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DC Women vs MI Women, 1st Match at Bengaluru, WPL, Feb 23 2024 - Match Result

1st Match (N), Bengaluru, February 23, 2024, Women's Premier League

MI Women won by 4 wickets (with 0 balls remaining)

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Scores: @Thilak_Rama | Comms: Shashwat Kumar
Scorecard summary
Delhi Capitals Women 171/5(20 overs)
Mumbai Indians Women 173/6(20 overs)
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end of over 2013 runs • 2 wickets
MI-W: 173/6CRR: 8.65 
Sajeevan Sajana6 (1b 1x6)
Amanjot Kaur3 (2b)
Alice Capsey 2-0-23-2
Annabel Sutherland 4-0-38-0

11:40pm And...breathe. What an opening night for the second season of the WPL. It began with an amazing opening ceremony, before the cricket took it up several notches. So much so that the second match, scheduled for tomorrow, could not come soon enough. We will be back with all the action as the Royal Challengers Bangalore take on the UP Warriorz. Until then, this is goodbye from me (Shashwat), Thilak and everyone else at ESPNcricinfo. Take care, folks!

Harmanpreet Kaur, the Mumbai Indians captain is also the Player of the Match: Happy with how it (the game) ended. Really happy with the way we played, everyone looked positive. I would love to give credit to one of my batting coaches Himanshu bhaiya. After Australia series, I was not feeling well. He made me practice hard and gave me energy. I wanted to take a break and feel mentally well. (On the run-chase) We thought if we take the game deep, we can win the game. Sajana has been smashing sixes throughout the practice sessions and she showed what she is capable of (tonight). We had depth in our batting, and because of Sajana, I am standing here (smiles). We wanted to chase because of the conditions. Batting first or second does not matter, what matters is the conditions.

Meg Lanning, Delhi Capitals captain: (On the pitch) It was reasonably good, it was sliding on. They bowled tough lengths and kept it straight. When you hit through the line and hit the gaps, the runs came. MI bowled well up front, which was probably the difference in the end. (On the score) We thought it was about par. We would have loved a few more. We bowled really well to take it to the last ball but it was not to be today. We executed well for the most part. It was a reasonable effort but we need to get better as the tournament goes on. Nearly snuck home in the end. Capsey bowling that last over - she did a great job. To come out and hit a six first ball like that is pretty impressive. (On bowling Capsey over Radha Yadav) Trying to hit the batters to the longer side was the theory and that played a big part in the decision. Credit to Mumbai for being clinical under pressure.

Amelia Kerr: Nice to be on the right side. To go out there and hit a six first ball on her first game was unbelievable. Cricket can go either way and we were just on the right side tonight. Pretty nice wicket, fast outfield, it was about giving ourselves a chance. We felt we would give ourselves a chance if we had wickets in hand and had to go at 10s. Every time you play, you want to contribute. Players are allowed to play good shots off you. Spinners were key for us last year and will be this year too, with the wickets probably getting slower. Lots of factors (decide what you are going to bowl). You want to be prepared, be as clear as possible and then just go out and execute.

Shravan: "What a start to the WPL.....WOWWW!"

11:20pm One of the most overused adjectives in sport is incredible but trust me, this was incredible. This game ebbed one way, flowed the other, until it all came down to the last ball. Capsey, who played a huge role in DC getting to 171 in the first place, came up short, with Sajana, who dropped Capsey in the first innings and was on debut, trumping her English counterpart.

Prior to that, Harmanpreet and Yastika played crucial hands, both of them scoring brisk fifties that kept MI in the run-chase, despite the early loss of Matthews. Sciver-Brunt and Kerr came up with decent cameos too.

DC, apart from being crestfallen, will also rue the chances they afforded Harmanpreet. They could not capitalise on dismissing Matthews early either, and their inability to tie down the MI batters in the middle overs meant that the defending champions were always slightly ahead of the game. Plenty of positives, though, and they will hope to build on that moving forward.

Capsey to Sajana, SIX runs

and she hits a six first ball! Oh my days, you cannot make this up, this is beyond Sajana and MI's wildest dreams! Right in the slot on middle and leg. Sajana cannot believe what she has been served up and dances down the track, walloping it clean over the long on fence! Jubiliation in the MI camp, they have pulled a win out of the fire. Despair for DC, they know they have let one slip here!

Sajana, on MI debut, out to bat, with MI needing five off the last ball

Capsey to Kaur, OUT

goes a mile up, and taken at long on! Oh my word, what an enormous moment in the game! Fired in full on middle and leg. Harmanpreet, sitting deep in her crease, has a mighty mow at it. Gets lots of elevation but not enough distance. Sutherland comes rushing in from long on and pouches it safely. A valiant effort by the MI skipper but someone else will have to take them past the finish line!

Harmanpreet Kaur c Sutherland b Capsey 55 (34b 7x4 1x6 57m) SR: 161.76

5 off 2. One six and it will be all over

Capsey to Kaur, FOUR runs

Harmanpreet goes up and over! Tossed up generously outside off. The problem, though, is the width Capsey has provided. Harmanpreet gives it the lot and scythes it over point for four!

A false start as Capsey pulls out at the last moment. Proper cat-and-mouse game

9 off 3 now. Harmanpreet on strike. This is the game right here

Capsey to Amanjot, 1 run

very full on off stump. Amanjot walks across her stumps and sweeps it towards deep backward square leg

Capsey to Amanjot, 2 runs

what a save! Full and wide outside off. Amanjot throws her hands at it and carves it over backward point. Shafali tears after it and pulls it back into play. Just the couple of runs. Not great running

Amanjot is the new batter

Capsey to Vastrakar, OUT

Vastrakar bites the dust! Capsey dangles the carrot outside off and Vastrakar bites. Hares down the track trying to smash it into Cubbon Park but all she does is shank it straight up. Reddy camps under it at cover and completes the catch!

Pooja Vastrakar c Reddy b Capsey 1 (3b 0x4 0x6 4m) SR: 33.33

Right. 12 needed off 6. Vastrakar on strike. Capsey to bowl. Who are you backing?

end of over 1910 runs
MI-W: 160/4CRR: 8.42 RRR: 12.00 • Need 12 from 6b
Harmanpreet Kaur51 (32b 6x4 1x6)
Pooja Vastrakar1 (2b)
Annabel Sutherland 4-0-38-0
Shikha Pandey 4-0-32-1
Sutherland to Kaur, SIX runs

goes all the way! Right into Harmanpreet's wheelhouse outside off. She winds up and clobbers it over the wide long on fence! Gets to her fifty too, and this has been a captain's knock!

Sutherland to Kaur, 2 runs

safe! Full and well outside off. Harmanpreet has a massive yahoo across the line and slices it terribly. Fortunately for her and MI, it evades short third

Sutherland to Vastrakar, 1 run

another top delivery, very full on off stump. Vastrakar pushes it to extra cover and scampers across to the other end

Sutherland to Vastrakar, no run

excellent yorker outside off. Vastrakar jams her bat but is late in doing so. Swish and a miss

Vastrakar on strike. She can find the fence

Sutherland to Kaur, 1 run

full outside off. Harmanpreet sits deep in her crease and hoicks it towards long on

Sutherland to Kaur, no run

very full on off stump. Harmanpreet shapes for the scoop but gets into an awkward tangle because of how full it is. The ball, in the end, comes and hits the bat

22 needed off 12. One over will have to be bowled by either Capsey or Radha, with Sutherland most possibly bowling the other. Here is Sutherland

end of over 188 runs • 1 wicket
MI-W: 150/4CRR: 8.33 RRR: 11.00 • Need 22 from 12b
Harmanpreet Kaur42 (28b 6x4)
Shikha Pandey 4-0-32-1
Arundhati Reddy 4-0-27-2
Pandey to Amelia Kerr, OUT

knocks her over, and Shikha Pandey is pumped! Yorker honing in on middle and leg stump. Kerr advances, trying to go inside out. Misses the ball completely, though, and the ball thuds into middle and leg stump. Another twist in this fascinating game!

Amelia Kerr b Pandey 24 (18b 3x4 0x6 18m) SR: 133.33
Pandey to Amelia Kerr, FOUR runs

what a shot under pressure! Slower ball on a length outside off. Kerr, initially at least, seems to have picked the wrong ball for the scoop because of the lack of pace. However, she manages to tilt the bat enough to generate power and gets it well over the keeper's head!

Pandey to Amelia Kerr, no run

full toss on leg stump, and this takes Kerr by surprise more than anything else. Stabs it back to the bowler. Vital dot ball too

Pandey to Kaur, 1 run

low full toss on leg stump. Harmanpreet turns it towards deep square leg. Sharp work by Rodrigues to prevent the second

Pandey to Amelia Kerr, 1 run

length on middle and off. Kerr stays back and works it towards deep mid wicket

Pandey to Amelia Kerr, 2 runs

darted into the pads. Kerr skips down the track and tucks it away towards deep mid wicket. Places it well enough to come back for two

Momentum firmly with MI now. 30 off 18, and DC desperately need to break this partnership. Shikha Pandey back into the attack

end of over 1713 runs
MI-W: 142/3CRR: 8.35 RRR: 10.00 • Need 30 from 18b
Harmanpreet Kaur41 (27b 6x4)
Amelia Kerr17 (13b 2x4)
Arundhati Reddy 4-0-27-2
Marizanne Kapp 4-1-32-1
Reddy to Kaur, FOUR runs

clean as a whistle! Up in the slot on off stump, and Harmanpreet pounces. Gives herself swinging room and thumps it over the bowler's head!

Reddy to Amelia Kerr, 1 run

change-up on a length outside off. Kerr reaches out for it and drives on the up towards extra cover

Best performances - batters
Spike Graph
Wagon Zone
A Capsey
75 runs (53)
8 fours3 sixes
Productive shot
on drive
20 runs
0 four3 sixes
YH Bhatia
57 runs (45)
8 fours2 sixes
Productive shot
16 runs
2 fours1 six
Best performances - bowlers
A Reddy
Nat Sciver-Brunt
Match details
M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru
TossMumbai Indians Women, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Hours of play (local time)19.30 start, First Session 19.30-21.00, Interval 21.00-21.20, Second Session 21.20-22.50
Match days23 February 2024 - night (20-over match)
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
PointsMumbai Indians Women 2, Delhi Capitals Women 0
Win Probability
MI-W 100%
100%50%100%DC-W InningsMI-W Innings

Over 20 • MI-W 173/6

Pooja Vastrakar c Reddy b Capsey 1 (3b 0x4 0x6 4m) SR: 33.33
Harmanpreet Kaur c Sutherland b Capsey 55 (34b 7x4 1x6 57m) SR: 161.76
MI Women won by 4 wickets (with 0 balls remaining)
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