1st ODI (D/N), Gros Islet, Jun 9 2017, Afghanistan tour of West Indies
(44.4/50 ov, target 213)149
Afghanistan won by 63 runs
player of the match
Rashid Khan

10.10pm Whitewashed in the T20Is, but they've bounced back and how. The legend of Rashid Khan continues to get bigger. Another stunning performance from the teenager, who turned the game around in the matter of few deliveries. He triggered a wild slide that resulted in West Indies losing four wickets for one run. At 70 for 6, there was no looking back. Amidst the heroics, you shouldn't forget the efforts of Gulbadin Naib, whose late cameo lifted them past 200, and Javed Ahmadi, who held the innings together to make 81.

This, by the way, is Afghanistan's first win over a full-member outside of Zimbabwe. A year after they fist beat West Indies in the T20 format, at the World T20, they have slayed them in an ODI. If you're waking up in Kabul, Kandahar and the surrounding areas, you couldn't have asked for a better present. Terrific moment. Sure enough, they must all be celebrating already. The night is still young!


Rashid Khan dedicates his Player of the Match award to the victims of the Kabul attack: We really needed this after losing three consecutive T20Is," he says. "To perform on this big stage means a lot to me. The wicket wasn't great to score quickly. We bowled according to the plan and conditions. That made the difference. I want to dedicate this Man of the Match award to victims of the Kabul attacks. We're trying our best to bring back smiles and happiness and whatever way we can. Please keep all of us in your prayers.

Asghar Stanikzai: Very happy today. This is a big win. Our target was to get 220. We knew it was a tough wicket, that's why we chose to bat. Was confident of defending with out bowling attack. We're looking forward. We want to play positive cricket. Javed Ahmadi took responsibility, so congratulations to him. Rashid proved he's a matchwinner again.

Jason Holder: We weren't good enough. We lacked energy on the field, and we were no good with the bat. I don't think the intent was there when we batted. We batted ourselves into a hole. 20-odd in 10 overs in unacceptable. I hope this is a wake-up call for us.

Romal: "Fantastic cricket from Afghanistan. West Indies must be convinced why they aren't playing in the Champions Trophy."

Divyaamsh : "Rashid Khan - great job lad. I'm sure his name will be added to the list of greatest spinners, alongside Warne, Muralitharan, Saqlain Mushtaq, Kumble, D Vettori one day."

Khalil: "What will this loss do to Windies ODI rankings points?" They stand to lose points as they've been beaten by a side ranked lower than them. Before this game, the gap between then and Afghanistan was 35 points.

NplzFan: "I am feeling proud as an Associate fan.. Great job Rashid Khan. Afghanistan has made a history."

Rashid Khan to Cummins, OUT

drifts in from wide of the crease, Cummins stabs forward and plays down the wrong line again. This one pitches on middle and spins away to hit the top of off. Best figures for Rashid in ODIs. These are the fourth-best figures in ODIs.

Miguel Cummins b Rashid Khan 5 (18b 0x4 0x6) SR: 27.77
Rashid Khan to Cummins, no run

perilously close to the off stump. Shaved past, I think. Played down the wrong line. This pitched just a touch outside off and straightened

Rashid from around the stumps

Rashid Khan to Cummins, no run

right forward as he defends the tossed up delivery

Rashid Khan to Cummins, no run

hit on the pad but it pitched outside leg. Played down the wrong line

end of over 444 runs
WI: 149/9CRR: 3.38 RRR: 10.67 • Need 64 runs from 36b
Shannon Gabriel2 (5)
Miguel Cummins5 (14)
Gulbadin Naib8-0-31-1
Rashid Khan8-1-18-6
Gulbadin to Gabriel, no run

right behind the line of that slower delivery as he defends

Gulbadin to Gabriel, no run

sucked into a slog but this was way outside off. Was winding up to hit that over long-on, but couldn't reach in the end

Gulbadin to Cummins, 1 run

squeezed off the inside-edge to mid-on

Gulbadin to Cummins, no run

hit on the left pad as the ball angles back in from wide of the crease. Played way too early

Gulbadin to Cummins, 1 wide

short and wide outside off, way off the mark again. Wide and rightly so

Gulbadin to Cummins, 1 wide

short and way outside off, enough room to slash that away but he decides to leave

Gulbadin to Cummins, no run

back-of-the-hand slower ball on the stumps, defended

Gulbadin to Gabriel, 1 run

uppishly eased to square third man. Rashid again

end of over 431 run • 1 wicket
WI: 145/9CRR: 3.37 RRR: 9.71 • Need 68 runs from 42b
Shannon Gabriel1 (2)
Miguel Cummins4 (11)
Rashid Khan8-1-18-6
Gulbadin Naib7-0-27-1
Rashid Khan to Gabriel, 1 run

swung across the line, mistimed to long-on

Rashid Khan to Gabriel, no run

blocks, just survives. Planted outside the line of the stumps in his quest to keep that out

Rashid Khan to Joseph, OUT

as straightforward as decisions go for an umpire. You knew this was coming. Predictably a wrong'un that fizzes back in from outside off, Joseph plays back to a delivery he should have well been forward, the ball spins back in to beat the inside edge and pin him plumb in front. No sooner than Rashid turned back to appeal, the umpire's finger was raised.

Alzarri Joseph lbw b Rashid Khan 27 (35b 2x4 1x6) SR: 77.14
Rashid Khan to Joseph, no run

play and a miss. Skids across the surface from length outside off. He looked to steer it off the backfoot

Rashid Khan to Joseph, no run

squared up but somehow manages to defend off the backfoot

Rashid Khan to Joseph, no run

looked to tee that over the ropes at long-on but played too early and missed. This was full and right in the slot