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Netherlands vs Oman, 7th Match, First Round Group A at Dharamsala, , Mar 11 2016 - Match Result

7th Match, First Round Group A (D/N), Dharamsala, March 11, 2016, World T20

No result (abandoned with a toss)

Match centre 
Comms: Shashank Kishore

Right, then. Join us for the coverage of the second game from 6:00pm. See you then. Cheers!

4:50pm It's official, folks. The match has been called off. Netherlands are all but out. If the second match is also rained off, then Oman and Bangladesh will tussle for one spot.

Peter Borren: There's extreme disappointment. We've put in a lot of time, effort and energy in trying to qualify. For it to end like this after having lost to Bangladesh in a closely-fought game, we are gutted. We could done a lot of things better in that game, it will haunt us for a while. We don't get a lot of opportunities at this stage. As someone says, our next chance could be in four years time.

Sultan Ahmed: We were confident coming into the game. We are still alive if we beat Bangladesh. We put in consistent performances in the qualifiers in Ireland and Scotland. They are all excited.

arif hussain: "Thanks to those who are responsible for shifting the venue of the India-Pakistan match from here." Well, spare a thought for Peter Borren and his boys first. Have to feel for them

Sidharth: "Those criticizing the BCCI for venue selection should know that rain is being caused due to a western disturbance in this region. Not a usual phenomenon to have rain here in March"

Abdul Ebrahimi : "Afghans wouldn't mind a rain whitewash on Saturday. Because we can make it through to the second round by run rate."

Baundule: "How good is the drainage System at Dharamsala? If it is good, we can still expect the second match of the day to be played. Recently, the Asia Cup final in Dhaka was possible even after a heavy rain with thunderstorm." For that, we first need the rain to stop.

4:30pm Umpires are making their way out to assess the conditions. They're having trouble walking over the covers because of the amount of water that has fallen. Dark, gloomy and extremely bleak. Not one inch of the square has been spared. They're all under covers. We're just waiting for a call-off, by the looks.

Karan: "We wish it were a perfect world, but it isn't. I remember BCCI organizing matches in Chennai for 5 consecutive years during the month of October from 2003-2008 when there is winter rainfall and every match was affected. Money drives decisions more than logic. "

Ihsaan: "Not just today, forecast doesn't look good for Sunday either. 83% chance of rain. Poor from organisers. Potentially Netherlands and Ireland facing an exit because of this, and Oman v Bangladesh rained off, it has pretty much sorted the group out by itself. What's the point of qualifiers if you can't play. (Sorry for the rant - just frustrated as there were other options) "

Waheedullah: "What about the weather in Nagpur? We (Afghans) really want to win and qualify." Don't worry, mate. It's hot as hell. 35 degrees, can feel like 40 though because of the dry heat.

rahul sanjay: "The rain boosts Omans chances to qualify. But it will be really interesting if we get the Big game in here today between Ireland and Bangladesh. Irish cant afford a washout today."

3:55pm It's still raining, and quite heavily at that. If they can't get the covers off at 4:48pm , they could call it off.

Sankalp Narayan: "The rain of Dharamsala has extended to Delhi. Raining."

This match aside, there's lot happening with regard to India-Pakistan. The Pakistan government has received two letters, from the West Bengal state government and Kolkata's police commissioner Rajeev Kumar, assuring special security measures for Pakistan's men's team while in Kolkata. Our correspondents Nagraj Gollapudi and Umar Farooq with a detailed report.

kk: "Nice, warm climate here in Chennai. Good security, historic venue and a passionate crowd which appreciates even the opposition, but still ignored for the world cup." Ah, well.

Gautam: "No Rain here in Hyderabad for months. Our Uppal stadium though not Historic as Chennai. We people still crave for WC here"

3:45pm Nothing has changed. The wait continues.

3:20pm Still raining. In case you are wondering, almost the entire playing area is covered. Lights have taken effect, so that tells you how dark it is. "Rollers and super soppers are being used as weights to keep the covers in place," Monga tells me. Grim.

3:10pm There's an Ireland-Bangladesh to follow after this, at 7:30pm. So we will start losing overs if play doesn't begin in the next 20 minutes. 5.48pm is the latest we can start a five-over game. The groundstaff need at least an hour to get the ground ready once the covers are on.

But the match isn't the only reason why Dharamsala has been in the news. "The controversy around hosting the India-Pakistan World T20 in Dharamsala had a strong undercurrent of political rivalry." Sidharth Monga with a detailed lowdown on the matter.

Netherland's coach Anton Roux says no one can afford to take Oman lightly after they stunned Ireland.

Rama: "If Oman beats Netherlands, please don't call it upset. Four places separate them in the rankings, which isn't big in associates term. (Oman 17, Dutch 13). "

Jon: "But Rama, ranking means very little in T20! Anyone can beat anyone, but it would stille be an 'upset' if Oman won purely based on history as the Netherlands have been a strong associate for a long time"

2:55pm Minutes after it looked like play would start on time, I have to tell you that it has started raining again, and the covers are coming on. "The kids with the flags weren't budging. They've moved finally," says Monga. We can only sit and wait for the weather to clear. But locals in the know believe this is how it will be throughout the day.

2:45pm Sultan Ahmed calls right, Oman opt to field. "There's a bit of drizzle, so the conditions will be good for the pacers," he says.

"We would have preferred to bowl, nothing to do with the wicket, but because of the weather," says Netherlands captain Peter Borren. "I don't think we have a lot of choice. This is a must-win game for us. We were far from our best, but we can be an exciting team when we play with freedom."

2:40pm Some cheer from Dharamsala. The captains are walking out for the toss. The ground staff have been on the job for a while. That there hasn't been a heavy downpour has helped too

Rapidfire: Watch some big names predict who will be the

While we wait for the game, here's some pre-match reading if you like. Alagappan Muthu traces Oman's fascinating journey. "From 29th in the world to beating Ireland on their World T20 debut in Dharamsala, Oman's success over the last year is no mirage," he says.

2:30pm Covers are coming off now. The weather has changed quite a bit in the last half hour or so. Let's hope it stays this way for the rest of the evening.

2:25pm For now, it looks like the toss will be delayed. The Netherlands team is out for their warm-ups despite the rain. Monga says it is getting brighter though, so that's good news. So far, the venue's drainage hasn't been tested. Let's hope we don't have to get there.

2:15pm Sidharth Monga, our man at the venue, has bad news for us. He sums it up in one word. 'Rain.' So, we'll have to wait. Not sure for how long though.

Netherlands will be playing for survival, Oman to avoid being just a fleeting feel-good story for one night. A win keeps Netherlands alive, a win followed by a win for Ireland against Bangladesh in the evening gives Oman a great chance to qualify for the main draw. The associates have worked really hard to get here. Bad weather is the last thing they want.

2:00pm Hello everyone. The news from Dharamsala isn't great, I'm afraid. There's been a bit of rain. Dark clouds are hovering over the quaint little town. It started to rain just as the covers were coming off. The forecast is for more rain as the day progresses.

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Middle order Batter
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Match details
Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, Dharamsala
Match numberT20I no. 529
Hours of play (local time)15:00 start First Session 15.00-16.25, Interval 16.25-16.45, Second Session 16.45-18.10
Match days11 March 2016 - daynight (20-over match)
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
PointsNetherlands 1, Oman 1