Cardiff, May 26 2019, Pakistan tour of England
Match abandoned without a ball bowled
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• Ankur Dhawan

Live Report - Bangladesh v Pakistan, warm-up

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Comms: Danyal Rasool

6:02 Right, so the inevitable is official now. The match has been called off, and that ends Pakistan's warm-up games before the World Cup. If they are to snap their losing streak, they'll have to try again against West Indies on Friday.

Bangladesh, meanwhile, still have India to play against in one last warm-up on Tuesday. Thank you so much for everyone who's joined us, everyone who's commented, everyone's who's waited ever-so-patiently, and at times not so patiently, with us. Each one of you is deeply appreciated. And from me, Danyal, and from Alagappan, that'll be all. See you very soon, I hope.

5:57pm Hearing that the match has been called off. We'll confirm that for you momentarily.

1:45 It appears, with better weather on the horizon, that the cut-off time has been pushed back to 4:15pm. Might allow for a heavily curtailed contest, but I suppose something is better than nothing, and all that.

Mustafa Moudi: "It has to be KENYA for me. They are only side in the History of World Cup to Qualify in one of the Semi-Finals (2003) and yet not featured in this Edition!!"

Doc A mandi bah: "Nepal will be missed along with sandeep"

Shabbir: "Any World Cup without Bermuda and Big Dwayne isn't a fun one."

1:40pm The reports suggest it's still drizzling in Cardiff, even though the sun peeks out from behind the clouds every so often. We appear no closer to play than we were at any point in the past few hours. Sorry, folks

Abdullah Khawaj: "Why don't people consider the fact that Amir is the most economical fast bowler in Pakistan at the moment? He can swing the new ball as well as bowl yorkers in the death overs. What more can you ask for from a fast bowler? " Better than an average of 92 over 2 years, would be my guess. But fair point about the economy rate.

Muzamil: "why would you miss Zimbabwe? their performances in the WC are mediocre at best. I'm going to miss Ireland they had upset bigger teams on bigger stages in the past. " I just really like Zimbabwe. Loved the team of the late 90s and early 00s, and the repeated rebuilds after all the nightmarish difficulties the team and the country have been through. The desperation of missing out on a spot after that haunting DLS loss to the UAE was almost too much to bear

Faisal Hasin: "I will miss Scotland. They were brilliant in last WC. " They did lose all their games, but this one for me was one of the contests of the tournament

Basu: "Thanks for the explanation, Danyal :)" Pleasure

Husnain : "Canada for me, because I am a Pakistani born Canadian." Canada seem to have fallen away over the years, haven't they? Real shame about the heartbreak they suffered this year.

"I will miss Ireland," says a wistful Arko. "cause they were looking really good in the World Cups some years ago."

Basu: "Why can't day matches be extended till midnight in the event of rain?" Presumably because the groundstaff, security, caterers, cleaners have to go home? Besides, so do any fans who are brave enough to attend, and public transport at midnight is hard to come by, I'd imagine

Which team that isn't competing at the World Cup will you folks miss most? It's Zimbabwe for me, but go on, give me your thoughts.

Mujahid Tanveer: "Update from @CardiffForecast. Drizzle stopping in 15 mins. Seems like we'll have a game today. Weather will clear up from now on." One thing I've learned from my friends in the UK, never trust the weather forecast. Here's one reason why

Hayyan Abdullah: "Shaheen and Muhammad Amir are not meant to be compared. It would be doing injustice since they have a team who have a great record for dropping catches and I remember both these bowlers to be at the receiving end when the team dropped their catches. Also Amir is much more experienced and his experience can be seen through his consistency while Shaheen never learns from bowling the wrong line and length. He needs to learn Yorkers with consistency." Seems to be a discussion you were having with Al at the wheel, and I don't think a resolution will be reached soon.

And that, unfortunately, is as good as it'll get while I'm on comms

Knock knock. Who's there? Al. Al-who? Al-low me to entertain you!

We've got more hot polls to dish out. This one on reserve days. Jump on the Live Report and vote, please! I'll just slide out into the background while Danyal steps up entertains all of you with his knock knock jokes

1.00 pm Aaah, sorry fellas, I'd forgotten to update that the teams had gone in for an early lunch at 12.30 pm. Should be all done and dusted, but the weather's still not playing ball. We need to get going by at least 3 pm otherwise the match will be called off.

Waqas khan : "I did a poll on Shaheen vs Amir on Twitter and 90% picked amir, why are we blind to statistics and objectivity? This is just so sad. What has he done with his 5 wickets at 95avg since 2017? WHAT??? " --- Shaheen was taken apart by Afghanistan's Zazai in grand style a few days ago though (Highlights are here, available only in UK/IRE/AUS/SE ASIA/HK ONLY)

Possibly the biggest news of the day: Former Sri Lanka captain Mahela Jayawardene lays the smack down on the SLC, explaining why he declined to be a part of their World Cup preparations not once, but twice. Read it. It's a very racy piece.

12.25 pm We hear the sun's made its gratuitous cameo in Cardiff.... even as a steady little drizzle continues. So why don't you channel your frustration into something good: like letting us know what you think of this poll on Babar Azam and Virat Kohli on our Live Report

Usman Nazir: "@ generally i donot like comparing players and especially when they are senior and junior .. still if we want to compare kholi nd babar we must compare them for first 4 years ... babar is way a head of kholi if u compare their first 3 4 years kholi from 2008 to 2011 WC nd babar 2015 to this world cup .. kholi developed as a legend in 2013 to 2015 through his sheer hard work ..if babar work that hard with passion believe me his era is coming in next 3 to 4 years .. he has all potential.. "

Mohammed : "I love Babar as much as the next green-blooded Pak fan, but comparing him to Kohli is totally premature. Kohli is a preternatural talent. To use a NBA analogy, Kohli is like Kevin Durant to Babar's Damian Lillard. Both great players that have achieved a lot, but one is clearly in the top three of his generation and the other is still trying to get to that plane of achievement. Still, here's hoping that Babar gets there isa. Like Lillard, he comes across as humble/grounded as he is talented."

Mustafa Moudi: "Happy Birthday to the Highest Run Scorer of the Inaugural World Cup - Glenn Turner. He is also the first player to score a Daddy Hundred in World Cup and still holds the record of facing most deliveries in an ODI (201) from that innings against East Africa !! "

Shaikat Saha: "I really feel for a Reserve day for every single match. D/L method is not a perfect one and called off the match like BDESH vs AUS in Champion Trophy helped BDESH to move in Semi which is not really fair. AUS was a far better side than BDESH." ---- Speaking of which, this is Duckworth and Lewis - yes, the actual Duckworth and Lewis - on why Australia should have gone through to the semi-final of the Champions Trophy 2017

Mahdi Ansar: "In the Champtions Trophy 2017, I agree BD were lucky to get any points out of their game against AUS. But did the AUS vs NZ game also not get rained off with team sharing points even though AUS were 3 down and in trouble early in their chase? Luck evens itself out over the course of time. The claim of the better team overall not having gone through is futile. By that argument, you might as well give the ODI ranked team the trophy - what's the point of staging a tournament even?!"

Rony Das: "@Saikat, But after the BD match Australia got a chance to beat England and go through to the Semi, but they lost it. And BD beat NZ. So, it was not totally weather's fault. "

Shuvayan20: "@Shaikat, similarly NZ lost points aganist Aus because of rain. BD beat NZ and that's why they are through."

AnamBMDF : "20 years back in England, BD upset Pak by 62 runs in CWC. Besides, BD fans become nostalgic of the ODI in Cardiff where BD upset Aus by 5 wickets in 2005. Scenarios have been improved in last 5 years when BD defeated all teams except Aus. That's why we're expecting more roars of Tigers in coming CWC, aren't you, Al?" ---- Uhhhhh. I think they'll need a proper power hitter (Sabbir,time to step up?) and a bankable death-overs expert (Mustafiz, still got that old genius left in you?) and if they work that out they'll cause soooo many problems because Tamim, Shakib and Mushfiqur represent a very strong top and middle order. They bailed Bangladesh out after being four down for little against New Zealand in a Champions Trophy chase

Kamran from Lah: "Super over is good for T-20, but for an odi decider icc shiuld think about a super spell. 5 bowlers bowling 1 over each"

Aashan: "Kamran Lah, that would mean a 10 Over Extra game in the end. Its a good idea but 45 minutes more of play, I don't know about that."

Richard Mutch: "I think in the event of a tie, the ICC should trial an extra 2 overs in the ODI (instead of 1 for T20's) And perhaps you could have 3 wickets for those 12 balls. At least if you lose 2 wickets in the first over for example, you still have a chance to make some sort of score. An extra 4 overs all up (20-25mins) would really add to the crowd and viewers excitement and give both teams a much more fairer chance at victory "

12.00 pm Cheers, D (for using me as a human shield against the mob!) Right seeing as the weather is making itself nice and comfortable, lets remind ourselves that the main tournament does not have reserve days. That luxury is only for the semi-finals and finals.

Here's the full extract from the ICC playing conditions

1 - The Semi-Finals and Final shall have a reserve day allocated on which an incomplete match shall be continued from the scheduled day. No other matches shall have a reserve day allocated.

2 - If the reserve day is allocated, every effort will be made to complete the match on the scheduled day with any necessary reduction in overs taking place and only if the minimum number of overs necessary to constitute a match cannot be bowled on the scheduled day will the match be completed on the reserve day.

3 - If the match has started on the scheduled day and overs are subsequently reduced following an interruption, but no further play is possible, the match will resume on the reserve day at the point where the last ball was played.

4 - If a Super Over is required and the weather prevents it from being played on the scheduled day, it will take place on the reserve day.

That Super Over bit is curious, isn't it? It was almost purpose-built for T20s but now it'll be breaking ties in the 50-over World Cup

Anyway, it's been fun keeping you lot (dare I say it) posted. Sorry I couldn't give you any better news than Al did, but for good measure, he's coming back for a second attempt. Take care!

Rizwan Kausar: "Why can't we have sliding roofs in cricket stadiums. We're living in 21st century. Aren't we?" I'm no sliding roof expert, but I believe that's incredibly expensive technology. Even tennis stadia take year to plan and have one, so can you imagine how much it'd cost cricket grounds? And even if they do come into vogue, I somehow suspect Cardiff won't be the first ground to get one.

Cricket fan: "This is my first comment. Please.... Please post it. I have Come back early to home from my office just to watch the game. It seems the rain is going to demolish my all effort. "

"I live in Cardiff," Nabil pipes up. "Though it's not raining heavy but sun wont be out till another 4 hours approx. Keeping my fingers crossed."

"Can anyone at the Cardiff tell that rain to instead come to my native city (in Pakistan)?", Mansab politely trills. "Because its 49°C here and we seriously need some showers to settle this angry sun down. By this way at least the match will start."

Aupi: "When will we start losing overs?" We already have, about 20 minutes ago.

So with New Zealand one of the unheralded teams making a quiet splash as ever, with their trouncing of India yesterday, why not dive into this outstanding interview of their fast bowling duo together? Isam and Andrew Fernando did some stellar work for this, and any excuse to give it more exposure.

zain: "I am getting weather update at cardiff from every single source I can and the situation doesn't seem to get any better. unfortunately no sign of sun for another 3 to 4 hours and so ." Well, if Zain's information is correct, it spells bad news for us.

Gurpreet Singh : "How can you not have any updates. You are one top cricket site. It's unacceptable you don't have any update. Don't you have any correspondent there?" Now that we may not have a cricket game there after all, doesn't our decision not to send a correspondent look remarkably prescient?

Can anyone following this blog in Cardiff actually give us an update about the weather? Welsh lurkers? Hello?

Aki: "Seems like Pakistan is intentionally keeping itself as a low profile team by losing all matches before the World Cup. It's just the matter of time before they unleash their passion and everyone will witness how they will conquer the world like 1992." Ahhh, yes, because every World Cup has a contractual obligation to be EXACTLY like 1992.

Abid: "So many of the Teams in this WC are so good, that rain could be a disaster and a team could not make it in the top 4 because of it." But the format minimises the chance of that happening. Every team plays nine games, so plenty of opportunity to take matters into your own hands and assure qualification

For all asking, and there are LOTS of you, we have no weather update as yet. As soon as we get one, I'll spill the beans right here first of all.

The latest the game can start is 15:02 BST, which means if we have no play for just under four more hours, that'll be a wrap. Lots of time to go, though, so no time for such negativity.

Mahebub Hasan: "Hey There, Is there anybody out there??? Need update of rain otherwise i have to listen Pink Floyd." Well, why don't you get going with this?

Muhammad Adeel : "Hello everyone ! "Finished all my work before 2 pm PST so that i can watch PAK VS BAN without any interruption. But the rainnnnn" Please give some good news asap i m heart broken. It's my first comment everr plz plz plz post it." Not like I have anything to do

Dhali Shamim: "Any update of the weather?" 'fraid not.

Haroon: "@SZ Congrats on the raptors making it through the finals. Toronto has something to cheer for." When I lived in Toronto for a year, the Raptors didn't have anything going for them.

S Z: "You didn't update about the weather :S There was a disclaimer that i don't want to sleep :) " Apologies. I only have Google to go off, since we don't have a man in Cardiff today. Seems to suggest it could be another three hours before any realistic prospect of play.

S Z: "Any update about weather? I woke up early to watch this match here in Toronto:S Don't want to sleep to miss a ball:S but now i am feeling sleepy" Please go to sleep. You've got the whole World Cup ahead of you

Wajid Jawaid: "Danyal turn the Sun Mode on and produce the toss" I know someone who used to say this the first time they installed solar panels at their home.

Well, hello, there! I'm taking over from Al, who, let's face it, had a bit of an easy shift? Who doesn't like that? Not that this one's expected to be any more strenuous, mind you.

Alrighty then. My watch is done. Here's Danyal Rasool to try and do (or not do) more rain dancing

Seeing as we're in cricket withdrawal because of the rain, perhaps its a good time to top up the addiction with this Osman Samiuddin article on Imam-ul-Haq. And if that isn't good enough clickbait for you, then pfffttt!

This, meanwhile, is Mashrafe Mortaza and his desire to make the world sit up and notice Bangladesh as an ODI power.

ReZe: "1983 India, 1987 Australia, 1992 Pakistan 2011 India, 2015 Australia, 2019..... Lol.. I just can't believe this"

Munib: "Rain, rain, go away Come again another day Pakistan wants to win this game Rain, rain go away" --- Why are full grown people still fascinated by nursery rhymes???

Shahid Nadeem: "What if Sarfaraz Ahmed is to open the bat with his much better rotating strike? He can eventually make as many hundreds as Greme Smith and Andrew Straus made while opening the bat. Why not?" ---- Yeah, why not. It'd only make their most in-form batsman - Imam-ul-Haq - bat out of position and their biggest hitter - Fakhar Zaman - look even more lost than he already does.

Zia: "For all my life, I have been the craziest fan of Pakistan cricket team, but for the current Pakistani team I don't feel the same way. This team is indifferent to me. This Pakistani team has lost some sincerest fans, I surmise. Is it only me or some others feel the same way?"

Ikram: "Don't know why Pak fans craving for win that much ? Don't you follow history ? A deep nose dive at the start of a big event is very essential for Pak to set things at fire at later stages. So, happy to lose"

Muhammad Mohsin: "@ikram. Are you forgetting the 2003, 2007 WC where Pakistan team was poor as well and got out of the tournament in miserable situation. Not again like that anymore."

Wassim Sazzad : "When the supporters are waiting to have a good show where Pakistan wants to end their losing streak and Bangladesh wants to continue the winning habit, here comes the rain. Eagerly waiting for a good match."

10.00 am The toss has been delayed because of water falling from sky

SAIF MAHE: "Shakib Al Hassan is like Kumar Sangakkara at no 3. "

"Very surprised but very happy to get the call to the World Cup," says Wahab Riaz. "There will be a lot of pressure on me because I have to prove a point and this is why they have selected me, I can bowl good overs in the back end and in the middle overs and I can get breakthroughs. We have played some good cricket in the last little bit although we've lot. There's a lot of positives we can get out of it. Obviously we've lost the game in crucial moments and we know we need to get better. Everyone will see a different Pakistan in the World Cup. Warm ups are a good opportunity for everyone, the bowlers can get their form back, the batsmen can get used to the conditions. Whatever role is given to me, I don't mind bowling with the new ball, so whatever the coach and captain ask of me, I can do it"

Sheheryar: "Can Azhar Ali take back his retirement? Considering the form he was in ,in the recently concluded odi cup for somerset"

Waseem Abbas: "Ahhh...! Pakistan need to win this game at any cost. if they loose it they are gona lose there confidence as well before worldcup.Sarfraz and team will have to think about it. Lest hope for best.#Go Greaan"

9.35 am Hello and welcome to ESPNcricinfo's coverage of the World Cup warm-up game between Pakistan and Bangladesh. Sarfaraz Ahmed has already gone on this ride and it didn't exactly turn out the way he'd have liked, but now he has a second chance. A string of losses are undermining his team's position at the moment, but he's been trying his best to keep the morale up

Syed Aamir Raza: "Looking forward to this start...This one is not so much of a warm-up game for Pakistan as they need to look for a win to shred off the losing streak...Considering they have not beaten Bangladesh since 2015 in an ODI (Last four matches have been won by Bangladesh as per ESPN stats)..This look like an up hill battle for Sarfaraz and Boys!!! "

Bangladesh, meanwhile, get their first taste of pseudo World Cup 2019 action. And their journey over to England hasn't been short of incident (mostly funny) First there was the kit mishap and then the photo faux pas. What's next?

Nayan Bose: "Now, the time for BD players to show them off their incredible skills and powerful cricket... Go tigers Go..... "

Mashrafe Mortaza (c)Bowler
Mahmudullah Allrounder
Mushfiqur Rahim Wicketkeeper batter
Shakib Al Hasan Allrounder
Tamim Iqbal Opening batter
Mohammad Mithun Top order batter
Rubel Hossain Bowler
Mustafizur Rahman Bowler
Sabbir Rahman Middle order batter
Abu Jayed Bowler
Soumya Sarkar Middle order batter
Liton Das Wicketkeeper batter
Mosaddek Hossain Middle order batter
Mehidy Hasan Miraz Allrounder
Mohammad Saifuddin Bowling allrounder
Match details
Sophia Gardens, Cardiff
Tossno toss
SeriesPakistan tour of England
Hours of play (local time)10.30 start, First Session 10.30-14.00 Interval 14.00-14.45, Second Session 14.45-18.15
Match days26 May 2019 - day (50-over match)
New Zealand Image
Chris Gaffaney
England Image
Richard Kettleborough
TV Umpire
Australia Image
Paul Wilson
Reserve Umpire
England Image
Richard Illingworth
Match Referee
Zimbabwe Image
Andy Pycroft