Bangladesh's national team coach and former South Africa cricketer Eddie Barlow is still under close observation at the intensive care unit of the Combined Military Hospital (CMH) at Dhaka.

Barlow was admitted to CMH on Saturday night reportedly suffering from a cerebral haemorrhage. Neuro-physician Dr Rahman Siddiqi later informed the presss that Mr. Barlow suffered from a cerebral infraction - cerebral artery blockage, which causes neurological deficit. His left side is now paralyzed. He regained consciousness last night and is now able to talk, however his speech is slightly deterred. He is still being kept in the intensive care unit and doctors can say nothing more than that at the moment.

After attending the exhibition match at the Bangabandhu Stadium between the national cricketers and Overseas XI, he returned home to his residence in Gulshan, Dhaka. He fell ill while chatting with his wife Cally Caroline Barlow and Bangladesh's team physiotherapist Gavin Benjafield. He suddenly started choking and lost control. He was immediately rushed to a nearby clinic. After the BCB President Saber Hossain was informed of the incident by Mrs Barlow, he quickly made the necessary arrangements to take the Bangladesh coach to CMH.

After regaining his consciousness, Barlow was in a jovial mood, joking with the people attending him at CMH. He wanted Mrs Barlow to take him home. He also inquired about the team's training camp, which is now being looked after by Benjafield. Cricketers and officials, all went to visit Barlow, who also talked to his daughter back in South Africa by phone. Dr Ali Bacher, the Managing Director of the United Cricket Board of South Africa has also queried about the Bangladesh coach's condition.