2nd Match, Birmingham, Jul 23 2021, The Hundred Women's Competition
(96/100 balls, target 129)132/7
Spirit won by 3 wickets (with 4 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
47 (41)

5.55pm: On we go then, no time to dwell. There's always another 100 balls on the horizon! They'll be tossing up in the men's game very shortly, so head over to keep Andrew Miller company and fingers crossed for another decent contest. Cheerio!

5.50pm: Well, it was tighter than it looked like being, but eventually won with four balls to spare after Dani Gibson boshed a couple of no-nonsense boundaries. Phoenix's total always looked a little light and although they kept taking wickets, Spirit stayed level to sneak home in the final set. A second competitive finish between the women, but the home side couldn't turn the support to their advantage here.

Eve Jones is Hero of the Match: "Yeah, got off to a slow start but managed to catch up. Pleasing to get some runs but disappointed with the result. Two really good games to start the women's comp off. [Advice from captain] Said be positive and play my shots. We thought we wanted 140 when batting, so probably left 10 runs out there. [Crowd] Brilliant to play in front of this many people, really good to have some noise behind us."

Elwiss to Gibson, FOUR runs

length ball angling in, hauled away through backward square, and that means a three-wicket win for Spirit!

Georgia Elwiss to bowl the last set, one run needed. Gibson didn't need to get off strike after all!

after 95 balls6 runs • 1 wicket
LS-W: 128/7Need 1 from 5 balls
Danielle Gibson4 (1)
Amara Carr11 (9)
Kirstie Gordon 1/25 (20)
Gordon to Gibson, FOUR runs

reverse-swept away through backward point... and a misfield means it's going for four! Eve Jones was coming across and seemed to get there, but couldn't pull it in! Suddenly the tension for Spirit dissipates

Out comes Danielle Gordon, six balls left and she just wants to get off strike

Gordon to Dean, 1 run, OUT

tossed up and mishit into the leg side, they are going to push for a second... but Jones collects the throw and completes the run-out! Mack with the good work in the field and Dean was always struggling, left with her face in the dirt, the job still not quite done for Spirit!

Charlie Dean run out (Mack/†Jones) 3 (14m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 75

And now Phoenix are told they have to have an extra fielder inside the ring, because they've missed the cut-off. So six inside and three allowed outside

Gordon to Dean, no run

accurate stuff, drifting in with the arm and Dean can't do anything with it

Gordon to Carr, 1 run

tip and run into the covers, they pinch the one!

Gordon to Carr, no run

clipped to the bowler, run-out chance with Dean backing up! Gordon stretched for the stumps but the batter was just back. But it's another dot

Last ten balls from the Pavilion End, seven needed. Kirstie Gordon to bowl

after 90 balls9 runs
LS-W: 122/6Need 7 from 10 balls
Amara Carr10 (7)
Charlie Dean2 (2)
Issy Wong 1/31 (20)
Wong to Carr, 1 run

chopped into the off side, Carr was slow to get going as Jones fielded... but there's no one at the bowler's stumps to complete the run-out! Spirit pushing hard here and Phoenix are feeling the heat

Wong to Dean, 1 run

slower ball, wide of the stumps and Dean has to reach for it, does well to bottom edge a single to leg

Wong to Carr, 1 run

pitched up on the stumps, Carr tickles this down to long-on

Wong to Carr, 2 runs

shuffles across and dabs this for a couple behind point

Jones is keeping up to the stumps here

Wong to Carr, FOUR runs

scooped over the keeper! Beautifully done by Carr, moved early and set herself for the shot... brings the rate back down for Spirit

The cut-off for Phoenix to start bowling the final five, by the way, is 5.41pm. So five minutes to bowl ten balls... Issy Wong is back, Phoenix hunting poles

after 85 balls5 runs • 1 wicket
LS-W: 113/6Need 16 from 15 balls
Charlie Dean1 (1)
Amara Carr2 (3)
Erin Burns 2/15 (20)

"Have a feeling the Spirit might just choke their way out of the game," gasps Abhiram Madala

Burns to Dean, 1 run

slung down slightly round arm, turned leg side moving across, could be a run-out chance at the bowler's end... but Jones' throw misses! Dean was struggling there

Burns to Carr, 1 run

this time they aren't sharp enough, as Carr pokes one in front of mid-off

Burns to Carr, no run

tossed up and prodded into the covers, a valuable dot ball

Burns to Dean, 2 wide

sprayed down the leg side and Jones can't gather it cleanly either

Burns to Carr, 1 run

over the wicket, lobbed up and prodded through the covers for one

Out comes Amara Carr, still work to do for Spirit

Burns to Sharma, OUT

oh my word, she's slapped a full toss to deep midwicket! Sharma walks off shaking her head, and suddenly Phoenix look the likelier winners! Not a great ball, Deepti jumped out to attack it, almost connected too well as it flew hard and flat to Mack, who bagged it safely

Deepti Sharma c Mack b Burns 28 (39m 24b 3x4 0x6) SR: 116.66

Good time to switch ends, Sharma on strike to Erin Burns