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South Africa vs West Indies, 2nd Test at Johannesburg, SA v WI, Mar 08 2023 - Ball by Ball Commentary

2nd Test, Johannesburg, March 08 - 11, 2023, West Indies tour of South Africa
320 & 321
(T:391) 251 & 106

South Africa won by 284 runs

Player Of The Match
28 & 172
Player Of The Series
276 runs
WI 2nd Innings
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2.20pm South Africa players lift the trophy, there are cheers all around. A comprehensive win in the end to complete a 2-0 series sweep. There's a three-game ODI series to come between these two teams starting on March 16, followed by three T20Is. But that's all the action from this game and the Test series. This is me, Abhimanyu, signing off on behalf of Deivarayan Muthu, Venkat Raghav and everyone else from ESPNcricinfo. Bye everyone!

2.05pm Time for the presentation ceremony.

Temba Bavuma, the winning skipper and player of the match: "Good to see that the people came out on Saturday to witness us taking the trophy. Very satisfied. I've come in when the team needs to rebuild, I am glad I was able to convert. Hopefully more of those to come, not us being 10 for 2, but me converting. Happy to contribute to our cause. I think from the time we made the decision about the composition of the team, coming here to the Wanderers, we were hoping the conditions would end up playing this way and fortunately we got it right. The guys played their role. Simon, Kesh they played really well. It's a big conversation, I think I've said my part and other people have waxed lyrical about it. We have built a team that gives the fans something to be proud of but unfortunately we will only be donning Test whites in December. We want to play as much Test cricket as possible."

Aiden Markram is the player of the tournament: "Yeah it's satisfying. We were all chasing a series win and as a collective, we were really good. I think it was a bit too much desperation. I had a chat with Neil McKenzie and he said he would still not be satisfied with a hundred. I had to go on and score more. That's what Temba's pushing for now. He wants guys to do well, he wants contributions to be match-winning contributions. That's what he did. If he made 100, the match would be on the balance but he made 172 to give us the advantage. That's what he is pushing for"

West Indies captain, Kraigg Brathwaite: "Looking back, bowlers got 40 wickets in the series. That's a good accomplishment. Batting wise, we weren't good enough. We didn't score enough runs, as simple as that. They are a very good attack. Away from home we haven't scored enough runs. I still think we are making some good steps. Looking at the first Test, we were in some good positions, but we crumbled. Bowling wise, I think at some crucial times we were still too expensive. We've got to be good enough batting wise. The next step would be against India at home. Away from home, we need to improve. Technically, yes we need to work on our flaws. But mind needs to be in the right place. It's all about the grind. Test cricket can be tough. When we are on the pitch, we need to do it. We have done it before. Against England at home and away. We've got to show that we are top batsmen and we haven't done that. [On his performances] Extremely disappointed, especially today. I was feeling quite good but dismissed early. As a leader I like to lead from the front, and it didn't happen this series. Next series, I've got to be better."

1.50pm That will be that! Handshakes all around as South Africa wrap up a 2-0 series sweep. They have made short work of West Indies today, skittling them for 106 after Bavuma's marathon innings yesterday set up a 391-run target for the visitors. Simon Harmer finishes with three wickets, so does Coetzee in this innings. Rabada and Maharaj share two each. Maharaj, of course, had to be stretchered off just before lunch. At lunch yesterday, West Indies had hopes of knocking South Africa over cheaply, but by lunch today, South Africa had all but won the game. Jason Holder and Joshua Da Silva came out counterattacking in the afternoon session, but Coetzee castled both of them. Alzarri Joseph hit a couple of sixes, but South Africa were largely untroubled today. Dominant display by South Africa's bowlers today on an atypically dry Wanderers pitch.

Lunch: "POM Bavuma and POS Markram?" If it were up to me, I would say yes! We will find out soon enough, though.

Harmer to Alzarri Joseph, OUT

That's job done for South Africa! Joseph skips out of the crease to attack a length delivery outside off and misses the ball completely and Klaasen completes a simple stumping. South Africa have won by 284 runs!

Alzarri Joseph st †Klaasen b Harmer 18 (13b 1x4 2x6 23m) SR: 138.46
end of over 35Wicket maiden
WI: 106/9CRR: 3.02 
Gudakesh Motie0 (1b)
Alzarri Joseph18 (12b 1x4 2x6)
Gerald Coetzee 8-1-37-3
Simon Harmer 17-8-45-2
Coetzee to Motie, no run

Fired down on a length outside leg from over the wicket, it slides down

Gudakesh Motie is West Indies' No. 11

Coetzee to Roach, OUT

Slashed to deep third! On a length and wide, Roach throws his bat at it but can only slice it to Keegan Petersen, who takes a simple, low catch

Kemar Roach c sub (KD Petersen) b Coetzee 2 (23b 0x4 0x6 34m) SR: 8.69
Coetzee to Roach, no run

Fired in full, but slides down leg

Coetzee to Roach, no run

Full on off, Roach defends

Coetzee to Roach, no run

Full, wide and Roach squeezes it out to point

Coetzee to Roach, no run

Back of a length delivery outside off that's leaving Roach. He chases it, but the ball flies past

Thanks Deiva, although all control right now seems to lie with South Africa! Here's Coetzee, over the wicket to Roach. Three slips and a short leg in place

end of over 3414 runs
WI: 106/8CRR: 3.11 
Alzarri Joseph18 (12b 1x4 2x6)
Kemar Roach2 (18b)
Simon Harmer 17-8-45-2
Gerald Coetzee 7-0-37-2

1.45pm Time for drinks. Time for Abhimanyu to take over the controls.

Harmer to Alzarri Joseph, no run

pushed through flatter and faster on off stump, defended back to Harmer

Harmer to Alzarri Joseph, SIX runs

Harmer slows it up and pushes it wider of off. Joseph gets hold of it and slogs it over midwicket for six more

Harmer to Alzarri Joseph, no run

shorter, faster, sliding into the top of off. Joseph goes on the back foot and blocks it back to Harmer

Harmer to Alzarri Joseph, SIX runs

Joseph clears Rabada at the deep midwicket boundary. Flighted outside off, down the track and mowed over the leg side

Harmer to Roach, 1 run

chipped in the air and through de Zorzi at short leg

Harmer to Alzarri Joseph, 1 run

Dropped by Rabada in the outfield. That should've been taken. Floated up outside off, Joseph drops down to one knee and slog-sweeps it in the air. Rabada runs across to his left from deep midwicket, gets into a side-on position and drops it

end of over 335 runs
WI: 92/8CRR: 2.78 
Alzarri Joseph5 (7b 1x4)
Kemar Roach1 (17b)
Gerald Coetzee 7-0-37-2
Simon Harmer 16-8-31-2
Coetzee to Alzarri Joseph, 1 run

145ks, kicks up from a short of a length and surprises Joseph. Spliced in the air over gully

Coetzee to Alzarri Joseph, no run

very full and angling down the leg side. Joseph can't get bat on ball

Coetzee to Alzarri Joseph, no run

another short ball angling in towards the throat. Joseph ducks under this too

Coetzee to Alzarri Joseph, no run

full and outside off, 151ks, Joseph drives it competently to midwicket on the front foot

StevO: "Must say Harmer has been pretty unlucky considering he only has two wickets. Must have beaten the bat or just missed the stumps close to 20 times."

Coetzee to Alzarri Joseph, no run

Joseph ducks underneath this bouncer on leg stump

Coetzee to Alzarri Joseph, FOUR runs

just short of a good length and holds its line outside off, 141ks. Joseph jumps on top of the bounce and punches it through the covers with a high elbow

end of over 32Maiden
WI: 87/8CRR: 2.71 
Kemar Roach1 (17b)
Alzarri Joseph0 (1b)
Simon Harmer 16-8-31-2
Gerald Coetzee 6-0-32-2
Harmer to Roach, no run

full and turning into off stump, played back to Harmer

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