3rd Test, Perth, Dec 16 - Dec 20 2009, West Indies tour of Australia
520/7d & 150
(94.3 ov, target 359)312 & 323
Australia won by 35 runs
player of the match
Chris Gayle
West Indies

So Australia take the series 2-0, after some sweating. They won Gabba easily, hung on to draw Adelaide, and clinched Perth by 35 runs after dominating most of the Test. Terrific effort from West Indies to get this close when few expected them to. It's been a thrilling chase.

Healy's asking Bollinger if he though Roach hit that. "Smashed it," says Bollinger, who admits they were a bit concerned with the review taking so long.

I've been flooded by emails saying that Roach should not have been given out because replays didn't show an edge. I don't think that's how it works. Bowden gave him out on the field and since replays did not prove that he didn't nick it, the on-field decision should stay. The irony is that, if Bowden had given him not out, and the Australians had asked for a review, Roach might well have been given not out after the review because replays didn't prove that he was out. It's complicated, this UDRS. I couldn't tell whether he nicked it or not. Hot Spot didn't show much, but it often doesn't pick up faint edges. This debate will rage on and on ...

They are showing Snicko now and there's a faint indication of an edge. Ever so faint, it could have been an edge, it could have been something else. I guess only Roach will really know.

Chris Gayle is the Player of the Match for an astonishing century in the first innings. How West Indies would have dearly loved a few more from him in the second. "Congrats to Ricky and his team, you guys played better cricket," says Gayle. He goes on to praise his team-mates "I'm really happy for the guys and the way they played but very disappointed as well ... I want to commend Adrian Barath on his first hundred .. Kemar Roach did really well as well." He rates his two hundreds in this series among his top five innings.

Gayle is also the Player of the Series.

"We've played in two very even Test matches," says Ponting. "I think the fans around Australia have seen some very good cricket in the last couple of weeks." Ponting says his injury is improving, he hopes to be fit for Boxing Day.

Here's Peter English's bulletin of this morning's play.

Thank you for all your emails. Do join us for our coverage of the Pakistan series, which begins on Boxing Day in Melbourne. I'm off to continue the UDRS debate with my colleagues. This is George Binoy signing off. Cheers.

On behalf of Lawrie Colliver, George Binoy and Gopi Rangarajan, this is Binoy George waving ta-ta and bye-bye, thanks for tuning in for the Test series.

Bollinger to Roach, OUT

high drama! Australia have appealed for a caught behind and Roach has been given, he wants a review, it's so marginal, can't really tell if he nicked it or not, replays aren't conclusive and in such cases I think the on-field decision should stay, Roach fended at the ball off the back foot as it angled across him ... the Australians were extremely confident ... Hot Spot shows nothing much ... the wait is long and tense ... and he's been given ... fair call too since there was no evidence either way

Kemar Roach c †Haddin b Bollinger 17 (41m 29b 3x4 0x6) SR: 58.62
Bollinger to Roach, FOUR runs

short, wide, slashed and four! Roach has room to free his arms and he carves the ball high over point, WI are 36 away! 36!! From leveling a series in Australia.

Mark from Chicago - If Tonge wins it, headline should be - As the bell tongs

Bollinger to Roach, no run

short of a length angling across the right hander, Roach moves back and plays the ball to gully

end of over 946 runs
WI: 319/9CRR: 3.39 
Gavin Tonge23 (22)
Kemar Roach13 (26)
Shane Watson14-5-30-2
Doug Bollinger20-3-67-2
Watson to Tonge, 2 runs

it's in the air, it's still in the air, mid-off's running back, will Hauritz get there? No he won't and the ball falls safely in the outfield. Tonge's playing with fire here, and so far he hasn't been burned

Watson to Tonge, no run

banged in short again, Tonge pulls but misses, the ball climbs high, forcing Haddin to leap and collect the ball above his head

Watson to Tonge, no run

full ball on off stump, Tonge plays a pleasing cover drive but gets nothing for it because it's straight to the fielder

Watson to Tonge, FOUR runs

edged and four! Watson bowls one fuller and Tonge has an almighty heave at it, the inside edge misses leg stump and races towards the fine-leg boundary

Watson to Tonge, no run

another short ball outside off, another swing and a miss, perhaps Tonge should look to hit on the off, rather than pull from outside off

Watson to Tonge, no run

short ball, Tonge pulls but misses, he's not going to wait around here, he's going after them

West Indies scored five off that over ...

end of over 935 runs
WI: 313/9CRR: 3.36 
Gavin Tonge17 (16)
Kemar Roach13 (26)
Doug Bollinger20-3-67-2
Shane Watson13-5-24-2
Bollinger to Tonge, 1 run

edged! And safe! Tonge tried to force the ball off the back foot through the off side but the edge flew just edge of Hussey at gully

Bollinger to Tonge, no run

Bollinger pitches one shorter and Tonge's not sure what to do with it, he begins to play a horizontal bat but then ends up defending

Bollinger to Tonge, 2 runs

Tonge stays in his crease and punches a good length ball down the ground, the timing isn't there but the placement is straight enough to get two more

Bollinger to Tonge, 2 runs

short of a length and wide outside off, Tonge flashes and flashes hard, the edge flies over gully and third man runs to his right to prevent four

Bollinger to Tonge, no run

good length and straight, Tonge stays in his crease and tries to defend but gets hit high on the thigh

Bollinger to Tonge, no run

short of a length angling across Tonge, he plays the ball uppishly but it falls short of Hussey at gully

Doug Bollinger from the other end ... he's had a terrific Test.