Shaun Tait has "nothing to hide" despite having an unusual bowling action © Getty Images

Shaun Tait is concerned the chucking slurs will hang over him, but he is baffled over why New Zealand questioned his action in the first place. He says he has "nothing to hide" and has offered to undergo ICC testing.

Controversy arose when the New Zealand camp refused to clear Tait's action following last week's Twenty20 in Perth. Nevertheless, Tait bears no grudges.

"I'm not out for revenge. I just hope something like this doesn't hang over me for the rest of my career like it has with [Muttiah] Muralitharan," Tait told the Queensland-based Sunday Mail. "To be honest, I don't know how he's handled it. You've got to be mentally strong to keep going about your business when people are questioning your action.

"I'm comfortable with my action. I know it's a bit unique. I tend to turn my wrist very late at the point of delivery, but never at any stage of my career has anyone tried to suggest I chuck. I'm not happy about it at all but I'm not the sort of bloke to lose sleep over it.

"If the ICC want to test me, that's fine, I'll do it anywhere, anytime. I've got nothing to hide."

Tait, meanwhile, has come under more fire from New Zealand as the vice-captain Brendon McCullum warned him about "mouthing off". In the build-up to the opener in Adelaide on Friday, Tait had questioned the side's ability to handle his pace, something which Daniel Vettori had himself acknowledged anyway.

"If he's Glenn McGrath, he can probably throw comments like that out there," McCullum told AAP on Saturday. "But my only advice would be to maybe get a few more statistics behind him before he starts mouthing off.

"I just thought it was a bit reckless from Taity. He's a good bloke but he's only played 15 games. When McGrath was very good at talking it up, he also had some unbelievable statistics behind him."