1st Test (D/N), Dubai, Oct 13 - 17 2016, West Indies tour of United Arab Emirates
579/3d & 123
(109 ov, target 346)357 & 289
Pakistan won by 56 runs
player of the match
Azhar Ali
end of over 1094 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 289/10CRR: 2.65 
Jason Holder40 (127)
Yasir Shah41-6-113-2
Mohammad Nawaz18-4-32-2

10.45pm Phew! Who would have thought this Test would boil down into the last hour after Pakistan had racked up 579 for 3 dec. on the back of Azhar's triple-ton? Excellent fightback from West Indies, led by Bishoo's eight-wicket haul and Bravo's stellar marathon. Bravo faced 507 balls in the Test, and became the first centurion in the fourth innings in day-night Test cricket, but it wasn't enough. His wicket in the final session was the turning point. Yasir flew to his left from his followthrough like a goalkeeper and hung onto a stunning catch. That gave Pakistan the opening and they barged to victory.


Azhar Ali, Man of the Match: Finishing on the winning side is most important. When we play in different conditions we will know what the pink ball does. I really enjoyed batting here. Just played one ball at a time, and I tried to apply myself. Once I got a start, I wanted to make a big score. The wicket was very good. It was quite tough for the bowlers to get wickets.

Jason Holder, WI captain: It was a good fight, but still disappointed we didn't get over the line. Bishoo's spell and Bravo's knock were inspirational. Always confident. Definite signs of improvement. Always wanted two batsmen in the crease to give a good start. Unfortunately Marlon got out off the first ball, but we bat deep. Credit must also go to Pakistan. Bravo was outstanding. Very heartwarming to see how he played in the first innings and second innings. Yasir was very threatening off the rough.

Misbah, Pakistan captain: The way Pakistan team is playing, it's keeping the interest of people alive in Test cricket. Credit to West Indies, the way Bishoo bowled. Even in the first innings, they batted well. We got out cheaply second innings and got out to loose shots. Bravo was wonderful. Nobody knew how the pink ball was going to affect the game. Pitched played slowly first three days, but there was something for the spinners in the last two days. It started turning, and good bowlers like Yasir Shah get something out of the pitch. West Indians are a young team and they can give us a tough time. One session could cost us the game. Younis is good, fit, and practiced hard today. Sigh of relief.

Darren Bravo: Obviously disappointed. We got into position where we could have won the game. The way Bishoo put us in a winning position was tremendous. I actually wanted to take on Yasir. I wanted to put him under some pressure and take the game away from him. I think they deserved the win in the end. Being one of the senior batsmen in the team, I had to show responsibility. Disappointed in the manner in which it ended for us.

Thanks for your company and comments. Keep sending them in. This is Deivarayan Muthu and Chandan Duorah knocking off a Dubai pink-ball thriller from our bucket lists. Good night and cheers!

Usman Mughal: "What a test match! Full credit to west Indies for fighting hard. Amaizing test match"

Ali Imtinan: "This 400th test represented Pakistan cricket perfectly. Brilliance in that 300, unpredictability in that low score and finally determination to pick those last few wickets. "

Yasir Shah to Holder, OUT

Pakistan win their 400th Test in the last hour. They wrap up WI with two run-outs. Glum faces in the WI change room. Gabriel dives full-stretch but is well short. The square-leg umpire raises his finger and signals the end of this gripping Test. Holder shakes his head. Pitched outside leg, quicker, flatter, the WI captain deflects to short fine leg and sprints off, for this is the last ball of the over. Gabriel can't make it in time. Azam, the debutant, collected the ball and threw to Sarfraz, who did the rest. Turns out to be the last ball of the match. Pakistan win the second ever day-night Test with 12 overs remaining

Shannon Gabriel run out (Babar Azam/†Sarfaraz Ahmed) 1 (24m 11b 0x4 0x6) SR: 9.09
Yasir Shah to Holder, no run

back of a length on middle, goes back and slaps to mid-off, diving to his right

Yasir Shah to Holder, FOUR runs

pitches outside leg, goes low, and connects with the sweep. Places it to the left of short fine leg

Yasir Shah to Holder, no run

slower and down leg, Holder shapes to sweep, off the pad to short fine leg

Yasir Shah to Holder, no run

full on the leg stump, defended on the front foot

Yasir Shah to Holder, no run

tossed just outside leg, dead-batted

end of over 108Maiden
WI: 285/9CRR: 2.63 
Shannon Gabriel1 (11)
Jason Holder36 (121)
Mohammad Nawaz18-4-32-2
Yasir Shah40-6-109-2

Mubeen: "Thank God, There will be no issue of light today. :)"

Nawaz to Gabriel, no run

slightly shorter on off, allows him to block on the back foot

Nawaz to Gabriel, no run

jumps and turns outside off past the nervy push of Gabriel

Nawaz to Gabriel, no run

full on middle, defended on the front foot

Nawaz to Gabriel, no run

very full on middle, dug out to midwicket

Nawaz to Gabriel, no run

another one, drifts in, turns, takes the edge and rolls to point

Nawaz to Gabriel, no run

angled in and turns, Gabriel prods it point off the outside half

end of over 1074 runs
WI: 285/9CRR: 2.66 
Jason Holder36 (121)
Shannon Gabriel1 (5)
Yasir Shah40-6-109-2
Mohammad Nawaz17-3-32-2
Yasir Shah to Holder, FOUR runs

Holder is frustrated. Shortish on middle, Holder swats it away with some power, to the right of mid-on. He can't get the strike

Yasir Shah to Holder, no run

pitches outside leg from around the wicket, pads it away

Yasir Shah to Holder, no run

slider on off, kept out

Yasir Shah to Holder, no run

gives this legbreak more air outside off, comes forward and drives to extra-cover

Yasir Shah to Holder, no run

shorter and outside off, punched back to the bowler

Yasir Shah to Holder, no run

pushed full on middle, Holder runs it towards point with soft hands

10.30pm Drinks. 15 overs remaining. The last hour starts now. Pakistan need one to win. Here is Yasir. Four men around the bat