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7th Match (D/N), Bridgetown, Jun 19 2016, West Indies Tri-Nation Series
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• The Report by Firdose Moonda

Rain washes out De Villiers' 200th ODI for South Africa

AB De Villiers' 200th ODI for South Africa ended much the same way his 100th Test did; with rain forcing an abandonment, after just one over, at Kensington Oval in Barbados on Sunday

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Comms: Deivarayan Muthu
Scorecard summary
South Africa8/0(1 overs)
end of over 18 runs
SA: 8/0CRR: 8.00 
Hashim Amla0 (1)
Quinton de Kock5 (5)
Mitchell Starc 1-0-8-0

6.25pm It's official! The game has been called off in Barbados. The teams split points. Australia now face a must-win clash against hosts West Indies in their final league game. West Indies, meanwhile, need to win only one of their remaining two matches of the tri-series to qualify.

Rain had the final say in AB's 100th Test. Rain has the final say in AB's 200th ODI for South Africa. Thanks for your warm company on a damp day. Good night and cheerio!

6.15pm Third inspection at 6.30pm

5.45pm Not positive news, I'm afraid. Cricket Australia tweet: "Unfortunately, nothing much to report from the pitch inspection. Umpires don't seem too confident. We'll keep you posted #AUSvSA #TriNations"

To make it worse, rain returns in Barbados.

5.15pm Hmm, seems like the pitch is still damp. Another inspection at 5.45pm. The word is that the outfield is dry. Argh! From weather watch to pitch watch.... It's been that kind of a day.

Tulsi Gyawali: "Just first over was completed when I got to bed.Now I am awake and game is exactly there where I left. Thought that it was a dream." --- Not a dream

Kamlesh Mangtan: "Let's get the match. Barbados has waited long for an ODI match. "

Yogesh: "Suction pump and vacuum cleaners too on the ground. WICB ground-staff hats off!! Rain pls don't be a villian now.." --- It isn't raining for now

FaizanAhmed: "Any signs of match starting. Waiting waiting waiting and still waiting..." ---Wait for another 30 minutes..

Gunveet : "It's almost 3 am in India, desperately hoping for some reward in the form of cricket "

Naman: "News??"

4.55pm The groundstaff are mopping up the pitch (with a hair dryer?/leaf blower) Knock! Knock! Inspection in 20 minutes - 5.15pm

Asif: "Be ready folks ... AB's blitz is on the way .... "

satish kumar : "Exciting contest.At last the wait is over and the drama is going to begin it is going to be finch and starc show #fingerscrossed."

Stephen : "If this game is rained out will it still count as AB's 200th and Parnell's 50th?" -- Of course, it will be counted

4.45pm Might be a while before the re-start. Geoff Lemon tweets: "Looks like half the pitch got wet while it was covered..." The good-length region is apparently damp.

Bikesh: "The rain also means that Starc has fewer games left to be the fastest to 100 ODI wickets! It looked like he was easily going to get there. If this game is rained out, his chances will decline."

Imran: "AB Amla Starc Morkel Maxwell stop it Anyone remember #Morris Killer hitter "

4.30pm Hurrah! The drizzle has stopped and the covers are coming off at Kensington Oval

ankesh: "GOOD NEWS FELLAS!! CRICKET AUSTRALIA TWEETED Covers coming off here at Kensington Oval. Hopefully they stay off! #AUSvSA"

Ebenezer: "Mitchell Starc's next ODI will be his 50th ODI.... "

yogeshbr: "Covers off.. Game on baby!! Starc vs Amla, Morkel vs Smith, AbD vs any1 you bring he's gonna smack it down today.... "

Fakhar: "Good to see covers getting off but Showers are 68% expected to come back at 6pm Local Time."

Stephen Kissoon: "50th ODI for Wayne Parnell as well." --- Bingo

Waqas: "Any information about overs?" --- Nothing yet

4.20pm Shakti: "Any update on the weather, anyone? " --- The drizzle continues...

Pierre: "This game rains out, then that would mean that the rain actually helped SA.... Usually it has the opposite effect for them."

4.15pm Over to football for a bit. What are the permutations for group stage qualification in Euro 2016?

A concerned aus: "What effect would a washout have on the points table?" --- I guess SA would virtually make the final, courtesy two-bonus point wins

Skander: "According cricinfo ab de villers has already played 204 matches so whey everyone is claming this match as his 200th match?" --- 200th for SA, he has played for Africa XI as well

Anesh: "My pick would be AB's match saving knock of 33 of 220 balls against the mighty Aussies on a wearing 4th and 5th day pitch. Everyone knows how dangerous he can be in shorter format; but that knock just made him a complete batsman!

yogeshbr: "Undoubtedly the fastest hunderd innings. AB scored 149 from 44 against Windies!! Had that catch not be taken he could have bettered fastest 150.. "

Mudir Gul: "I would like to see AB & Hashim facing Amir . It will be worth watching." Talking about Amir, the Pakistan quick has said that he's "terribly lucky" to return to Test cricket

Abhi: "Any Chances of Play To resume Or I Shall doze Off?" --- Stick around, mate. Rain comms are fun on ESPNcricinfo

Shlok Jain: "Looks like the milestones for ABD are jinxed. His 200th ODI and his 100th Test Match (in Bangalore last year) are/were both plagued by rain!"

3.50pm Cricket South Africa tweet: "Still a light drizzle falling at Bridgetown. #AB200 #TriNationODI"

Qureshi: "@Khizar: Amla is still on course to become Fastest to 7000. only needing 500+ in 25 innings. I hope he does. Wish him all the best!"

Vishal persaud : "Whats the update on the weather, anyone?"

Kashyap: "Favorite AB moment 79832: The image of AB on his haunches, reducing his size, to talk with ball kids beyond the boundary line. "

3.40pm Mike Haysman tweets: "Still raining in Barbados ... 3 hours and 20 mins before game will be abandoned though. Still time to clear maybe."

KISHOR: "If its 20 over match,its Maxwell show"

ali: "Wake me up when play starts or when AB comes out to bat.. Going to sleep"

ODI revamp news. he ICC is pushing for the creation of a new ODI league for the world's top 13 countries to give 50-over cricket new context and relevance, Tim Wigmore reports.

3.30pm Assad Manzoor: "Why No Updates???" -- Nothing new to report. This weather watch is argh! frustrating. It continues to rain in Barbados

HAsh: "If we get a 20 over match here. It will be worth all the wait. #fingerscrossed"

Karthikeya: "Meanwhile, Kensington Oval will be AB's and Parnell's home ground in the upcoming CPL 2016 where they will be representing Barbados Tridents."

Khizar: "These sort of rain-hit matches are hurting Hashim Amla's cause for Fastest to 7000 runs in ODIs."

This was the scene at Bridgetown a few minutes earlier

Cathy: "Player of the match: R A I N!!"

Karthikeya: "Cricket Australia have just tweeted that it's still raining :( :("

Alan: "weather update please"

Mudir Gul: "AB & Virat for Cricket as Messi & Ronaldo for Soccer. Simply No Comparison"

2.40pm The rain refuses to relent. In the meantime, what's your favourite AB moment/innings in ODIs?

DanielAlexander: "AB de Villiers 92 (70) against mighty Australia in 2007 World Cup is my favorite

Naman: "My fav AB moment? Basically every single one of them."

ZzaKaRa Pop: "My Favorite Ab best moment will come today when he will hit a ton.#fingerscrosed"

sham: "162(66) vs. west indies in sydney last year "

sagar chatterje: "he became the odi player of the year in that year 2010 "

Uzair: "My favorite moment is when he hugged a fan on Airport after that defeat in World Cup Semi Final against New Zealand"

Nick: "A game last year when he went mental against India."

Jamie Pacheco : "Best De Villiers moment? His run out of Katich in 2006 which was just absurd athleticism and only he would ever even contemplate trying it in the first place. "

hadi: "sometimes I wonder how good AB, Virat and Amla would have been had they faced Akram/McGrath for a period of 2-3 years. Would've been a real stiff test for these 3."

Our man Shashank Kishore's fav AB moment: My favourite AB moment was his run-out

at the MCG when he couldn't beat Mohit Sharma's throw

Ibrahim Mallak : "The Pink ODI in Johannesburg! 2015"

sagar chatterje: "his best innings for me is is definitely his 162 off 66 against west indies in the 2015 world cup. Another innings that I rate highly was his 102 not out in 59 balls against India in the 3rd odi at ahmedabad, even though the series was already won by India. AB was 26 and he showed his mettle , took SA to 365 and showed how crucial was the toss in all those games . that series is better remembered for Tendulkar's 200 , however ab showed the same could be done when sa batted first in the last ODI. that was one hell of a knock"

Taha: "AB's fastest 100 was the best moment for me. The way he batted that day was unbelievable "

Afif: "AB is known for being the complete cricketer. I still think the 33(220) was of the highest quality of batting in this decade. Those who watched the match may know the importance of that innings. "

Avneet : "Best AB moment? WC sf 2015. Those emotions, the passion, the melancholy of losing a game. That day legend of AB went to next level"

Samrat Ahuja: "My best ABD Moment : Lad declared he wanted to become the best batsmen in the world in 4 years and relinquished his duties as wicket keeper to just concentrate on his batting, and guess what? Truly became the best player in the world!!!!"

Harendra lega : "ABD's best innings vs GL in ipl and in that inning best moment hitting DJ bravo 30 run in one over " --- We were focusing only on ODIs, but stil...

Saurav: "31 ball 100. Pink colours. AB rocks!!"

Karthikeya: "Doesn't get better than the 100 off 31 balls against West Indies. Was also good to see the UniverseBoss congratulate him first."

sahil: "Please Rain STOP ! We all want to watch AB bat."

Nil Atif: "I can't sleep without show ABD's storm!! can't wait single second... please stop Rain!!! From:- Chittagong,Bangladesh"

Mohd Irshad: "Tried few weather forecasting sites in hope that one of them would be showing sun within an hour so that we can have a game. No Luck."

Darshan Shah: "AB's saddest moment will be 2015 world cup Semi-final. Still can't forgot those tears in his eyes."

Nitin Chaudhary: "Washout is best result for WI, then they don't need to win both matches to qualify... either beat SA with bonus point or normal win against Aus can also do the trick"

Shehzad: "Has ABD played for any other country than South Africa because ABD profile shows 204 ODI and he is playing 200th ODI for SA today" --- AB has played for Africa XI

2.30pm At the Natwest T20 blast, #Universe Boss Chris Gayle combined with Mahela Jayawardene to deliver a Somerset win.

2.20pm While we wait, here is The Cricket Monthly's Photo feature: Wet, wet, wet

Nikhil Mane: "Just realized AB de Villiers' 100th Test was a rain affected one and now his 200th ODI for SA has some rain as well."

2.10pm Rain, rain, rain. It has been raining for an hour. Overs to be docked?

It has stopped raining in Bangalore, though. Well, you can catch all the live Euro action between France and Switzerland on

John: "After severe drought, heavy rains in Cape Town."

2pm Hmm, still raining in Barbados. The covers are on.

Morne Morkel: "He has bowled 30 overs and taken seven wickets." AB's team-mates pay tribute to him on his 200th ODI appearance for South Africa

Danish: "Raining here in Brisbane, Australia too. Someone start building an Ark..."

MU Islam: "Its raining in Rangpur, Bangladesh too. Ay ay ay Ay ay ay....Let it rain over me. Where is MR. Pitbull???"

Asim: "Raining in London, England. I'm up for building an Ark. "

sebretooth: "Update Update Update"

1.45pm Alan: "15 minutes since your last update. Are you dancing in the rain" --- Nothing much to report. It's still raining, and I'm not good at rain dances.

1.30pm : In other big news: A radical shake-up to the existing ecosystem of selling television rights is under discussion by Full Members and will be examined further at the ICC's annual conference in Edinburgh

Alan Dugand: "Raining in Nairobi too, if that's any consolation." --- If it's more consolation, our correspondent Firdose Moonda says that it has been raining over the last three days in Cape Town as well.

Niroop B R: "Speaking of pace and bounce, both teams have summed up conditions well with their teams, stocking the pace battery. Considering that series will end here in Barbados, teams can get a good momentum with their bowling."

1.20pm Still raining. Peterson, who is commentating on this series, posted this on Instagram about 10 minutes earlier.

Fayaz odho: "Ab has played 204 ODIs if 200 for SA then remaining 4 ODIs for which team?"

Our stats wiz Bharath Seervi tweets: AB de Villiers becomes the 6th player to appear in 200 or more ODIs for South Africa. Actually, this is his 205th ODI; played 5 for Afr XI.

Karthikeya: "Looking at the radar, there is light rain quickly blowing away from Bridgetown..however, expect a few more interruptions although they may not be long ones at all."

Abraham Mathew: "His 100th Test was ruined by rain. Now his 200th ODI is threatened by rain too! I think the rain gods dislike ABD's savagery toward bowlers."

1.10pm There comes a downpour. The square is covered. Will the breeze blow it away? We'll have to wait for that. The players and the officials are off. We can wait for an hour before the overs start getting docked. The word is that Barbados has good drainage. Do stick with us for all updates.

Robin Peterson, who plays for the Barbados Tridents in the CPL, called the Kensington Oval "the Wanderers of the Caribbean". We just had an over before rain intervened. But, it was an action-packed over. The pace and quickness was noteworthy.

Time to plug some reading material. Following Australia's loss in their previous game, captain Steven Smith minced no words and said: "We did not field like an Australian side." They have had a five-day break, and drilled at fielding. Usman Khawaja, who had dropped two catches, had shaken it off.

Mitchell Starc, meanwhile, has admitted to feeling a little frustrated at having to sit out of matches in the ongoing tri-series in the West Indies, but said he understood that his workload management was important with a busy season ahead.

In the numbers game, Rajesh takes us through Tahir's impact in limited-overs cricket.

Niroop: "Customary comment: I am half way across the world here in Bangalore and the rain has eased here."

Christof: "My only objection to Niroop's comment is that, frankly, I find it hard to believe that the rain has eased in Bangalore in June."

Quite an over, that. Swing, wides, delay, crisp drive, and bounce.

Starc to Amla, no run

back of a length and angled away, 146ks, much closer to the off stump. Amla covers it and leaves it be, again

Starc has been up-down in all games this series.

Starc to Amla, 1 wide

full and speared far too wide outside off, Amla leaves it be

Amla's first ball. Two slips. Starc comes from over the wicket

Starc to de Kock, 1 run

inswinging full toss at the leg stump, marginally misses the yorker, clipped away to long leg

The lights are on

Starc to de Kock, no run

inswinging yorker aiming for the base of leg stump, 143ks, top bowling. Jabs his bat down hurriedly and squeezes behind square leg

Amer: "Is it AB's 200th ODI? According to cricinfo stats, it is his 204th." --- 200th for SA

And Starc isn't happy with his landing area at the bowling crease. He roughs it up and waits for the groundstaff. Some sawdust applied. Slight hold up in play

Starc to de Kock, 1 wide

banged in short and down leg, excellent carry to Wade again. Starc has got his lines wrong. 145ks, that

Starc to de Kock, no run

inswinger on a back of a length, Qdk looks to defend and drops an inside edge to the leg side

Starc to de Kock, no run

back of a length and swerves in on middle, Qdk blocks it back to the bowler

Starc to de Kock, FOUR runs

Starc overcorrects and concedes four! Half-volley outside off, Qdk strides forward and square-drives it wide of backward point. Creamed it

I haven't seen such bounce this series. Encouraging for the seamers

Starc to de Kock, 1 wide

whoa! Bounce, big bounce from over the wicket. 140ks. This boings off the surface outside off, and sails over Qdk to the keeper. Qdk did not even duck. He was standing upright in the crease. Wide called. Starc has a wry smile

1pm Amla and Qdk walk out to the middle amid overcast conditions. Starc takes the new ball. Can he find swing? And his back of a length might suit this

Chirag: "QDK has been throwing his wicket away ... rabada hasn't looked the very fluent ... i don't fancy SA against starc"

Mag: "I still don't understand how Morkel has to warrant a place in this team. He's probably their best fast bowler in ODI's"

AB had a chill time with baby AB in Barbados. He said "Happy father's day to all fathers out there" at the toss.

Nikhil Mane: "50th ODI for Wayne Parnell."

raveen: "200 games, still averaging over 50! What a player ABD " And SA have a chance to secure a final spot and make AB's 200th a memorable one

Saad: "While looking at South Africa's pace attack, I get frightened. Morris, Parnell, Rabada,Morkel. Among them Parnell and Morris can bat too."

Mal: "I fear it will be the Zampa-Lyon show today. As in, what on Earth were they thinking not selecting either?" --- This is expected to be the quickest pitch of the series

12.50pm SA have Chris Morris in their ranks. Morris credits his improving economy rate to technical work on his action and a calmer mental approach that he developed while watching his Delhi Daredevils captain, Zaheer Khan

12.45pm: Interesting, no specialist spinners for Australia. They will have to make do with part-time options in Maxi and Finch. And SA have left out left-arm wristspinner Shamsi for Morkel. Four seamers for them.

Gangster: "Not AB,not Faf,Not Starc. It will be Morkel raring to make a statement with his bowling."

Nice thick covering for grass, says the pitch report. Will the ball come onto the bat?

Ravi: "Not AB, not Faf.. it's gonna be Starc show today. Anybody else with me?"

12.30pm Steven Smith is fit. The coin did not spin at all, Smith says. Australia opt to bowl.

Smith: We want to make first use of the pitch. The conditions are overcast and we have three changes. Maxwell, Starc and Boland in. Head, Zampa, and Coulter-Nile miss out.

AB, featuring in his 200th ODI for SA: I would have bowled first as well. I am not too disappointed, though, and we have a nice opportunity to prove that we are a world-class batting unit. It is a privilege to represent South Africa. A lot to play for today, and it's a fresh start. Morne Morkel is making his first appearance in the tri series.

Morkel last played for SA in February 2016 against England

Australia XI: AJ Finch, UT Khawaja, SPD Smith*, GJ Bailey, GJ Maxwell, MR Marsh, MS Wade†, JP Faulkner, MA Starc, JR Hazlewood, SM Boland

SA XI: Q de Kock†, HM Amla, F du Plessis, AB de Villiers*, JP Duminy, F Behardien, CH Morris, WD Parnell, K Rabada, M Morkel, Imran Tahir

Riaz Shaikh: "When do they announce their Final XIs?" --- Here you go

12.25pm Steven Smith tweaked his quadriceps, and he did not train on Thursday or Friday in Barbados. Is he fit for the clash? Toss in five minutes.

Sudarson: "I feel that its gonna be Faf's show today. May be a century."

durgeshkulkarni: "I have a feeling that it is gonna be ABD show today!!!"

Kamlesh Mangtan: "Is smith fit and playing today. Either its big blow for Australia " --- The Australia team management is hopeful of Smith being fit

Sudarson: "Will Morkel get a chance today?" -- He has sat out of all games in the tri-series, and was earlier not part of the World T20 as well. SA's new-look attack features in the talking points of the series

12.20pm Argh! The weather isn't promising in Barbados. It had rained in the morning, and the covers were on earlier. Fortunately, there is no rain for now and the covers are off.

Paul G: "Is THIS the thriller we are waiting for ?"

12.15pm The Providence served up a spin-fest while Warner Park presented different challenges. The ball gripped in the surfarce, moved in the air, reverse-swung, and the batsmen had a good time as well, with Warner and Amla chalking up sparkling centuries. Barbados is expected to be a good batting track. As a side note, this is the first ODI to be held at the Kensington Oval for more than five years. Brydon Coverdale's preview sets up the scene nicely.

12.05pm It has been a see-sawing series, with each side winning and losing two games. The tri-series is heading towards the pointy end, and one team has the chance to push ahead this Sunday. Greetings and welcome to ESPNcricinfo's coverage of the Barbados segment of the tri-series. I'm Deivarayan Muthu, and I'll be joined by Shashank Kishore to run the rollercoaster


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Quinton de Kock portrait
Q de Kock SA
5 runs (5)
1 four
0 six
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square drive
4 runs
1 four
0 six
Best performances - bowlers
Mitchell Starc
MA Starc AUS
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Match details
Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados
TossAustralia, elected to field first
SeriesWest Indies Tri-Nation Series
Match numberODI no. 3750
Hours of play (local time)13.00 start, First Session 13.00-16.30, Interval 16.30-17.15, Second Session 17.15-20.45
Match days19 June 2016 - daynight (50-over match)
West Indies Image
Joel Wilson
Sri Lanka Image
Kumar Dharmasena
TV Umpire
England Image
Richard Kettleborough
Reserve Umpire
West Indies Image
Gregory Brathwaite
Match Referee
New Zealand Image
Jeff Crowe
PointsSouth Africa 2, Australia 2