Final, Lord's, Aug 21 2021, The Hundred Women's Competition
(98/100 balls, target 122)73
Invincibles won by 48 runs
Player Of The Match
26 (14) & 4/9
Player Of The Series
259 runs • 8 wkts

5.37 pm What an incredible past 27 hours for Oval Invincibles. A stunning fightback in the field yesterday defending a low total at The Oval and another near flawless show with the ball and in the field again today at Lord's. Kapp claims seven wickets across both matches and produces a bucket full of runs in each match too. Incredible all-round show in the knockout stages from the South African has played a massive role in this title. Today's 4 for 9 becomes the best haul in the Women's Hundred, that too in the final.

Kapp and van Niekerk embrace with van Niekerk in tears of joy. Invincibles squad is now taking a lap of honour around Lord's along the boundary, hugging and high fiving family members who have come out today along with a record crowd for an English domestic women's final of nearly 20,000.

Here's Invincibles captain Dane van Niekerk: "I don't have words at the moment. If you told me that would happen at the end of the day I would have taken it. First congrats to Southern Brave, they set the standard all tournament. It's a childhood dream to play a final at Lord's, to play any game at Lord's, but to play a final and win it is what dreams are made of. [Kapp] is a big match player. I told her last night that she always steps up on the big stage. She's really tired but she pushed through and I'm really proud of her. I thought we were a bit short especially with Southern Brave's batting but we backed our strength all tournament which has been our bowling."

van Niekerk gets off the interview stage now and goes up to the trophy platform where she encourages her teammates to lift up a gigantic gold-plated H.... The players sprint off with it into the crowd for celebration photos.

Match Hero for today, no surprises for guessing Marizanne Kapp: "First of all I'd just like to thank Jesus Christ because if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be standing here. I was tired but Shabby kept me going and the pitch suited my bowling. I said yesterday that I believed whoever won yesterday would win today and luckily it was us. I think it just shows what a brilliant team we have. I would love to bowl here again. The ball moved quite a bit and if I stuck to my strengths I'd get a few wickets today."

The Women's Hundred MVP is Dane van Niekerk: "If you have a group of incredible players, it makes my life easier. I don't have to look after them at all and I can concentrate on my game. I think the MVP should go to each and every one of them. A lot of players put in a lot of hard yards to perform for their team and their families. You need to back that and trust that what you've done is enough. I think I batted really slowly and put the team on the back foot today but the quality of our bowling has taken us through all tournament."

That's it from the Women's Final. Congrats again to Oval Invincibles! Flip over to the match feed for the men's final to see who comes out on top between Southern Brave and Birmingham Phoenix.

Kapp to Bell, OUT

an emphatic exclamation point to Kapp the Invincibles title! Full and straight on leg stump, Bell backs away, flails and misses, the zing bails light up, lights out on Brave's chase! Oval Invincibles are the inaugural Women's Hundred champions!

Lauren Bell b Kapp 4 (7m 7b 1x4 0x6) SR: 57.14
Kapp to Bell, no run

bouncer follows Bell backing away at 71 mph, pings Bell on the shoulder. Kapp is not gonna let this last set end tamely!

Kapp to Bell, FOUR runs

full on off at 71 mph, cosmetic boundary added to the total driven beautifully through the gap between extra cover and mid-off.

Kapp comes back to put a cap on this Lord's final. 26 off 14 runs before 3 wickets in the Powerplay to suck the life out of Brave's chase.

after 95 balls5 runs
SB-W: 69/9Need 53 from 5 balls
Lauren Bell0 (4)
Carla Rudd7 (6)
Tash Farrant 0/12 (20)
Farrant to Bell, no run

wide yorker on fifth stump, plays over the top of it.

Farrant to Bell, no run

yorker on leg stump, dug out to cover.

Farrant to Rudd, 1 run

short on off, slaps a pull flat over midwicket for a long single.

Farrant to Rudd, 2 runs

knee high full toss on off, a tailender swipe results in a top edge swirling into a big empty green space over midwicket for two.

Farrant to Rudd, 2 runs

full on middle, shovels this flat to long-on for one.

Farrant looking to take the final wicket with this set. Comes around the stumps.

after 90 balls2 runs • 1 wicket
SB-W: 64/9Need 58 from 10 balls
Lauren Bell0 (2)
Carla Rudd2 (3)
Dane van Niekerk 1/16 (20)
D van Niekerk to Bell, no run

full on off, punched to extra cover.

D van Niekerk to Bell, no run

good length ball on fourth stump, punched to cover.

D van Niekerk to Rudd, 1 run

uses her feet to a low full toss driven to long-on.

D van Niekerk to Rudd, no run

goes to reverse a good length ball on fifth stump, misses.

D van Niekerk to Rudd, 1 run, OUT

uses her feet to punch down the ground very straight and they try to come back and scamper a tight two, just barely beating the relay to van Niekerk.... or not! The third umpire decides that Morris' bat was in the air at the moment van Niekerk dislodged the bails. She was well across the line but her bat popped up just before the line, was never grounded over the line before she got it back down again.

Fi Morris run out (Gibbs/van Niekerk) 23 (36m 26b 4x4 0x6) SR: 88.46
after 85 balls6 runs • 1 wicket
SB-W: 62/8Need 60 from 15 balls
Fi Morris23 (26)
Alice Capsey 2/21 (20)
Capsey to Norris, OUT

one reverse sweep attempt too many. Capsey gets this very full, too full for the shot, she plays over the top of the ball as it cannons into off stump.

Tara Norris b Capsey 11 (21m 14b 1x4 0x6) SR: 78.57
Capsey to Morris, 1 run

full on fifth stump, skips down the track and drives to long-on.

Capsey to Morris, FOUR runs

full outside off, skips down the track and drives firmly through extra cover to the rope.

Capsey to Norris, 1 run

full on the legs again, this time stays upright to flick through midwicket.

Capsey to Norris, no run

full on leg stump, goes to reverse sweep this and connects but picks out backward point.