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Match Analysis

Dharmasena's unwanted record

The DRS was a vital component of the Chittagong Test - with a record 26 on-field decisions being reviewed by the players - and Kumar Dharmasena was especially in the spotlight

As a former offspinner, Kumar Dharmasena would have enjoyed bowling on the Chittagong pitch. But it was a tougher job umpiring. With the ball spinning and spitting, it was a demanding match for the on-field officials and Dharmasena's decisions were constantly challenged. In total 16 of his calls - out and not out - were reviewed with eight overturned, which set an unwanted record of the most reversed decisions for an umpire in a single Test.
26.5 Shakib Al Hasan to Ali, no run, another big appeal, this time the finger goes up! Moeen has been dicing with danger, hit on the pads again and Kumar Dharmasena likes it - but England review. Shakib was bowling from over the wicket, the ball again spinning in to the southpaw, as with the review off Taijul... Moeen this time playing the sweep and struck on the front pad. Don't think there was bat/glove on this... Or is that a murmur on Ultra Edge? Yes, it would appear so: S Ravi is convinced, anyway. A scrape of bat tape on it and the decision is overturned!
28.2 Shakib Al Hasan to Ali, no run, that's much better! Tossed up, pins Moeen on the front pad, and up goes the finger! Moeen has reviewed, again, but this looks adjacent ... the DRS parameters have been tweaked in favour of bowlers, so if this is clipping, it is out ... the tension is unbearable ...but it is missing! Spinning too much ... golly
28.4 Shakib Al Hasan to Ali, no run, another sweep, another appeal, another review! Well this is extraordinary. Umpire Dharmasena's finger is incredibly itchy at the moment - he has raised it three times in six balls! - but this one looked as though it was outside the line. There's no bat involved ... and indeed, it is outside the line!
102.1 Taijul Islam to Broad, no run, huge appeal as Broad is bashed on the pads, sharp spin but was Broad outside the line? He reviews.... Dharmasena has had another shocker, I'm afraid. That was missing leg stump!
68.4 Shakib Al Hasan to Rashid, OUT, gentle lbw appeal here, Rashid defending with bat next to pad... Mushfiq asks his bowler if it was pad first and then, with a grin on his face, asks for the review. It'll be close if it was pad then bat... Lots of rocking and rolling on the replay, looks like it did kiss the front leg before thudding into the bat, so we go to Hawk-Eye, impact in line and hitting middle stump! Another decision is overturned, Shakib has a five-for and England are eight down
42.6 Ali to Tamim Iqbal, no run, turn and bounce, taken by Root diving to his right at slip, Dharmasena gives it! Tamim, however, reviews straight away - because why not? - and the initial replay suggests it might have come off his upper arm. It was an excellent low catch as the ball diverted past Bairstow, but went quite slowly, as if off something softer (and it turns out fleshier) than the bat. Yep, S Ravi concludes there was no bat or glove involved, checks the lbw just to be sure and then overturns yet another on-field decision! Who'd be an umpire, eh?
27.5 Batty to Mominul Haque, OUT, down on one knee to sweep, and England review! Batty is adamant that there's something in this ... is it lbw, or an under-edge to bat-pad? Doesn't seem to be bat involved ... the bat hits the ground, but not the ball. Over to HawkEye then, did it pitch inside the line of leg stump? It hit! A huge roar from England as they watch the replay on the big screen, and England have their third wicket!
81.1 Stokes to Taijul Islam, OUT, on the stumps, flicks the pad playing across the line, loops past the diving Bairstow... Stokes wanted the lbw and England have reviewed (they were topped up at 80 overs remember). Looked a bit speculative to me but here we go... Past the inside edge, struck in line, Hawk-Eye has it hitting leg stump! England are ecstatic, I thought they had gambled but Stokes just had a feeling it was adjacent and Taijul has to go! In this match of reviews, another dramatic reversal!
It is worth noting that the last of those overturns, Taijul on the final morning, was only changed to out because of the new DRS protocols which effectively widened the stumps.