While news regarding the ongoing investigation into the death of Bob Woolmer is hard to come by, there are increasing suggestions that the Jamaican police jumped the gun in launching a murder enquiry.

Today's Sunday Times said that police in Jamaica have privately admitted that Dr Ere Seshaiah, the Kingston pathologist, was wrong to say that Woolmer had been strangled. But Seshaiah told the paper that he stood by his diagnosis that Woolmer was killed by "asphyxia as a result of manual strangulation". Nevertheless, the future of the investigation now seems to centre on the results of toxicology tests.

But a senior Jamaican police officer told the newspaper that that it now looked likely that Woolmer died from a heart attack induced by sickness. "I would go for natural causes," he said. "The scene was not disturbed. If someone was strangled you would expect some resistance or fight."

In another development, it was suggested that Mark Shields, the lead investigator, travelled to South Africa last week to inform Woolmer's widow that her husband may not have been murdered.