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'Drinking tea on a train is a true skill'

That, plus more chicken-restaurant tweets than you can shake a drumstick at

Alex Bowden
Stuart Broad bowled for the first time on tour, Australia A v England, Hobart, 4th day, November 9, 2013

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It's okay. There's no Piers Morgan in this. There's quite a lot of Nando's, but it's way down near the bottom so you're safe reading the first bit.
The sacking
Andrew Flintoff finds cause for optimism for Kevin Pietersen in the story of a particularly mediocre pop band.
The county cricketer
No bids for Luke Wright in the IPL auction. Is he looking forward to his first County Championship match in April?
The dental hygiene
Not sure you can brush away cavities, Dale.
The expert opinion
Dirk Nannes used to be a skier. What does he make of the Winter Olympics?
The sports reporter
Graeme Swann's been keeping his eye on things too. Maybe this could be his next career move?
Possibly not.
The train driver
Or maybe he's got his eye on something else? Has he got the necessary skills to drive a train?
Keeping searching, Graeme. You'll find your niche.
The burning questions
Stuart Broad wants answers.
Tino Best's modesty corner
Tino Best mostly just retweets memorable quotes these days. Here's one.
Life with Kemar Roach
Busy days.
And busy nights.
Life with Saqlain Mushtaq
Last time around, we reported on Saqlain Mushtaq having indulged in some crazy honey-and-cinnamon-tea-in-the-garden shenanigans. This week, he's still living it large.
The puritan
Saqlain's not the only one whose life is a non-stop party.
Nando's Watch
That's such a monumental event, you'd think they'd have a grand opening, inviting a local cricketer along as a VIP.
Oh. That was meant to be a joke.
Honestly, why didn't they just invite the entire Somerset squad?
Later in the week, Darren Gough asked his followers to guess which Nando's sauce he had opted for. The answer was "hot". There were no prizes.
Jet-lag Watch
Somewhere in the world, there is always a cricketer complaining about jetlag.
England cricketers are of course well-known for taking the positives.

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