Australia will not be complacent in the remaining Ashes Tests despite snatching the series in three matches, Glenn McGrath vowed. Ricky Ponting warned his celebrating team that their goal of a 5-0 series was still a long way off, despite their 206-run win in Perth, McGrath said.

"The boys were really happy we captured the Ashes, it's exactly what we wanted to do," McGrath said. "But Ricky Ponting did make the point that there's still two Test matches to go and the opportunity to really play well and win these last two and go five-nil up," McGrath said on commercial radio.

"The young guys will be keen to get out there, keep playing well and drive it into them and five-nil I think would be a fitting result really in the end," he told Sydney's radio 2KY.

McGrath, who said he felt no sympathy for the battered England, said proof of Australia's continued hunger was that he cut his celebrations in Perth short to fly back to Sydney. "I think seven hours of celebrating in the dressing rooms is plenty, we've still got two more Tests to go," he said.

"You don't feel too much for [England]," he said recalling Australia's ignominious defeat to England last year. "I remember standing on The Oval last year watching England celebrate when they won the Ashes. I'm sure everyone else in Australia who met up with any England supporter since then has really copped it, so no, we don't feel sorry for them. Order has been restored."