Shane Watson, who reported two approaches by an illegal bookmaker in England last year, said he was in "complete shock" at the allegations levelled at Pakistan. Watson and his team-mate Brad Haddin confirmed they were spoken to by the Indian man during the tour and immediately told Australia's manager Steve Bernard.

It has also emerged that Brett Lee and Mitchell Johnson were approached during the England tour. Bernard has referred two other bookie-instigated conversations to the ICC during his term as manager.

Watson was invited for drinks by the bookmaker, who the allrounder initially thought was a fan. "I didn't think too much more of it until I found out a bit more information and that he was actually one of the illegal bookmakers," Watson said in Sydney. "It was just a little bit different to what normal fans are." The approach occurred at the Royal Gardens hotel in London, which was the venue of a complaint reported by Cricinfo last year.

Haddin said the man had knocked on his door in the hotel asking if he wanted to go to his room to have a drink. "I quickly rang Steve Bernard and John Rhodes [the ICC's security manager] just to tell them something weird had just happened," Haddin said.

"You don't usually get a knock on your door with someone asking you to come across to your room for a drink and then go out for dinner with someone you don't know." Footage of the person was checked and it was a figure familiar to investigators.

Watson was stunned by the revelations from the fourth Test between England and Pakistan at Lord's. "When I first heard about it I was in complete shock, there's no doubt about that," Watson said. "If the allegations are true then they will unfortunately get a lifetime ban."

The claims surrounding the no-balls delivered by Mohammad Amir, the 18-year-old fast bowler, surprised and upset Watson. "I probably feel for him more than anyone because he's only a young, naive and innocent young guy," Watson said. "Unfortunately he's caught up with something.

"Whether it's in their culture I don't know, I don't know how deep it runs, but it's unfortunate that someone of his skill has got tied up with something that is damaging to cricket and to the individuals. I found him to be a brilliant competitor on the field."