India's defeat in the fourth ODI against Australia in Mohali kept the series alive, but the match could well have played out differently had India been sharper on the field. Virat Kohli admitted afterwards that India had been "sloppy", with several chances missed, and India went on to lose by four wickets.

Following is the list of those moments, from ESPNcricinfo's ball-by-ball commentary.

38.5 - 111 needed off 68

Kuldeep Yadav to Handscomb, no run, steps out to whip, but misses as Kuldeep shortens his length. Rolls to Pant, who can't grab the ball cleanly to effect the stumping. Huge opportunity missed

43.1 - 72 needed off 42

Chahal to Turner, 1 wide, Pant fluffs one down leg, another one goes begging! This one drifted in, he's looking to tuck it fine but is overbalanced and well outside the crease. Oh, dear. Oh dear. Are India missing MS Dhoni behind the stumps or what? Pressure beginning to tell

43.3 - 67 needed off 40

Chahal to Carey, 1 run, right into the blockhole, Carey can just manage to squeeze it out somehow, but they hare a single as Pant under-arm flicks wide of the stumps

46.2 - 20 needed off 23

Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Turner, 2 runs, Jadhav puts a tough one down at deep midwicket! This mishit was dying on him, Jadhav late to pick it up, late to run in and so couldn't get underneath the delivery. Confused how deep he should've been at the boundary. Oh, dear. Lost control completely

46.4 - 14 needed off 15

Kumar to Turner, 1 run, Dhawan drops a dolly at mid-off! Oh, dear. It's all happening. Low full toss, Bhuvi goes full and wide, Turner toe-ends it, it wasn't even travelling fast. Greasy hands, took it too easy. Pressure, pressure, pressure.