27th Match, Super 10 Group 1 (N), Nagpur, Mar 25 2016, World T20
(19.4/20 ov)123/7
West Indies won by 3 wickets (with 2 balls remaining)
player of the match
Marlon Samuels
West Indies

Sammy: "Yes I was smiling because of the position the game was, but there were butterflies in there. We came here to win this match and qualify, and we've done that, so we're really happy."

Faf: "It felt like the whole game we were half a step behind West Indies and we were trying to catch up the whole time. 10 runs maybe more from the batters - 135 deck. But a great fight by the boys. This game makes us all very old, very quickly! West Indies were just a little bit better than us today. It was a little bit frantic that first six overs".

"We've been getting wickets in the powerplay," added Sammy, "and that's been putting pressure on the opposition. Today we were under pressure chasing a low total, and every decision we took out there they responded. But I really want to commend my team on [how my team coped with the pressure]."

11.20pm And that's it for our coverage. I'm Will Luke, and do join us tomorrow for another crucial encounter: England v Sri Lanka. If England win, they're through to the semis. It's all getting thoroughly interesting. Bye!

11.15pm I'm sure you're all dying to hear from the captains, so, hang on in there.

Marlon Samuels: "Sometimes you have to bat accord to situation," he says. The pitch was "a bit on the slow side [but] credit to South Africa, [they] bowled in good areas.

"The bowlers [West Indies] have been doing a wonderful job. Badree up front, then Benn. We have the power and have a mix of different players who [can rotate the strike]."

11.05pm Where this leaves South Africa is less certain, but it'll be almost impossible for them to qualify. Faf looks mortified - so he should be at posting such a lowly total - as the players all shake hands. We'll hear from the captains shortly.

And West Indies have qualified for the semi-finals of the ICC World Twenty20 2016

Rabada to Ramdin, 1 run

he's dropped him - a cut by Ramdin to Amla who let it fly through his hands! West Indies win. Tahir was superb - in fact, all today's spinners were (not least Chris Gayle). In the end, a decent win for West Indies - on what was actually a really difficult pitch. Slow, low, difficult to time the ball.

Ramdin on strike now - 1 from 3. South Africa have brought the field in. Brathwaite towers over Ramdin and has a chat with him mid-pitch

Rabada to Brathwaite, 1 run

short, slow and he turns it to square leg for a single

2 from 4

Rabada to Brathwaite, 1 wide

Rabada's bottling it here, the poor guy - he's only young. Down the leg side...

3 from 4

Rabada to Brathwaite, SIX runs

he's picked this one up though - my god, he's hit this miles! It's a huge blow over midwicket, the crisp clunk of the bat reverberating around a joyous crowd. Wow - what a blow

Rabada to Brathwaite, no run

a slower ball outside off, shorter too, and Brathwaite swings and misses! He is not picking these shorter balls up at all

Rabada to bowl the final over

Good grief! 9 from the last over. It's not what we expected, really; I think we all felt 123 was fairly comfortable, didn't we?

end of over 1911 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 114/7CRR: 6.00 RRR: 9.00 • Need 9 runs from 6b
Carlos Brathwaite3 (7)
Denesh Ramdin0 (0)
Chris Morris4-0-32-1
David Wiese4-0-19-1
Morris to Brathwaite, 1 run

they get a single to leg. The field is deep

Brathwaite on strike

10 from 7

Easy catch, that, to a pretty lazy stroke. 10

Morris to Samuels, OUT

he's got him - it's a huge wicket! Samuels stepped to leg, as he so often has in this innings, and tried to pull the ball over midwicket but could only sky it to AB de Villiers running in at long-on

Marlon Samuels c de Villiers b Morris 43 (65m 44b 6x4 0x6) SR: 97.72
Morris to Samuels, FOUR runs

wide of the off stump, Samuels once again edges it down to third man for four! A square cut straight down into the ground. South Africa look peeved by it, but really, if it's short and wide ...

14 from 9. Samuels on strike. Two balls left in the over and Samuels will want the strike for the final over

Spiere: "Blockhole! Blockhole! Blockhole!!!"

Morris to Brathwaite, 1 run

slower ball bouncer, rides it and nudges to leg for one to get Samuels back on strike

15 from 10

Morris to Samuels, 1 run

crashed out to deep extra for one

16 from 11

Morris to Samuels, FOUR runs

four! Horrible bumper from Morris, and Samuels slaps it with ugly but effective intent over the vacant slips to the vacant third man

20 from the last two overs. To be even clearer, 20 from 12. Crikey moses, it's getting tasty