstall Lane End...

end of over 115Maiden
ENG: 248/9CRR: 2.15 
James Anderson0 (50b)
Moeen Ali108 (275b 17x4)
Rangana Herath 42-16-59-3
Angelo Mathews 10-3-16-0

The England batsmen are going to take a drink with two overs to go in the match, how dramatic is this!

Herath to Anderson, no run

Anderson back waiting for the turn and knocks it down in front of short leg, very well played

Herath to Anderson, no run

over the wicket, Anderson forward a long way outside off, it turns into the pad, huge cry for lbw but definitely not out, he was outside the line

Herath to Anderson, no run

outside off, Anderson back and forces to point, no run taken

Herath to Anderson, no run

leg stump line, Anderson forward and playing up the wicket

Herath to Anderson, no run

slid across Anderson who fends for it and is beaten, close, a cry from the keeper

Herath to Anderson, no run

around the wicket, Anderson right back on his stumps, good job for him that didn't keep low

end of over 114Maiden
ENG: 248/9CRR: 2.17 
Moeen Ali108 (275b 17x4)
James Anderson0 (44b)
Angelo Mathews 10-3-16-0
Rangana Herath 41-15-59-3

Only 18 balls left in the Test...

Angelo Mathews to Moeen Ali, no run

good length just outside off, Moeen forward but is a little late on this, bounces it almost over the stumps, wasn't that close though

Angelo Mathews to Moeen Ali, no run

just full of a good length, Moeen confidently forward blocking into the covers

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