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England vs Australia, 1st Test at Birmingham, The Ashes, Jun 16 2023 - Match Result

1st Test, Birmingham, June 16 - 20, 2023, The Ashes
393/8d & 273
(T:281) 386 & 282/8

Australia won by 2 wickets

Player Of The Match
141 & 65
Match centre 
Scores: M Venkat Raghav | Comms: Alan Gardner
Scorecard summary
England 393/8(78 overs)
118* (152)
4/149 (29)
Australia 386/10(116.1 overs)
141 (321)
3/55 (22.1)
66 (99)
3/68 (23)
England 273/10(66.2 overs)
46 (52)
4/80 (24)
46 (55)
4/63 (18.2)
Australia 282/8(92.3 overs)
65 (197)
3/64 (21)
44* (73)
2/43 (18.3)

7.50pm: Cor blimey. That is that, then. At least for now. An epic, two-wicket win on the final evening is quite some way to start an Ashes series. Matt Roller's report will help you make sense of it all, and then it's probably time to pause and take a breath. There's four more Tests to come, four more contests between fire and ice, four more chances for Australia to take down Bazball. For those England fans looking for echoes of 2005, well, remember they came hard at Australia then, and still lost the first Test. This time, the teams will move on to Lord's, for round two of the Bashes... but don't worry, if you need some more sweet, sweet Test match action before then, there's another game starting a Trent Bridge on Thursday, as the women's Ashes get under way. The summer is here, the amps are up to 11 and we've already got cricket pie all over our faces! Thanks for chipping in, from myself and Ekanth, Karthik and Alex, Venkat and the rest of the scorers, it's cheerio for now. Eesh, I need a lie down... Bye!

7.35pm: Cummins has wiped the sweat from his eyes and is heading back down for the presentations. Player of the Match is first up, and it goes to Usman Khawaja for his mighty knocks of 141 and 65: "Not going to lie, I was absolutely s***ing myself for the last five minutes there. It's so heart-wrenching. An unbelievable game. I watched 2005, stayed up late. We had Stokesy play an unbelievable innings [at Headingley] last Ashes, but this is definitely one of my favourite Test matches. I was watching it in the changing room on a delay, I had to stay there. [Personal contribution] It's right up there, an Ashes, I've had some hard times here. The ebb and flow, no one had the game until the end. One of my favourite Tests. Tough work [on previous] tours but nice to get off to a good start on this one. Four more Ashes Tests left."

England captain Ben Stokes: "Very proud to take it to the end of day five like that, to have all the emotions, it was so up and down. It's another game we'll never forget we've been a part of. That's what we want to do, be part of great moments, and get people on the edge of their seats. Hopefully we've managed to attract the attention of some more people to watch the Ashes for the next four games. [Tough because you made running?] A loss is a loss. We've said how we were going to operate. Losing hurts and winning is a great feeling. We're going to keep making moves if we feel the time is right and if we end up on the wrong side of results like this, there won't be much to complain about. [Declaration] That was an opportunity to pounce on Australia, no batsman likes to go out for 20 mins at the end of the day, and I sensed an opportunity to take two wickets. [Moeen injury] Would have been great to have Moeen, but I think Rooty did a fantastic job. I told Mo to tell me if his finger was sore. For him to put himself through the pain barrier, I've got no complaints. [Root] Incredible, for your senior batter to play the way he did yesterday. The game was in the balance and the bravery to go out and play as he did was unbelievable. The effort and energy from Robbo and Broady at the end was incredible. Broad is up there absolutely cooked. He's put his body on the line, long may it continue."

And here's Australia's Pat Cummins: [Australia support] "Huge all week, been outnumbered but stuck in there. Been great. [Chances at when walked out to bat?] Pretty good, the wicket didn't have too many demons in it. I thought it was well within our grasp. {Lyon four off Broad] I looked at him, he walked past and said 'nice shot Garry!' Think he was happy. [Australia approach] Both team spoke about their styles and that's the beauty of the series. We'll both play to our strengths. Don't know which is better but makes for good entertainment. [Khawaja] Incredible composure, played his own method didn't get caught up. Been class the last couple of years, to have someone like that in the middle for others to play around. Really happy for him. He had a good feel for the wicket, everyone else tried to play their little role. [Lyon] He's huge, both innings. He's played 120 Tests, he takes key wickets, he's a superstar. He's calm, he goes about his work. [Make up for Headingley 2019?] Don't know what you're talking about, mate!"

7.25pm: Straya get up! And just like the last time they chased more than 250 in the fourth innings to win a Test, it is Pat Cummins who hits the winning runs. The Australia dressing room erupts, this has been one of their great wins in England (and their second successive victory at Edgbaston, too), an unbroken 55-run stand for the ninth wicket taking them over the line. Ben Stokes' ballers set the pace, but have finished second - some will doubtless revisit the declaration, but without it we may not even have had a game, given the time lost to rain. For the first time in 14 Tests and 27 innings under Stokes, England have failed to bowl the opposition out - and they will doubtless give the credit to Australia. Briefly, anyway, because there's still a series to win and another Test at Lord's in eight days' time

"282 - the target needed in 2005!" Two for one, Nimit?

"I think Robinson's 'three no-11s' comment really stung Boland and Lyon that they didn't even have to bring out Hazlewood!" chirps Srinath. "What a game of cricket, nevertheless!"

Khush: "It's 4:30am in the morning in Sydney. The ghosts of Edgbaston and Headingley put to rest. I can finally sleep happy. Hope this shuts up all the Cummins critics"

"Time to go buy a lottery ticket. I predicted in over 73 that Cummins and Lyon would win the match for Australia but it wasn't published. Never mind, I'll take the win instead." Sorry, George. I hope you get lucky

Robinson to Cummins, FOUR runs

short of a length, steered down to deep third, they'll get at least one - but a misfield gives them four! Australia can celebrate, they have pulled off a famous win by two wickets amid the dying embers at Edgbaston! Cummins the the captain, Cummins the hero. He throws away his bat and punches the air. They've laid the ghosts of 2005, and go 1-0 up in the series after the most taut of run chases

Robinson to Cummins, no run

short outside off, 81mph/130kph and dropped into the covers. No run there

Robinson to Cummins, no run

banged into the pitch, Cummins rides it, dropped behind short leg and Pope pounces at full stretch to grab it on the bounce and prevent a run

Robinson continues. Short leg and five men back

end of over 922 runs
AUS: 278/8CRR: 3.02 
Pat Cummins40 (70b 3x4 2x6)
Nathan Lyon16 (28b 2x4)
Stuart Broad 21-3-64-3
Ollie Robinson 18-7-39-2

Australia are getting 'em any which way. Three more needed

Broad to Cummins, 1 run

short of a length on off, Cummins works it calmly wide of mid-on... gets the single, and keeps the strike

Broad to Cummins, no run

dug in short, 84mph/136kph on the stumps, Cummins jabs it back... fielded by the sprawling Broad in his follow through. Another dot ball

Broad to Cummins, no run

more bodyline bowling, Cummins keeps his batting gear out of the way. Hits the hip and drops safely

Broad to Cummins, no run

steams in and goes short again, Cummins raises his hands out of the way and takes it on the body

"I still believe England can win this," squeaks Bimal

Broad to Lyon, 1 run

banged in and swatted, squirts past short leg! Came off the splice but Pope was starting to cover up and couldn't get a hand near it. They scurry one as the ball bobbles to square leg

Broad to Lyon, no run

flings down the bouncer, Lyon follows it to the leg side, the ball plops off the gloves... in the air, but well short of Pope under the lid!

Broad, bandana tightened, turns at the top of his mark. Again the field is back for Lyon

end of over 91Maiden
AUS: 276/8CRR: 3.03 
Pat Cummins39 (66b 3x4 2x6)
Nathan Lyon15 (26b 2x4)
Ollie Robinson 18-7-39-2
Stuart Broad 20-3-62-3

"Final over? Well, a draw would be a sensational result!!!" Six more of those and we would have the unlikeliest of draws, Tautoru

Robinson to Cummins, no run

banged into the pitch, finishes with a bouncer outside the line of off and Patty C sways out of the way again. Maiden over. Not the final over tonight

Robinson to Cummins, no run

short and skipping down leg, 79mph/128kph. Cummins jumps across his stumps and leaves alone

Robinson to Cummins, no run

goes for the yorker, Cummins was backing away... digs the ball out to mid-on! The slightest misjudgement there and he loses middle stump

Robinson to Cummins, no run

another well-directed bumper, swirling through to Bairstow above the crouching Cummins

Robinson to Cummins, no run

snorting bumper, dug in on off stump, rising like steam from a kettle as Cummins gets up on his toes and then drops the hands at the last moment!

Robinson to Cummins, no run

steps away outside leg, Robinson drops it as short as he can. The ball climbs through past Cummins' armpit

Robinson to bowl what could well be the final over of this compelling Test

The momentum has swung around completely. Australia on the brink of a famous win, England in need of inspiration...

end of over 907 runs
AUS: 276/8CRR: 3.06 
Pat Cummins39 (60b 3x4 2x6)
Nathan Lyon15 (26b 2x4)
Stuart Broad 20-3-62-3
Ollie Robinson 17-6-39-2

Raff: "Between the heroic NZ comeback against England, their last-ball victory over Sri Lanka, and this, we have been treated to some stunning down-to-the-wire tests lately. All hail test cricket." And all hail NZ, I think

Broad to Cummins, 1 run

pitched up, full and straight, Cummins clips it off the pads. Australia's captain is all business. Five to win

Stokes, Broad and Robinson converge for a conflab

Broad to Lyon, 1 run

back of a length and flicked off the hip through midwicket

Australia's target in single figures...

Broad to Lyon, FOUR runs

tonked over mid-on! Lyon roars! Slogged nonchalantly off a length, a clean swing over the leg side and away

"Anyone for super over.. Lol." Thankfully, Asra, that is not on the cards tonight!

Broad to Cummins, 1 run

goes full now, targeting the stumps but Cummins is playing beautifully now and whips it away to deep square leg for another single

Again he signals to the Edgbaston masses at the top of his mark

Broad to Cummins, no run

speared down in the channel, drags Cummins forward, past the outside edge! No bat, though. Cummins smiles and nods in response

Broad gestures to the crowd again

Best performances - batters
Spike Graph
Wagon Zone
UT Khawaja
141 runs (321)
14 fours3 sixes
Productive shot
36 runs
8 fours0 six
JE Root
118 runs (152)
7 fours4 sixes
Productive shot
33 runs
2 fours0 six
Best performances - bowlers
NM Lyon
PJ Cummins
Match details
Edgbaston, Birmingham
TossEngland, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Series resultAustralia led the 5-match series 1-0
Match numberTest no. 2507
Match days16,17,18,19,20 June 2023 - day (5-day match)
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
PointsAustralia 12, England -2
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