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Messy Zimbabwe's many misses

Here's how our ball-by-ball commentary recorded Zimbabwe's slew of fielding lapses in the Harare Test

Graeme Cremer reaches out in an attempt to catch Dimuth Karunaratne, Zimbabwe v Sri Lanka, 1st Test, Harare, 1st day, October 29, 2016

Plenty of chances, not many wickets  •  Associated Press

1.1 Mumba to Karunaratne, no run, very full, pitches on middle, 134ks, snakes away and rears up. Karunaratne is opened up completely. He hurriedly looks to work the ball to leg, falls over, and it takes the outside edge near the shoulder of the bat, then flies over gully. Williams runs back, stretches his left hand up, well over his head, but he was on the move. Didn't have a stable base, and the ball pops out. Mumba could have become the first Zim player to take a wicket on his first ball in Test cricket. Difficult chance for Williams, though.
49.2 Masakadza to MDKJ Perera, no run, dropped by Moor. Zim aren't hanging onto their chances. Good length and angled away outside off, Kusal was looking to biff it over mid-on with no footwork. The ball grazes the outside edge, hits the top of the keeper's left glove, brushes the chest, and then bobbles out. Moor, standing up to the stumps, couldn't react quickly.
52.4 Williams to Silva, no run, spilled by Moor again. His second drop in four overs. Shorter skiddy ball outside off, hint of turn away from Silva. He looks to cut and there's a thick edge. The ball bobbles out of his right glove now, the keeper is having a hard day. A bit late to react again.
55.4 Masakadza to MDKJ Perera, FOUR, and Kusal goes for the big hit. This cat-and-mouse game is fun. Waller makes a mess of it at long-on. Cremer pushed him back and threw a challenge to Kusal. These missed chances will come back to bite Zim. Good length and outside off, Kusal swings across the line, and hits in the air. Waller lumbers in from the deep, seemingly bails out at the last moment? He tentatively dives forward, instead of attacking the ball, as it bursts through his hands and trickles to the straight boundary.
57.6 Waller to Silva, 1 run, low full-toss on off, whipped to mid-on for a scampered single. A direct hit could have had Kusal despite that full-length dive. Another chance goes abegging. Sums up Zimbabwe's day in the field.
99.5 Cremer to de Silva, no run, short legbreak outside off, fizzes off the surface, Dhananjaya aims a cut and edges it, Moor is late to react again. The ball hits his hip and goes down. Third drop from Moor. Zim aren't learning from their mistakes. This is the sixth chance they have fluffed in this Test.
129.1 Tiripano to Tharanga, no run, dropped by big Mawoyo at short extra cover. Tiripano has his hands on his head. Nice and full on middle, Tharanga attempts a front-foot drive. But the ball stops on him and forces him to check his shot. He simply chips it in the air to short extra cover. Mawoyo dives forward, goes with both hands, but the ball bobbles out
140.6 Williams to MDK Perera, 4 byes, Moor fluffs a stumping chance. It wasn't an easy one. Dilruwan runs at Williams and yorks himself. The ball hurries off the surface, narrowly misses the off stump, and beats the keeper. Moor did not even move as the ball runs away behind him for four byes