Abhijit Kale scandal deepens

The Abhijit Kale scandal has deepened, with Jagmohan Dalmiya revealing that Kale called Kiran More and Pranab Roy, the two national selectors, as recently as November 18. This added a new dimension to the story; it had been widely reported that contact between the two parties ended on August 5. Kale admits to having called More on November 18, but says he did so at the behest of Balasaheb Thovre, the chairman of the Maharashtra Cricket Association.

In an interview on Hard Talk, telecast by the BBC on Friday night, Dalmiya said, "The last one [call] was on November 18 and this is his admitted position [now]. And the phone call was from the local cricket association [MCA]."

Kale spoke to the Times News Network, and said, "August 1 was the last time I spoke to More and the November 18 call was made at the behest of Thovre."

Thovre claims to have spoken to More on November 18 in Kolkata (the day of the TVS Cup final) where he was informed about the allegations against Kale. Thovre said, "He [More] told us that Kale has been trying to put pressure on him for selection in the national squad. Kale's mother even went to Baroda to meet him [More]." Thovre spoke to Kale immediately, asking him why his mother had gone to meet More. Kale said that his mother had gone to Baroda seeking a bride for him and on that trip handed over his fitness certificates to More.

Thovre added, "Kale then said that he would talk to More and immediately called him on his mobile. More was in the same hall till then. I agree that the call was made from the MCA office, but what transpired between them [Kale and More] is not known."