13th Match (N), Leeds, Jul 31 2021, The Hundred Men's Competition
(97/100 balls)128/4
N S-Chargers won by 6 wickets (with 3 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
47* (30)

8.36pm So, Superchargers have their first win, to climb off the bottom of the table, and it's fair to say Headingley enjoyed that finish. A slow-burn contest, never really ignited to be honest, but it got dicey in the closing stages. From Miller, Venkat and the team, good night, and let's do this all again tomorrow, with another double-double!

Sampath has the stat to see us out: "Harry Brook's last 7 T20 innings at Leeds - 424 runs, 1 dismissal, 175.93 strike rate, 7 40+ scores, 3 PoTM awards"

Adil Rashid, with 3 for 13, set up the victory, and Harry Brook, their batter of the tournament so far, was there at the death with a brilliant 47 from 30 for the Hero award.

"Rashid bowled exceptionally well, and he deserved it," says Brook. "Not many runs on the board, so ticking it over with Lynny, taking the dangerman out of it. Nice to win in front of a home crowd. I want to be a matchwinner, I've played my game all year and it's nice to win games."

RobP: "How can someone as slight as Simpson whack the ball as far as that?" Did you never watch Mighty Mouse?

Tom Curran to Simpson, SIX runs

huge and straight! In the slot, and nailed back over the bowler's head! A rampant finish from the recent England keeper, into the second deck! What a way to wrap it up!

Tom Curran to Simpson, FOUR runs

wide lines, sliced through third man! Slower ball, Simpson held his stroke, and found enough fat of the bat to get right back into this chase!

Craig: "Worst fielding of the competition from the Invincibles. Utter filth." Some thunderous faces on the bench, that's for sure

Tom Curran to Simpson, 1 wide

wide down the leg side... whoops

Curran to finish

after 95 balls6 runs
NS-M: 117/4Need 11 from 5 balls
John Simpson9 (8)
Harry Brook47 (30)
Reece Topley 0/25 (15)
Topley to Simpson, 2 runs

right up to the toes, brilliant running to create the second! That was pressed down the ground, a long chase in from the rope for long-on, and the reticence in the field is enough to persuade Simpson to chance the arm!

Topley to Simpson, no run

well bowled, followed the shimmy to the off-side, aimed into the tramlines on a full length, Simpson snicks an attempted deflection on the bounce to the keeper

Topley to Brook, 1 run

thrashed across the line, outside leg, flicks the pad, deflects through short third for the single

Topley to Brook, 2 runs

ramped over the keeper, and another terrible fumble from Narine! The ball bobbles out of his grasp, and that's a precious extra run

Topley to Simpson, 1 run

flogged off a toe-end, and short of Narine at short third man! He really didn't look keen to go for that...

Topley for his final five, or maybe ten?

after 90 balls9 runs
NS-M: 111/4Need 17 from 10 balls
Harry Brook44 (28)
John Simpson6 (5)
Tom Curran 1/24 (15)
Tom Curran to Brook, FOUR runs

there's the boundary! Curran with the full toss, Brook doesn't miss out! Crushed through the covers! He wanted the yorker, but he missed it by a yard!

A boundary would change things for Superchargers...

Tom Curran to Simpson, 1 run

retreats to leg to free the arms, a 73mph length ball, under-edged past leg stump, the keeper scampers to gather

Tom Curran to Brook, 1 run

fuller length, outside off, slammed hard but straight to deep cover for the single

Tom Curran to Brook, 2 runs

hacked up and over mid-off! A sprint back towards the rope, but it plugs behind the man... dicey!

Tom Curran to Simpson, 1 run

back of a length, and dropped at mid-off! That's an appalling miss! Straight into the midriff, and straight through Mahmood's hands! Curran lured the error, but Oval's fielding has been ragged!

Tom Curran, he knows how to finish it.

after 85 balls5 runs • 1 wicket
NS-M: 102/4Need 26 from 15 balls
John Simpson4 (3)
Harry Brook37 (25)
Saqib Mahmood 2/19 (20)
Mahmood to Simpson, 2 runs

frees the arms for a slap over the covers! Curran dives, half-stops, chases the fumble... runs are coming but the balls are running out too...

Mahmood to Simpson, 2 runs

Swings into the pull, into the gap at deep midwicket! Mahmood left that area open, to tempt the stroke, and he got the mishit... but it was safe... up comes the 100

Mahmood to Simpson, no run

right behind the line as Mahmood bashes out a hard length, tight to off stump. Simpson the left-hander pats it back to the bowler

Mahmood to Vilas, OUT

solid connection, but straight at square leg! Oh my... this is starting to unravel now! Pumped with an unfurling of the arms as Vilas climbs into his first ball, but Curran on the rope gobbles the chance, shushes the Western Stand, and now there's a finish!

Dane Vilas c Curran b Mahmood 0 (3m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Mahmood to Brook, 1 run

back of a length, pulled high on the back, dribbles out to deep midwicket