West Indies Cricket Board president Julian Hunte's remarks that most recommendations of the PJ Patterson report had been acted on have been dismissed by former WICB president Ken Gordon.
The Patterson report is a comprehensive document submitted in 2007 that looked into the restructuring of the body governing cricket in the Caribbean, and was commissioned by Gordon when he was president of the WICB. Hunte had said at the WICB's annual general meeting on Sunday that the board had embraced 47 of the 65 recommendations in the report.
Gordon was scathing of the WICB's treatment of the Patterson report, which recommended the formation of a reconstituted body called West Indies Cricket to oversee cricket in the Caribbean. "The lack of treatment with the Patterson report is a major flaw in West Indies cricket," he told the Trinidad Guardian. "Everyone knows that the structure of the WICB is a major problem and they are not dealing with this.
"The current crisis in West Indies cricket should be used in a positive way. Instead of looking to solve the problems with plasters, the board should look at identifying the problems and get the solutions. At this time they should look to restructure the board and then attack the problems."
One of the main grievances of the Trinidad & Tobago Cricket Board, which skipped the annual general meeting of the WICB, was the lack of action on the Patterson report.