13th Match, Group A, Melbourne, Feb 29 2020, ICC Women's T20 World Cup
(19.5/20 ov, target 92)74
NZ Women won by 17 runs
Player Of The Match

That's all we have for you from this game. Thanks for your company and watch that first step. It's a doozy.

"Shocked," says Sophie Devine on her feelings at halftime. "Bangladesh bowled really well on that pitch but I thought we were really calm in the dressing room and we just had to do what we needed to, Hayley Jensen was excellent. We learned from what Bangladesh did, bowling straight and making the batters make mistakes and then we know what our spinners can do, Amelia Kerr and Leigh Kasperek. Batting a bit better than we did today [key against Australia, which will be a virtual quarter-final] But happy to get the points today and we're looking forward to a day off tomorrow and then getting stuck into it. It's always great to play the Australians in any sport"

"Bowling and fielding was good but the batting wasn't up to the mark. Ritu Moni was very good, bowling line and length. Four wickets for her. One match left, next match we need ot improve our batting," says Bangladesh captain Salma Khatun

"We didn't bat too well there but it was a really good bowling performance for us," Jensen says. "Just keep it really simple and hit the seam and bowl stump to stump and that's it." Jensen says. "We know we've done well, we'll just go into training, do a top up and come back confident for the next match [against Australia, which is virtually a quarter-final]"

2.00 pm So all it needed was a back to the basics crash course. New Zealand knew how hard it was to bat here on this Junction Oval pitch. How it was slow which made it hard to manipulate the ball and find the singles. Especially if the bowlers concentrate on wicket-to-wicket lines and takes the pace off. Everyone from Player of the Match Hayley Jenson, who picked up 3-11, did exactly that to seal this game and keep New Zealand's tournament alive

Kasperek to Nigar Sultana, OUT

big slog, caught at long-on. The lowest total ever defended in a Women's T20 World Cup needs an update. Previously it was 97 (Bangladesh lost then too). Now it is 91 and Bangladesh are on the wrong side of it again

Nigar Sultana c Devine b Kasperek 21 (26b 3x4 0x6) SR: 80.76
Kasperek to Panna Ghosh, 1 run

steps out for a flick to deep midwicket

And that should be that. 19 off 3 shouldn't be possible

Kasperek to Nigar Sultana, 1 run

sweeps the quicker ball on leg stump to long leg

Kasperek to Nigar Sultana, FOUR runs

whacks a length ball down the ground to the long-off boundary. Bangladesh need 20 off four now!

Kasperek to Panna Ghosh, 1 run

defends a full ball down to long-on

end of over 195 runs
BD-W: 67/9CRR: 3.52 RRR: 25.00
Nigar Sultana16 (23)
Panna Ghosh3 (6)
Sophie Devine 4-0-14-1
Leigh Kasperek 3-0-16-2

Bangladesh need 25 off the last six balls

Devine to Nigar Sultana, FOUR runs

swings a low full toss away to the midwicket boundary

Devine to Nigar Sultana, no run

inside edge onto pad as she tries to block outside off

Devine to Panna Ghosh, 1 run

steers a low full toss to the sweeper

Devine to Panna Ghosh, no run

opens the face to send the full ball to point

Devine to Panna Ghosh, no run

drives to cover

Devine to Panna Ghosh, no run

yorker on middle, keeps it out

Nitish Singla: "Preist has more than double the runs as compared to the second most runs in the match on this slow pitch in such a low scoring match. MoM? Many bowlers with wickets. Only the single batter with runs."