Nasser Hussain, James Foster and Andy Flower have received severe reprimands following a confrontation between Foster and Flower during yesterday's match. It follows a disciplinary hearing held last night by match referee Colonel Naushad Ali. All three players received a warning for their future conduct.
The angry exchange between Foster and Flower took place after Flower had refused to walk following an appeal for a catch behind the wicket. Foster walked up to Flower, who was on 99 at the time, and who feigned a head-butt in response.
Asked for his views about the incident, Hussain said: "I want to see people with a lot of heart and character because that's what gets you through in the end.
"You can be as nice as you want, play the game the right way and all that but you want people with character in your side.
"I'll speak to James and we'll see what happens, but I'd rather have someone with a bit of character that you're trying to draw in every now and then than the other way around when you're trying to draw people out of their shells.
"We're still trying to play cricket in the right way, but things will happen in a heated contest occasionally and we're trying to keep those down to a minimum."
Flower was also reluctant to criticise the young Essex keeper. "It was just one of those battles in the middle but nothing too serious," he said.
"It's up to him how he wants to play the game and if he wants to play it aggressively like that and he can back it up then good luck to him."