1st ODI (D/N), Nottingham, Jun 21 2016, Sri Lanka tour of England and Ireland
(50 ov, target 287)286/8
Match tied
player of the match
end of over 5013 runs
ENG: 286/8CRR: 5.72 
Liam Plunkett22 (11)
Chris Woakes95 (92)
Nuwan Pradeep10-0-64-2
Suranga Lakmal10-0-65-2

10.10pm Right, that's been quite a start to the series. George Dobell's match report will be here when he has caught his breath, and here are some pics of a memorable night. . From myself, Andrew Miller, and Alan Gardner, good night and tune in on Friday for the second ODI at Edgbaston.

10.02pm Here are the captains. First, Mathews: "We had the game in the bag for most of the overs, but unfortunately the yorker fell just off-line. It happens, unfortunately for bowlers. All the bowlers bowled really well, we should have got at least 300 on that wicket. We bowled pretty well but were pretty poor in the field."

His hamstring, he attempts, is "pretty stiff". Let's hope he recovers before Edgbaston.

Morgan: "To come out with a tie is pleasing because a performance like that can mask what a poor day we've had. Buttler, Woakes and Liam Plunkett got us out of a hole at the end. Jos called on his experience and Chris played out of his skin."

Chris Woakes is the Man of the Match for two wickets and a vital 95. "It's great to tie after being in a tricky position. We were calm in that partnership, ticking over nicely. But when you are in that position you don't think too much. When you need ten off two you have to clear the ropes, and for Plunksy to hit that ball like that was exceptional. I was struggling to find the fence."

10pm The key to that grand finale, of course, was England's scrambled three off the penultimate ball ... Sri Lanka thought they'd won it there and then. Kapil: "I would rate that to foolishness of Mahroof. There was no 3 there and maximum 2 should have been the result. And he if all remember bowled poorly on that last over and couldn't hit even a 2 off the last ball. "

Kalyan: "Players to tie an ODI with a 6 off the last ball: A Mujtaba v AUS, Hobart, 1992 M Rippon v IRE, Amstelveen, 2013 L PLUNKETT today " That is too definitive a list to ignore ... our stats bods will doubtless dig out a full link in due course.

simon: "Finally England might take to take Liam Plunkett seriously - I am a massive fan, even if he is a damned Northerner. He has been undervalued by the powers-that be"

9.55pm Cricket, bloody hell ...! What a sensational contest.

And here is Plunkett: "Nice to get that one out ... Woakesy put us in a great position and we bat all the way down. We scrambled that three, then hoped he'd just miss it a bit. It's good for the team to know we bat all the way down ..." And some... he was meant to be England's No.11!

No Super Over by the way, none of those gimmicks in 50-over cricket!

Pradeep to Plunkett, SIX runs

wow! Plunkett clears the front dog, leans back for glory, and blatters the ball high over long-off! Pradeep's yorker was a millimetre shy of perfection, and that was all the excuse the big man needed!

Gosh. Lots of conflabs among the brains trust. Tell them to go away, Nuwan!

Pradeep to Woakes, 3 runs

stunning bowling, right up in the blockhole, but England somehow scamper back for three to fine leg, even as Sri Lanka were celebrating! A bit soon for that because ... six to tie, and Plunkett's big levers on strike!

Pradeep to Woakes, no run

attempted yorker, inswinging, and Pradeep pounces in his followthrough. Woakes had given up on getting back to his crease but the shy goes inches wide ... dot ball ..

Pradeep to Plunkett, 1 run

another yorker, inswinging into the pads, and bundled out into the off-side off inside-edge and pad. England get the run, but they need boundaries now ...

11 off 4 ...

Pradeep to Woakes, 1 run

yorker, that's superb. Woakes has no choice but to lay bat on ball and save his stumps from being splattered

Pradeep to Woakes, 2 runs

slower ball, battered on the up to long-off and Plunkett gallops like a rogue mule to get back for the second run ... 12 from five...

end of over 4916 runs
ENG: 273/8CRR: 5.57 RRR: 14.00 • Need 14 runs from 6b
Chris Woakes89 (88)
Liam Plunkett15 (9)
Suranga Lakmal10-0-65-2
Farveez Maharoof10-0-59-1

So, 14 to win... England had 19 to defend in their last white-ball outing. Now then, how did that one pan out?

Lakmal to Woakes, 1 run

full toss, walloped out to midwicket, and though Woakes keeps the strike he's livid he didn't put that out of the ground ...

Lakmal to Woakes, FOUR runs

scooped again, over the keeper and short fine leg, and a teasing chase for Maharoof, who oddly chooses to dive with his feet, when a face-first dive might just have hauled it in at fine leg! This is turning into a massive over ... one ball here could make the difference now

Lakmal to Plunkett, 1 run

another shimmy down the leg-side, and Lakmal follows him once again, gets it in the blockhole this time, and worked to mid-on

david: "Anyone else hasn't had dinner yet? - Talk about starving for England!" Dinner? I haven't had lunch yet!

Lakmal to Woakes, 1 run

wide of off stump, guided out to deep point with a flat bat. One more ...

Lakmal to Plunkett, 2 wide

speared down the leg side, as Plunkett made room and the bowler followed him. And England steal the bye too ... this is getting tight once again ...

Lakmal to Plunkett, FOUR runs

scooped for four! Vital runs, Plunkett made his intentions plain before the ball had arrived, but nailed it all the same

Lakmal to Woakes, 3 runs

low full toss, and spanked through the covers, a stunning dive cuts off the boundary, and Danushka flaps like a beached haddock to get his body back over the rope without touching the ball. Excellent work!