Final, Ahmedabad, Mar 2 2010, Vijay Hazare Trophy
(50 ov, target 380)350/8
Tamil Nadu won by 29 runs
end of over 508 runs
BENG: 350/8CRR: 7.00 
Ashok Dinda28 (19)
Soumya Pakre2 (3)
Lakshmipathy Balaji10-0-57-0

Tamil Nadu win by 29 runs and lift the Vijay Hazare Trophy for the fourth time, a wonderful win, the Tamil Nadu players are all happy, hugs and handshakes. Bengal players come out to shake hands with the Tamil Nadu players. A good effort from Bengal to get to 350 but it was not enough. Good knocks from Goswami, Ganguly and Majumdar. Ganapathy and Yo Mahesh picking up three wickets each for Tamil Nadu.

Karthi: "The starting state of bay of bengal and the ending state are now shaking hands in the middle state of arabian sea...."

Sarathy: "Well done TN guys....And to Wish u all in our local language..."Machan Kalakitingada"...Summa Adhirudhullaaaaaaa..."

Sriram: "That makes it 16 matches undefeated in ODD. Awesome feat. Since 08-09 TN has been very consistent in all forms. Congratulations to DK and his guys. Hope you win the T20 as well."

Karthik: "very happy to have won. This win means a lot to us, the batsmen have done well, the bowlers also bowled well. Bengal were in the game when Ganguly and Goswami were going well. Sathish is a great fielder and his catch of Ganguly was good and that turned the match in our favor. I would like to think Tamil Nadu can dominate the Ranji ODI's but we need to keep working." Karthik collects the winning trophy.

Shukla was not present at the presentation party, so we could not get any word from the Bengal camp.

Photo session for the Tamil Nadu players. Thanks for tuning in, it has been a wonderful Final, thank you all for all the emails, it has been a pleasure bringing you the ball by ball commentary. This is Binoy George signing off, thanks to Raju for all the help. See you all for the next domestic game.

Balaji to Dinda, no run

moves across his stump and looking to lap it around, misses it and through to Karthik, and Karthik is excited.

Balaji to Pakre, 1 run
Balaji to Dinda, 1 run
Balaji to Dinda, FOUR runs
Balaji to Pakre, 1 run
Balaji to Dinda, 1 run

driven down the ground to long off.

end of over 499 runs • 1 wicket
BENG: 342/8CRR: 6.97 RRR: 38.00 • Need 38 runs from 6b
Soumya Pakre0 (1)
Ashok Dinda22 (15)
Chandrasekar Ganapathy10-2-63-3
Ganapathy to Pakre, no run
Ganapathy to Dinda, 1 run
Ganapathy to Majumdar, OUT
Anustup Majumdar c Mukund b Ganapathy 66 (70m 44b 6x4 3x6) SR: 150
Ganapathy to Dinda, 1 run
Ganapathy to Dinda, SIX runs

makes room and swings it high and over the midwicket fence. The bowler actually followed him but he did well. The ball is being retrieved.

Ganapathy to Majumdar, 1 run