Australia vs West Indies, 2nd Test at Adelaide, AUS v WI, Dec 08 2022 - Ball by Ball Commentary

2nd Test (D/N), Adelaide, December 08 - 11, 2022, West Indies tour of Australia
511/7d & 199/6d
(T:497) 214 & 77

Australia won by 419 runs

Player Of The Match
175 & 38*
Player Of The Series
502 runs
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"5 wickets in the match for Neser, 3 for Boland. Neser should get the nod for the Gabba seeing as it's his home ground." Yes, Tom, and that's when we will be back for the Australian summer as it heats up. South Africa's bowling promises to sizzle and their middle order seems meatier than it was in England. But for now, a dull and sadly, not surprising, tour for West Indies concludes. Lots of content here coming through on ESPNcricinfo though. Follow and revel in the cricket with us. For now, it's goodbye from the team here: me, Ekanth, my co-commentator, Alex Malcolm, Vishal Dikshit, and our scorers, M Venkat Raghav and Thilak Rama.

Steven Smith, Australia Captain: A nice toss to win. Boys batted well first day. Big partnerships set us up, and the bowlers were splendid as we continue to be undefeated in pink-ball Tests. Everyone in the batting unit is stepping up well. (On Marnus) He is going alright, isn't he? He works incredibly hard in the nets. He's very adaptible to situations. No reason why he wouldn't continue. (On Boland) He is a second-innings specialist. He was spectacular last evening, bowled well first innings too. Neser was spectacular, Starc continues to do what he has done. (On players coming through) That's what you want, keep challenging and get better. Gets exciting. (On the quartet getting to 200 wickets) I think they celebrated. Great to have four bowlers play for so long, understand each other so well. Exciting times for us. (On South Africa) They present a good challenge, are a good side. Their fast-bowling stiocks are strong. (On being asked if he's okay with returning the captaincy) A very quick 'Yes'

Kraigg Brathwaite, West Indies Captain: Disappointing second game for sure. We showed some fight in the first. We lost a few guys to injury but did not play well. A good Test year but we have a lot to work on. As I said, we showed some fight and it proved we could spend time at the crease. We need to learn from their batters about leaving and how their bowlers bowled to their fields. Impressed but not surprised about Chanderpaul. I see him playing long at the top for sure. Support has been amazing. A lot of people came out at Perth, happy that people want to see West Indies do well. Sad to not do well in the second game but look forward to coming again in the future.

Marnus Labuschagne, POTS: It's nice to be going through a patch where I'm scoring and team is winning consistently. (On his 500+ run series) It's one of those things you look back at the end of your career to sink in. But right now, there's so much going on, you have to the next series to look forward. (On coming to Adelaide where conditions are different) It's nice to come back from success. You trust your game. I feel I don't have as much rhythm playing against the pink ball as it swings for longer. (On getting to 3000) It's similar to the one before, it hasn't sunk in. Nice to be living it. Hopefully will go well against South Africa. Home ground at the gabba. Will be fiery there.

Travis Head, POTM: I'll take 175 after missing out by one run last week. But it has been amazing. Look forward to 10-15 years and tell others what I did (laughs). (On the big partnership with Marnus) I let him do his thing and he let me do mine. I knew he would hold his ground there, so it was comfortable. (On his good recent form) Batting behind four good batters helps. Credit to them for being so good and consistent. The coaching staff and Cummins have been supportive which is nice

Mitchell Starc: Nice start to the summer, we get an extra day or two would be handy. But yeah, great individual and team performances. (On bowling without Cummins and Hazlewood) They made me do all the hard word again. But by reports, Pat will be on next week. We'll see how Josh is going. But Neser, Boland, and Morris have been brilliant and shown off the depth in our bowling. (On Boland's spell yesterday) It was the MCG all over again. The batters were giving him a hard time as he did not get wickets in the first innings but he was at his consistent best. (On Head and the batters) Welcomed him to the 99 club last week but he has been amazing. But the batters set up both games perfectly. Marnus with his big runs and Head too. Great start to the summer.

Murray: "Carey joins Haddin, Healy " Yes, his 6 catches equals the Australia's record for an innings, confirms Sampath

Carey's 9 catches in the match are only behind Gilchrist's 10 vs NZ in 2000

Stats from Sampath: West Indies' 77 is their lowest total in Australia and their second lowest vs Australia in Test cricket.

JOYDEEP GILL: "Fun fact west Indies couldn't past marnus and head first inning score of 338 "

3:59pm: No surprises on the morning of Day 4 as Australia complete the drubbing and keep their perfect pink-ball record at home in tact. How and when were the only questions today as what, in terms of result, was pretty much confirmed. Starc ensured that it all happened in style and cocooned in skill. He held onto a fullish line and angled it away from Thomas consistently. After a few leaves, Thomas saw some width, went after it and nicked off. Holder got a pearler, arguably the ball of the series, nipping back in from around off to castle him. Then Carey was the star, with some stunning takes, to reward Boland and Neser - who were brilliant with their on-a-hanky lengths - with wickets. Lyon chipped in too. It was a complete performance that led to a clinical victory.

Neser to Mindley, OUT

Another ripper from Carey to seal Australia's *gasps* 419-run win! Carey is thrilled, fielders are all smiles as they come in to hug him. It was a length ball just outside off. Mindley opened the face fully and got a thin outside edge. Carey leapt to his right and clung on with a dive.

Marquino Mindley c †Carey b Neser 0 (5b 0x4 0x6 7m) SR: 0
Neser to Phillip, 1 run

Overpitched outside off, pushed to the left of cover

Neser to Phillip, no run

Caught in two minds between playing and leaving. Length ball at 129 kph comes in outside off, takes the inside edge and goes into the ground, on its way to slip

Neser to Phillip, no run

Length around off, dead batted in front

Neser to Phillip, no run

Length outside off, blocked in front

end of over 40Wicket maiden
WI: 76/9CRR: 1.90 
Marquino Mindley0 (4b)
Anderson Phillip0 (0b)
Nathan Lyon 10-7-8-1
Michael Neser 10-3-21-2

Nis: "5 catches for carey in this innings and 8 in the match"

Lyon to Mindley, no run

Inside edges a full-faced defence off the length ball. Lands in front on the pitch

Lyon to Mindley, no run

Head at leg slip takes it but couldn't hold on! It was a length ball that Mindley looked to defend straight. Thick inside edge took it to the left of Head around knee-height. He took it but couldn't grip and it popped out. Couldn't get it on the rebound.

Lyon to Mindley, no run

Tries defending it, hits pad. Falls in front

Lyon to Mindley, no run

Fullish ball around the stumps, defended in front

Lyon to Alzarri Joseph, OUT

Knocked over to bring up Lyon's 450th Test wicket! Lyon tossed it up and landed it on a full length outside off. Joseph danced down and went for a mighty across-the-line horizontal batted heave over long-on but missed. Lyon turned around and pumped his fist. Australia just partying now.

Alzarri Joseph b Lyon 3 (4b 0x4 0x6 7m) SR: 75
Lyon to Alzarri Joseph, no run

Fullish ball, Joseph looks to defend. Hits pad maybe after an inside edge

end of over 397 runs • 2 wickets
WI: 76/8CRR: 1.94 
Alzarri Joseph3 (2b)
Michael Neser 10-3-21-2
Nathan Lyon 9-6-8-0
Neser to Da Silva, OUT

Another caught behind! Carey is on fire!. In-between length in the channel. Da Silva is pinned in the crease because of Carey being up as he tries to defend it towards cover. Got a nick, Carey took it and, like the bowler, was chuffed. Took it just over the pads. He was rising up from a squat position and made it look like a regulation catch

Joshua Da Silva c †Carey b Neser 15 (40b 3x4 0x6 65m) SR: 37.5
Neser to Da Silva, no run

Length around leg, tucked to midwicket

Neser to Da Silva, FOUR runs

Fullish ball on leg, clipped away

Keeper up again

Neser to Alzarri Joseph, 3 runs

Thick outside edge off a fullish ball outside off takes it in the gap behind square. Stopped in the outfield

Neser to Alzarri Joseph, no run

Length outside off, left alone

Keeper back

Neser to Chase, OUT

The keeper clings on to take a sharp-as-knives catch. Ball was on a length at the stumps. Chase looked to turn it and his back foot dragged out of the crease after the ball took a thinnish outside edge. The deflection did take it away. It hit Carey on the right shoulder and kind of slid as it descended up but not at a high pace. Carey was leaning on the left leg as he took it. He's absolutely thrilled and swarmed by team-mates, all in delight.

Roston Chase c †Carey b Neser 13 (29b 2x4 0x6 43m) SR: 44.82

Carey is up

end of over 38Maiden
WI: 69/6CRR: 1.81 
Joshua Da Silva11 (37b 2x4)
Roston Chase13 (28b 2x4)
Nathan Lyon 9-6-8-0
Michael Neser 9-3-14-0
Lyon to Da Silva, no run

Full outside off, pushed to the left of the bowler

Lyon to Da Silva, no run

Head takes a good catch at leg slip and celebrates but the umpire says not out. Australia won't review. Carey and the close-in fielders were confident but Lyon did not appeal. Was around length just down leg. Da Silva squared himself to tuck it across the line, withdrew the bat late and the ball, on replay, shows it just missed the nick. Went off the thigh

Lyon to Da Silva, no run

Length at the stumps, nurdled onto the leg side of the pitch


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