3rd Match (N), Melbourne, Feb 10 2018, Trans-Tasman Twenty20 Tri-Series
(14.3/20 ov)138/3
Australia won by 7 wickets (with 33 balls remaining)
player of the match

Australia win by seven wickets and are in the tri-series final. That's a thrashing for England. So it's a race between them and New Zealand to join the Aussies at Eden Park. Australis superb from start to finish today, never let England get away in the field and closed out the chase in style. They put the pitch in perspective, not half as tricky as England made it look. There's some pondered for Eoin Morgan (injured today) and Trevor Bayliss to do about the T20 side. The tournament now moves across the Tasman, with New Zealand facing England in Wellington on Tuesday. Kane Richardson has been named Man of the Match.

Jos Buttler "Another poor performance, we didn't quite soak up the pressure. It never felt like we had enough, the power of Australia proved too much. We haven't performed to our abilities yet which is disappointing but we'll look forward to New Zealand."

Kane Richardson "When you've got Ashton and Marcus bowling well it takes the pressure off. Everyone seems to know their roles."

David Warner "The players have been in tremendous form and there are playing fearlessly. The wicket had a little bit in it, the way we executed was outstanding and the way the batsmen finished it off. Credit to the bowlers, they set their own fields. I love going over to New Zealand and we are looking forward to the challenge.

And that wraps things up for today. We'll be back when the series resumes in Wellington on Tuesday but for now you can head over and join the action from Johannesburg. For now, from Alan and Gnasher it's goodbye and see you next week.

Willey to Finch, SIX runs

back to back sixes to win it! Width outside off, carved high over third man...Finch finishes it on his home ground

Willey to Finch, SIX runs

that's a monster down the ground...gets right underneath a full delivery and swings it into the first tier. That would do well on the golf course

Willey to Short, 1 run

over the wicket, worked off the pads to short fine leg

end of over 149 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 125/3CRR: 8.92 RRR: 2.17 • Need 13 runs from 36b
Aaron Finch8 (3)
D'Arcy Short35 (32)
Chris Jordan3-0-26-2
Adil Rashid4-0-34-0
Jordan to Finch, FOUR runs

full outside off, heaved through the leg side wide of mid-on...nowhere nearly cleanly timed, but's a solid thick inside edge which runs away

Jordan to Finch, FOUR runs

short again, down the leg side, this time Finch catches it up with it and sends it very fine...actually glove rather than bat

Jordan to Finch, no run

short of a length, angled into the pads, goes for a pull but it takes the thigh pad

Jordan to Short, 1 run

a shorter delivery, 107kph, rolls his wrists and pulls to deep square leg

Jordan to Short, no run

full outside leg stump, deflects off the pad to Buttler

First time Maxwell is out in this series...and here's Finch at No. 5. Stephen Kissoon: "England were 50 runs shorts in both games so far."

Jordan to Maxwell, OUT

and he gets Maxwell...short of a length, a slower delivery, goes for a big mow over the leg side, like Lynn gets a big top edge and it's a simple catch

Glenn Maxwell c †Buttler b Jordan 39 (33m 26b 3x4 2x6) SR: 150

Jordan returns

end of over 135 runs
AUS: 116/2CRR: 8.92 RRR: 3.14 • Need 22 runs from 42b
Glenn Maxwell39 (25)
D'Arcy Short34 (30)
Adil Rashid4-0-34-0
Tom Curran2-0-23-0
Rashid to Maxwell, 1 run

full toss, fired in quickly, says 118kph! Whipped to long-on

Rashid to Maxwell, 1 wide

pushed down the leg side, neat take but that's a wide

Rashid to Short, 1 run

worked off the stumps to deep square leg

Rashid to Short, no run

appeal for a catch down the leg side and Buttler calls for the review...looks like it's clipped pad on the first replay. Hot Spot confirms that

Rashid to Short, no run

angled into backward point

Sam: "@Dan: Reminds me of StickSports World Cup web game"

Rashid to Maxwell, 1 run

full and straight, swung down to long-on

Rashid to Short, 1 run

square driven to deep point