18th Match, Birmingham, Aug 4 2021, The Hundred Women's Competition
(97/100 balls, target 130)133/2
Invincibles won by 8 wickets (with 3 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
3/23 & 2 catches

6.10pm And that will be all from our coverage of this game. I'll see you shortly alongside Peter Della Penna for the men's game starting in just under an hour.

Farrant: I've been training really hard and have some good bowlers around me. It's quite overwhelming the crowds we've had and the support we've had (in the Hundred). I'm just loving every second of it.

Tash Farrant is the Player of the Match.

6.03pm Dane van Niekerk gave them a quick start and she's seen them through at the end. Wonderfully crafted knock from the South African. The Oval Invincibles have opened up a two-point gap between themselves and Welsh Fire. Firmly in third place with six points now, although Fire have a game in hand.

Wong to Capsey, FOUR runs

whipped to the square leg boundary to seal the win. It's a full toss at the pads and the field is in, she clips it past square leg

Wong to D van Niekerk, 1 run

full and at the stumps, backs into the leg side and looks to drill it past the bowler for the winnings runs. Mid-off dives to the right to stop that

after 95 balls15 runs
OI-W: 128/2Need 2 from 5 balls
Dane van Niekerk66 (50)
Alice Capsey10 (10)
Phoebe Franklin 0/32 (15)

Only two needed now, those last three balls have made it straightforward for the Invincibles now. Wong will bowl the last five.

Franklin to D van Niekerk, 2 runs

full outside off, shuffles and stabs this expertly between deep midwicket and long-on to come back for the second

Franklin to D van Niekerk, SIX runs

clears midwicket! Short of a length and sitting up nicely at middle stump and she has nailed this aerial pull

Franklin to D van Niekerk, FOUR runs

bisects deep square and deep midwicket! Good length and into leg stump and she swings cleanly to find the gap

Franklin to Capsey, 1 run

length at middle stump, steps out and hauls this to long-on

Franklin to Capsey, 2 runs

full and into leg stump, backs into the leg side and drives aerially to long-off's left

after 90 balls7 runs
OI-W: 113/2Need 17 from 10 balls
Alice Capsey7 (8)
Dane van Niekerk54 (47)
Georgia Elwiss 0/13 (15)

17 needed off 10 and Franklin has the ball. Crucial five this...

Elwiss to Capsey, 1 run

short of a length at middle stump, has a slog again, on the bounce to deep square

Elwiss to Capsey, FOUR runs

bounces past deep midwicket! Full at middle stump, slogs this and it dips awkwardly for the fielder there. Mack puts in a dive but it's past her quickly off the turf

Elwiss to Capsey, no run

big lbw shout is reviewed by the bowling team. It was short of a length and off stump whereabouts. She backs into the off side to try and hoick this over short fine. Struck on the left leg with all stumps visible. It'll come down to whether it struck her in line...and the umpire's decision stands.

Elwiss to D van Niekerk, 1 leg bye

short of a length and following her down leg side, nudged into the leg side with soft hands

Elwiss to Capsey, 1 run

short of a length and following her down leg side. Looks to back away to open up the covers, this ends up at long-on off the thick inside edge

after 85 balls5 runs • 1 wicket
OI-W: 106/2Need 24 from 15 balls
Alice Capsey1 (4)
Dane van Niekerk54 (46)
Kirstie Gordon 2/20 (20)

Gordon ends her set with 10 consecutive balls, and she has given Phoenix a sniff.

Gordon to Capsey, no run

full at off stump, backs into the off side to try and whip that behind fine leg. Beaten

Gordon to D van Niekerk, 1 run

good length at middle stump, nudged into vacant midwicket off the back foot

Gordon to D van Niekerk, no run

full at middle stump, defended down the pitch

Gordon to Capsey, 1 run

full and at leg stump, looks for the reverse sweep and gets it past keeper off the gloves

Gordon to D van Niekerk, 1 run

short of a length outside off punched to long-off