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Standard Chartered Shores Up School Cricket Level

The kid cricketers of this country are flourishing as the day's progress

Shahryar Khan
The kid cricketers of this country are flourishing as the day's progress. School level cricket tournaments are now prevalent nation wide and lots of prodigies are coming out who have all potentiality to be future stars and certainly they will one day. To run a tournament countrywide in a economically dilapidated country like us is a cumbersome tusk that deals with a huge sum of money.
Only sponsors can pave the way and that is what Standard Chartered doing right now grown to be the patron of school cricket and Bangladesh Cricket Board is indebted to them. The number of participants is increasing every year and the eagerness to take part in this tournament is extraordinarily encouraging. So, Standard Chartered is playing it's pivotal role to boost up the game and it's partakers vividly.
The 19th Standard Chartered Cricket Tournament had started with 903 participants all over Bangladesh. Most of the teams are from Rajshahi (226) and Dhaka (197), Khulna is following with 142, Barisal got 91 and Sylhet 57. Besides, Dhaka Metropolis was comprised of 107 schools; those played among themselves in the first round of the tournament.
In the second round that started from 20th April had come up with 57 teams that crossed the impediments of the first round. These matches were played in different venues and the number of teams those pan out the success is 16. They are the final round contestants. The venue for the final round is Sylhet where the home team is a single one to take part in. Four teams are from Dhaka Metropolis who is regarded as the favorites- BKSP had already snatched the first round success defeating Scholastica in BNS ground. These sixteen schools are taking on in four groups. All the group champions are heading for a semifinal clash which will end in Sylhet stadium where the final match is going to be held on 16th May.
The renowned Bank is very happy to become a part of the reason behind the progress of the country's cricket. The amount of money they are now affording is 1.8 million which is more than double the amount they provided in 98-99 session.